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Protector of the thirteen Goddesses

By: Grimga

Page 1, This book is intended to show the world and how I see the fantasy rather than twilight or other garbage stories or books. If people like it I will write more :) This book is about the prince of Darkness protecting the 13 Goddesses of the Zodiac. If people like I will always write more :) Thanks~ Grim, The prince of Darkness from the Abyss was sent from his world to protect the 13 goddesses of the Zodiac , he Is assisted by the Ice God Wintry, and the Half breed angel and demon Hellster to protect the world before it is over come by Lucifer and before he can steal the power of the goddesses away.

As usual it was a normal day here in the Abyss, hanging out with all my friends here looking for something new and fun to do. "Hey Grim" my friend Wolfe yelled out loud to me. I turned my head quickly in his direction, when he got close to me I whispered in his ear, "Keep it down will you I don't want to draw attention seeing how I am the prince of darkness. I don't want to sign autographs and so forth." He laughed at me obnoxiously and replied "I don't think anyone cares really I think it is pretty obvious seeing how you have the cape of the dark throne on that lets you change it into whatever you please." I rolled my eyes and said with a bit of a attitute "What was it that you called me out loud for anyways." "Oh yeah" he replied "Emily called me and said she is on her way". I face palmed and said "Why would she come you know how I am when she is around, I don't even want to be around that girl." Emily isBakenekowhich is a high rank cat demon girl, probably the most akin to theKitsunewhich is a fox demon.

Anyhow me and him waited around for about 15 minutes, I felt like she was taking forever usually I can sense her presence when she was close, but definately not this time. "Forget it man" I said "She isn't coming" at that very moment I felt this feline presence of Emily. The split second I turn around and I feel her pounce on me and knock me on my back. She licked my cheek and said "Hi Grimmy" I missed you. I replied in a morbid tone "That's nice, Can I please get up and walk again." Emily got off of me, and I got back on my feet. She hugged me tightly while my arms hung from my side "Grimmy your mine, mine, mine" She said full of happiness and excitement. Over her shoulder I saw Wolfe giggling and I gave him my Stare of Death.

After she let go of me we decided to sit around in the park and chat for a bit about simple things in the abyss which consisted of Magic,skills, and summonings, and maybe a few off topic things like candy and music. After about 30 minutes of chatting with Emily and Wolfe, I get a telepathic message from my father, "I need you to meet me at the Abaddon temple, this is of urgent matter so come alone please." I stood up "Guys I have to go my father told me to meet him at Abaddon Temple so something must really be going on he said it was urgent." Emily shouted "I will come with you Grimmy!" Wolfe quickly replied to her "No, Emily this is urgent matters so let him go alone." She pouted then sat back down. I walked away quickly.

After walking for about 10 minutes I was wondering why my Dad needed me so urgently I thought to myself, maybe it's because I ate the last of his black licorice? I bursted out laughing but I honestly got back to serious thinking about what he really needed me for but I rushed as fast as I could to get there.

After a 30 minutes I arrive at the Abaddon temple, I walk down the long quiet hallway and stare at the statues as I walk by, I always have this eerie feeling that the statues are looking at me, but I guess thats a hunch everyone has when looking at sculptures or art. I push open the large doors to see my father standing with his tall, shadowy figure. Across from him was an angelic figure with white wings glowing bright like the sun. "My son" My fatherAzrealannounced (seeing how my father is the angel of death). I replied to my father "why have you called me here father, what is the emergency"? My father looked at me and moved his hand in the direction of the angel "This is my friendA'albiel, he has urgent news to inform you of from heaven." The angel gave me a gentle smile and shook my hand. "What a handsome boy your son has grown into"A'albiel said as my father giggled a bit on the side. I was blushing a bit but I had nothing to really say to him. "Child I know this is such short notice" he said "but earth is in terrible danger, God has sent me here to retrieve you, we desperately need you." I backed up a bit and said "Whoa whoa whoa what is going on here are you saying I have to protect the world or something" My father sighed, "Son there is something that I haven't told you." My father looked me in the eyes "I know this is last minute, but at birth God gave you were given the destiny to protect the Goddesses that bear the power of the13 Zodiac signs.I was astonished. "God predicted a long time ago that dark forces want to take these goddesses for their own needs so they can gain the power of the goddesses and control everything. You are the one that can stop them I am here too busy watching over these people and you are the prince my son you have to take after me and protect the earth" He said as he put his hand on my shoulders. In my head I was really excited but at the same time I am new to the earth world. "Alright I'll do whatever It takes." I said.A'albiel looked at me with a smile, "alright then" he said cheerfully "I will be back for you in exactly three days, so please train and be ready by then." "Alright I'll be ready then" I replied. He gave a gentle smile again and flew up towards the heaven realm. Boy I was excited but I wondered what my friends were going to say.

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