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Atlantis- Entry for UnderxYourxSpell's Contest

Novel By: guitarplayer

~*~*~*Contest Winner*~*~*~
This is my tiny drop in the ocean of legends about Atlantis. Can Airla, a young girl save Atlantis from the fate that will surely destroy it?

This is for UnderxYourxSpell's challenge, and it has been so much fun to write!

The names in here and some of the words are Greek if you wanted to know.
Hope you enjoy! Likes and comments are appreciated a lot =]

Also- a huge thank you to everyone who voted for Airla as 2010's favourite Femal Character- she won! =D Thank you! *hugs* View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 16, 2010    Reads: 111    Comments: 25    Likes: 13   

A/N: Hello= thank you so much for all the overwhelming support you have given me- those who have published a link to my story on their page, and those who commented too. Hopefully you will keep on reading >.< I just wanted to particularly thank HollyJaye, for finding such a beautiful picture which really summed up Airla talking to the dolphins. It was so sweet of you to think of my story! If you want to see the picture, head over to her page, it's in a piece called For Guitarplayer. But anyways, THANK YOU everyone =]
Chapter Four
The sea was alive tonight. It roared and crashed and thundered in my ears, the noise escalating in a crazy crescendo, screaming piteously like a sea siren.
This tearing, maddening sound was like music created by a madman, and it flew into my body, whistling round like a whirlwind.
The noise seemed to fill a void inside me, and I could not help feeling freer than ever when by the sea. Tonight was no exception.
I had avoided this bay in the past two weeks, for the shadowy figure I had previously seen had haunted me with a looming regularity, and this scared me too much for me to return.
But I felt drawn back, as if I was being sucked. The creature was only a figment of my imagination, I was sure, so I decided to prove to myself that nothing was amiss and marched down, despite the rather stormy looking weather.
But I was glad I was here. It was late afternoon, and everyone else was busy doing other things that I couldn't wander over and join in with so I was entirely alone.
The sky was grey, yet bright and it hurt my eyes a little to look at it, and I glanced away as I rearranged my position on the rock I was sat on.
It wasn't very comfortable, but it would do. I settled down, and shut my eyes, listening to the melody, more beautiful than any melody.
Ah. Relaxation. It was priceless.
I stayed there, in a bizarre form of almost meditation for quite some time. Everything else was shut out, save for the relentless tumbling sound.
Suddenly, the back of my neck prickled with a chilling feeling, as if something wasn't quite right…
My eyes snapped open, and I glanced around me.
Panic set in, and I got to my feet hurriedly, gazing round the rock in despair. The tide had come in and surrounded the rock I was sat upon. The rock I had picked was taller than the rest, and had I been thinking I would have realised that there was no escape if surrounded, but I obviously hadn't been fully contemplating my decisions.
The water around me was deep and dark, and frothing here and there. And it was steadily getting higher.
My heart was racing hard in my chest as I searched desperately for an escape. The water pounded past in a torrent of water, too deep and strong for me to possibly cross. Yet if I waited, I would be swallowed by the ravenous water.
I tried to calm myself with deep breaths, but what could I do? My death was imminent- I had been warned numerous times about the dangers of submerging myself in water.
I wanted to scream, but I had to save my energy. No one would be walking the cliffs when the sea was like this- it scared most of the peaceful Atlantean folk, and they shied away.
My heart bumped against my ribs and thudded in my ears, faster and faster as my fear increased.
Suddenly, something sprang from the sea before me, and hauled itself up onto rock beside me. I saw a flash of silver and blue, and stumbled back afraid, slipping.
I fell back, almost into the water, my arms flailing behind me, but the creature reached out and grabbed me, pulling me into it's arms with surprising strength.
I screamed, and thrashed, trying to free myself of it's grasp, but the creature soothed me with soft noises.
"Calm down, koritsi, hush."
Koritsi. It meant girl.
The creature spoke our language with a strange accent, letting the words trickle into each other a little. It was very soothing.
I pulled away, appalled that I was being lulled by a mysterious… thing.
I looked properly, and gasped.
Merpeople really did exist. And the one in front of me was beautiful.
From the waist upwards, he was a man, strong, with bulging muscles at his arms. His hair was long and straight, slicked back by the salty ocean, a tiny piece of seaweed caught in it. His skin was almost silver in the light, a milky blue, and his eyes were as green as emeralds. He was beautiful.
I looked down. A shimmering blue-green tail glimmered at me, like tiny mirrors.
It curved smoothly down, then soared up into a magnificent tail which was almost transparent.
I gasped again, and sat down on the rock with a bump.
"Okay, you're startled. I guess that's to be expected." he seemed to be laughing.
I backed away, clutching my hands to my side, as if to protect myself.
He reached out a hand to me. "Look, I don't want a repeat of what just happened! Calm down, okay? Your eyes are as wide as oyster shells, arketa."
He called me pretty? Arketa meant pretty. I blushed a little, I could feel my face warm to his words.
"Hey, that's better. I'm sorry if I scared you, it's just, you looked as if you could do with some help," he looked at me, and smiled, "What's your name?"
I gulped. According to the legends, merpeople were not the stuff of fairytales. They were evil, with fangs and razor fins. They captured maidens and ate their hearts raw to build up their strength, apparently. And here I was, stood next to one.
He smiled encouragingly, and I noticed his teeth were all even and smooth, not fanged at all.
Legend and myth. I thought, and smiled cautiously back.
"I'm Airla." I said, shyly.
"Airla," he repeated, and a smile lit his beautiful face, "I'm Zeth."
I nodded, and wondered what to say next. "I, er, guess you're a merman then."
Well that was a clever thing to say, I thought, disparagingly.
"Indeed. You didn't think we existed then?"
"No," I decided to be blunt, "is this some bizarre dream?"
He laughed. "No! I'm as real as you."
My feet were suddenly numb with cold. The sea was licking my toes as it crept up the rock.
"Er," I pointed to the fast approaching sea, "I don't suppose you could rescue me again please?
He looked down. "My apologies, kyria."
Kyria. Lady.
He sprung into the water, and for an awful moment I thought he was going to abandon me, but then he appeared again, holding his hands above his head like a platform. Surely not.
"I will transport you, like this, if you don't mind. That way you shouldn't get too wet." he spoke from the surface of the ocean, and smiled up at me.
I gulped and stepped onto his opened palms, feeling as if I was about to tumble down into the water, headfirst.
I wobbled, feeling ill, and as he moved, I shut my eyes.
If merpeople really are evil, this is the perfect opportunity for him to kill me, right now.
I clenched my fists and bit my lip, then we arrived at where the cliff edge sloped gently away to grass, and he dropped me off.
I fell gratefully onto the soft ground and felt so relieved to be alive that tears brimmed in my eyes, and my knees felt weak.
Silence hovered between us.
"Thank you," I smiled at him, "I'd better go. People will wonder where I am."
Zeth smiled at me. "Come and see me again, kyria." he asked, and he looked so adorable that I could hardly refuse, could I?
I nodded, and scampered away, feeling like one awakening from a beautiful dream. 


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