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Fade 2 Haze

Novel By: Haschwald

There is a stark contrast between what's black and what's white, good and bad, light and dark, hot and cold....even so, that which is Natural and that which isn't.....and everyone must choose a side. View table of contents...


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Henka hardly believed her ears when the man she had come to love over the last three years stood before her on the eve of their wedding day announcing that he was breaking their engagement. He was in a fit of rage, so she thought, he was deeply affected by the occurrences in his noble Kulkarni family. His brother had done something which the family wasn't overly proud of and kept to themselves. The only thing the higher-ups confirmed was that it was a sin grave enough to warrant an execution. On the flip side she took it as one of his practical jokes, normally he pulled one on her as a prequel to springing a surprise.i

'You're joking-it's a joke isn't it, Akhil?' She asked with an uneasy tone.

'It's not', He seemed to reply curtly, 'My parents have decided I can't marry you'

It must have been a joke, she assured herself, it was the only way he would make it sound so serious. But even if he wasn't joking, he once assured her he would fight for their happiness, even if it meant going against his parents. Finally realizing he was serious, she smiled weakly and blinked to keep back the now gathering tears.

'I'm sorry, I couldn't-

She didn't let him complete his statement. Engulfed in deep emotion, she threw herself around him and looking into his dark brown eyes said;

'Let's run away-away from Evre to Orah or Ea or anywhere-

'Henka, I can't run from my duties as the heir to the family', he gripped her and pulled her to arms length, 'I can never do that'

Henka struggled to come to terms that this was the man that had promised to fight to the end. Unable to speak anything more, she heard him explain himself;

'According to my family's background, I'm supposed to marry someone worthy to be duchess, the mistress of the Kulkarni house. My parents don't consider you to be. I had objected. But they said that I'd lose my new right as the heir to the family. Not only that, but I would also be executed for going against the Family doctrine like Karan,'

From what he said, she seemed to conclude that he agreed she wasn't worthy of a duchess. Born in Ea, Henka's family, the Udinov Clan, was considered of the lowest class. She was the only child. Her father served under Ajay Kulkarni, Akhil's father. His rank was so low and his gifts not outstanding he was never noticed or acknowledged as a powerful figure in Ea. Henka cursed having been born in such a family or why her father never had anything special to show for a legacy except his, what she believed, pathetic excuse of an ironsmith workshop.

'You are an exceptionally beautiful woman, Henka, and there are many good men in Montana De Los Cristales who would love to have you for a wife, families that would appreciate you, and love you for who you are,'

She lost the strength to stand up and fell to her knees, sobbing. Why had they chosen to embarrass her like that? Why didn't they reject her in the first place? Why did they wait till a day before the wedding? Why did they act so hypocritical when he announced to them he had chosen her?

Akhil squatted before her, took her face in his hands and kissed her one last time. It was a long and painful goodbye kiss to Henka, she didn't want to let go.

'This is goodbye-Henka'

He got to his feet and went on his way. Henka watched helplessly through her now blurry eyes.

'Don't-don't-don't go-'She muttered painfully

There was absolutely nothing she could do, nothing to turn herself into a duchess, nothing to stop him from leaving, nothing to change his family's opinion of her.

Nine hundred eighty years later;

Men roved about the main courtyard, receiving instructions from a man standing at the terrace, dispatching units. Like a gush of a wind, another appeared and on one knee, addressed the white-clad instructor.

'Reporting in, Araz Krunis has been found in the Material Realm. The Shepherdess has asked me relay this message to you, Sir Elton,' the manner in which he spoke reflected he was the underling.

The man in white took the scroll from the informant and quietly read through it. On finishing, he rolled and sealed it before handing it back to the informant.

'Deliver this to the Fifth Circle,' He said flatly, and have a task force gathered here,'

He had most of the agents gather up in the courtyard and issued a new set of orders, with most being told to go the Material Realm and capture the fugitive, Araz Krunis.

'It's strange. The Shepherdess should have sent you to capture Krunis since you are the strongest in this Circle afterall,' Logan the third-in-command commented after all units had left.

Logan was obviously ranked below Elton and the shepherdess.

'Orders are orders, Logan,' Elton's tone was slow, 'Krunis isn't even half what they say he is,'

'And you know this how?' Logan gave him a questioning look.

'It's something only the Shepherdess and I knew about till now,'

Logan smiled sheepishly.

'So the rumors are true. You and the sheperdess are.....'

It had been deduced that the two had a romantic attraction, especially considering that the shepherdess was a comely woman. Elton knew Logan was taking the subject to that point.

'The Shepherdess stayed in her courts…she hasn't stepped out in weeks,' Hayden clarified as he walked towards the front gate.

