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Angel's wing

Novel By: Hanabishi

Ethan is an angel who lives and learns in heaven. He is unique because he only has one wing that grows on his right.

This is my second story. A short one i think. It came up when i was scratching my story line for my first story. so i bring out this story out from my first one and become another different story. thank you for reading.
This story is totally fiction. I am apologies for any offence from personal feelings to spiritual. View table of contents...


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Another beautiful day at the heaven. Angels are at the busiest time to protect every human. Each and every angel will be guardian for each human in world, providing love, care, guidance and protection from evils. Many young growing angels learning at the school for their future task as lifetime guardian angels. Angels created by God and it will be taken care from his or her foster parent. Young teenager angels will become a guardian angel. Similar to age of humans 15 years old, Ethan is one of many angels that God create, young, innocent, curious and unique on many ways. He being create by God and raised by both veteran guardian angels from past, now their task of guardian angel are over because human eventually grow old and returned to heaven. Both of them guided their human very well and become a very humble human who helps others while he is alive then. Now the angels will provide the best and love to Ethan, the very young and innocent angel hope that he would be the successor of them. He is a very quiet angel and love to making friends among each other angels. But he is too quiet to make friends and not many angels are friends with him. The only angels who speak with him are Eva, the most beautiful young angel. She is bright angel; her kindness touched the heart of all angels even God would make her as favorite angel.

Ethan is shy away even Eva always help him at school and talk to him often as friends but yet Ethan always silent and only speak few words to her since his first met with Eva. Ethan always bullied by other angels who are better in terms of physical, that because Ethan is a very unique angel. God created him only with one wing on his right, so he can't even fly even at the heaven. Every day, he needs to be fetched by his guardian or he needs a long journey walk from place to place. Sometimes Eva offered her kindness but Ethan shy away and refused her kindness. Each day, Ethan's loneliness, and hate of himself reached to climax and for the first time he ask,

"Dear father and mother, why do I have one wing?" Ethan pours out with his innocent face.

"Oh Lord, my dear child. I am sorry dear for your suffering, God made us all a perfect angels. He had made you a wing for some reason, I am sure when time comes your wing will be grown and it will be most beautiful pairs of wing of all angels." Ethan's mother, Sheila replies with tears in her eyes.

"But why other angels have it? And when God will give me one?" while Ethan flapping his wing.

"Soon dear, soon God will give you." Sheila still shedding her tears.

Days have passed, one day all angels will learn something new. Learning how to judge the human's mistake and learn how to advice the humans to walk into right path. Here, many subjects made Ethan more and more about feelings and decisions. Many question mark caught up in his mind but before he understands, lesson is over for that day. Ethan with curiosity wanted to ask many questions finally stand up. It's very uncommon for Ethan who is shy and quiet angel suddenly stands and asked a questions. However, the teacher tends to stop the questioning and tells Ethan save it for next time.

"But teacher, I really want to understand more before I can be guardian angel." Ethan pleaded for questions.

"Ethan! Why you want to know so much? Even you understand it all; you won't be a guardian angel for you having just one wing. Look at you." The teacher yelled at him.

The whole room suddenly becomes silence for a minute. A tear slowly flowing down to Ethan's cheek, and finally silence has broken out when he is crying out loud. Eva tries to chase him; the teacher stops her to do so. Eva helplessly letting him runs away while other angels laughing on Ethan's childish act even they have grown up as young teenager. Parrick, the lead bullies of trio, always proud of his largest wings at school, think of something nasty. Yoan and Jakro, part of the trio who always bully Ethan gets going to Parrick plan.

On later that evening, Ethan sitting all alone at heaven's wall looking at human world. Wondering that God will give him the other parts of wing and be a guardian to guide humans? Ethan remembers that his mother told him that God will give the best for every being, to humans, animal, and even angels. While thinking of the advice his mother, the trio comes and bullies Ethan. Pulling his only wing hard as Ethan feels the pain like tearing his wing apart, pushing him to fell on the ground of heaven helplessly. Ethan tries to push himself up but the pain and outrage of the trio fails him to do so.

"Hey let me go! Let me up!" Ethan screamed in pain while struggling for escape.

"So you do want to get up. Let me, the generous Parrick help you" Parrick grabs his wing with both hand.

Then Parrick and his friends fly high till the skies of heaven nearly reach to the peak. For the first time Ethan getting this high above and saw the heaven in such altitude, he almost forgotten how much the pain he is right now. Out of sudden, while he still forgotten the reason of how he get there. Parrick swung him around and let go of his wing. Ethan screaming loudly but helplessly falling down to heavens floor quickly. Many angels heard the screaming but not knowing what happened they can't do anything about it. Ethan still screaming for help and out of sudden, he stops screaming and pray for God to give him a wing so he can fly now but…

Ethan still on the falling speed, he tries to flap his right wing hoping his wing can maneuver to safely landing. Still no luck upon him. His falls still continue, in this height and speed, he will get serious injured although Angel is immortal in terms of natural. Yet angel can die if it's being killed by demon or wounded badly by unholy weapons, but falling from top of the sky will just make seriously wounded and pain on the angels. Ethan is going to face the unendurable mass of pain.

As he fell down, Eva fly towards him fast and try to save him from falling. Ethan slightly shorter and smaller than Eva still giving her a hard time to stopping him falling from top of the sky. Without any luck or enough strength, they continue to fall in the great speed that will hurt both badly. Ethan knows he is too heavy for Eva supports him to fly with her; he pushed Eva away few seconds before the impact. Boom! A loud crashing sound traveled far across heaven, that impact sound even can be heard in human world. Eva, pushed away by Ethan only has slightly injured. She was safe because if she falls down together with Ethan might have serious injury, with cuts and bruised. She flies towards Ethan hope that he is safe but when she reaches to him, Ethan is so lifeless. Ethan has broken both leg, an arm and ribs now only can bring his tears out. He can't even make any sound, even the pain is piercing through his body and what hurt the most is his heart. Nothing more painful than a broken heart, no physical scar is bigger than a scar from a broken heart. While Eva helplessly crying for help, many angels arrived for help because of the loud impact. Ethan was carried to a beautiful garden in heaven, it resembles Garden of Eden but it's a different garden. There got a small waterfall, Ethan will be placed over there. The waterfall will heal Ethan's injury even it takes some times but the pain will remain with him for a long, long time.


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