'Has HE awakened?'Logan asked the most pertinent of questions. One that had been sweeping through the land over the last six weeks.

Hayden stopped, thinking to himself. He had been with the subject in question during his time in the the field.

'It should be happening right now,'

KAPITEL ONE: Wolves are Nocturnal

Alaric watched as Lincoln fell on his knees, powerless.

The latter did not know what had happened. When he came to, he was on the ground, sword before him. Despite having the urge to continue fighting, his body wouldn't let him. It felt like he'd gone over his limit for an instant and was now paying the ultiimate price

'So that power - was just a onetime increase in your Aura. You over did it, didn't you?' Alaric glared down on him so coldly it reflected all the hate he'd bottled up inside. And it was with a cold tone that he commanded his right hand man, 'Ricardo! Finish 'im off,'

Lincoln's gazed swerved from one end to another. First at the blood-soaked yet seemingly breathing Allen, then to the lifeless body that was Laura. He felt responsible. It wouldn't have happened if he hadn't insisted on joining the first time.

Alaric continued speaking.

'I'm still amazed that even after I removed Flux, you still showed signs. Was it even Flux? Or........something else. Something thicker I gather,'

Ricardo stood right in front of the powerless Lincoln and drew his sword. He had a somewhat triumphant smile on his face as he looked down, immensely pleased that Lincoln would be no more. It was a pleasure that he would be the one to kill the Lincoln that had so much stolen all the glitz from him.

'I remember telling you on the day you got here-

"You'll die if don't take any of this seriously,"

-didn't I?'

Ricardo raised his sword over Lincoln

'Goodbye, Guerrero Del Cielo!'

It just appeared out of thin air. He didn't know how it happened, but when he lashed, his blade hit another sword.

'Ah, so you've come -Blondie

Lincoln felt like his heart stopped.

"Guerrero Del Cielo?"

Alaric once explained in words to vague to understand -

"Human soul......physical body,"

Ting! That's when the sword that saved his life came in.

How and why did his life take such a turn? Everything was fine and seemed perfectly normal, Six weeks ago;

Green Haven; he called it the most beautiful place anyone would ever call home, even if it was the only place he had ever lived. The province combined Vancouver, Burnaby and Vancouver Island. Despite being under Canada, it pretty much had its own laws and policies, similar to Cataluña in Spain or Monaco in France. Lincoln was a freshman at University of British Columbia, UBC. He had clocked nineteen a few weeks back and had a life and a seemingly faultless girlfriend. Her name was Maria Van Santen. Their relationship had lasted about a year, thanks to their rather no-compromise lifestyle. The highest level of intimacy they ever reached was a hug and few pecks here and there, their friends called it outright ridiculous.

Lincoln's lifestyle had changed ever since he and Maria started their platonic relationship. He left his group of bikers and stopped partying till late. People often commented that he was "married".

*****It was late into the fall. The leaves were brightly colored, unleashing their divine beauty when touched by the orange-yellow rays of the Vancouver sunset. On the flip side, the warmth that came with the previously unexpected summer was slolwly fading as it was getting colder with each passing day. Winter was just round the corner.

'Any plans for today, Lincoln?' Shane, an afro-American friend of his asked on their way out to the main gate. They had been friends since fifth grade, along with Ashton, a rather silent third party in that boring walk.

'Not really, just wanna go home and study for about an hour or so,' Lincoln replied

'Oh man, this is college NOT high school! Ever since you got here, all you do is study - chill for a while,'

'I chill -'Lincoln stammered, '- sometimes'

Ashton looked at him with a question on his face

'Spending A LOT of time with Maria isn't chilling,' Shane spoke his mind, 'I sort of liked the old you, that one that was biker,'

'In short - you miss the Wild horse of Green Haven,' Lincoln's tone was as flat.

'Don't be silly,' Shane turned to leave, 'Come on Ashton, we've got practice'

Lincoln continued sauntering towards the gate. It was obvious what they wanted; him to join the hockey team. The last time he played, he got into a fight with the referee, almost costing his former school the title. He was sent off.

The sound of heavy motor bikes shook him from his thought session. He needed no guessing to tell it was his old bikers group. Back in the day, they would ride around Vancouver city giving the police a run for their money and causing chaos. It was their Idea of fun.

'Yo!' the familiar voice of Scott Jenkins called out

'Hello there, Scott' Lincoln greeted humbly, 'You seem to be doing alright,'

Scott gnashed his teeth, exasperated by Lincoln's humble act.

'You bastard!' He leapt off his bike and grabbed Lincoln by the collar, then went on, 'Since when have you been this humble, the Lincoln I knew would have said something annoying and probably given me an old friend shoulder punch,'

'Shut up already, I'm not that guy anymore,' Lincoln slurred lazily, 'Where's Kendra?'

'That's more like it,' Scott shook Lincoln dizzy

'Please stop that, you two,' a sweet innocent voice spoke out in the midst of the playful scuffle

'Ah, there's Kendra - and Maria,'

Kendra was the taller with wavy chestnut hair. Maria's black fell over her back in waves. She was often called the butterfly of Green Haven, her father being the Mayor.

'Oh - hi, Maria' Lincoln greeted, standing up straight

'Guess it's true what they say, bad habits die hard, Scott,' She taunted with a selfless smile

'I wasn't really - trying to

'No need to defend yourself, I understand you are struggling to deal with the changes in Linc,' She cut him short, before adding, ' - you should get some change yourself,'

Kendra felt like she was the subject since Scott was her guy

'Mind not making it sound like it's my fault? Scott is so hard headed,'

If the debate was to continue, they would spend the rest of the evening there. Lincoln cut it short when he turned his undivided attention to Maria. Realizing that they were ignored, Kendra got onto Scott's bike and rode off with him.

****Linc and Maria went for the restaurant at Acadia road. Most UBC students, especially the boys liked going there for quick meals just to get their eyes on the waitresses.

'Welcome to Nancy's, what are you havin'?'

The one that came over to take their orders stood so close to Lincoln he felt his heart beat so fast. Why date Maria when my blood boils over some hot waitress? He always thought to himself. Despite his cool and level headed appearance, Lincoln was a bit of pervert. And Maria knew.

'Uh - black coffee and eh…'

'Forgetful aren't we? I'm allergic to coffee,' Maria quickly refuted, her tone still as cool and ever.

No matter how grave the situation, Maria didn't seem to lose her smile. She always kept the same passionate, pacifist, and too-kind-to-be-true nature.

'We'll have Milk then, with a few snacks, I'll let you choose,' He acted chivalrous

The waitress smiled. What a dork! Maria scoffed.

'Have a seat then, comin' right up,'

As soon as the waitress left, Maria turned to her boyfriend with a critical look. He was obviously checking the waitress out. She sighed dejectedly.

'Boys are so easy to distract, even if they've got the real deal beside them,'

'Are you trying to say you are the real deal?' Lincoln questioned

'I AM!' She defended, 'If I was to dress up in a way that attracted attention, you wouldn't give Dasha a second stare,'

'Her name's Dasha? How did you know?'

'Duh,' She made it sound as obvious at it should have been, 'It's on her name tag,'

'I wasn't staring at her,'

'You were ogling!'

'I wasn't -

He's called the night wolf; it wouldn't be wise to stay out late

Lincoln stopped short, listening. It wasn't the first time he'd heard of the rumor about the Night Wolf. It had caused a buzz around Green Haven for the last six months.

Dasha brought their orders and gracefully placed the tray on the table. And one more time, Lincoln stared at her. She was beautiful. Long waist length black hair tied to a high ponytail, sparkling green eyes and a curvy pear figure.

'Please enjoy,' she turned to leave

'Say - Dasha,' Lincoln forced her to stop and turn back, 'how true is this Night Wolf thing?'

Maria was astounded. Why had he just picked on some random person to ask about the night wolf? It seemed out of place. Even worse, he had an awkward seriousness about him. Dasha must have taken notice of that. Otherwise, she wouldn't have answered him.

'According to what I hear, it started about seven months ago. Bodies were found in alleys and the woods. Survivors said they had seen this guy, dressed in a black jacket, wielding a Japanese sword. If you approached those same survivors the next day, they wouldn't remember a thing,'

'Do they lose their memories completely?'

'No, they only forget what they saw of him and the preceding events, about six hours in all. He was called Night Wolf because he only roves at night, and then of course - Wolves are nocturnal,'

'But that's according to what you hear - what do you believe?' Maria queried

It was an interesting question. Dasha didn't expect Maria to be so attentive even to the minutest of details.

'You're very perceptive, just as they say you are - Maria Van Santen,' Dasha praised, with slight tone of unwarranted underlying insinuation, 'that isn't what I REALLY believe,'

'Let me guess, you have some crazy conspiracy theory,' Lincoln predicted

'Call it what you want, but I believe the higher-ups are involved in this. They probably made up the rumor of the Night Wolf or got some guys to dress up like that in order to fight crime. It might even be the reason why Green Haven has the lowest crime rates in the world,'

'Even if your assumption was the right one, how would you explain the victims' mysterious loss of memory?' Maria asked assertively

'Either it's because of modern technology, or it's just downright pretence,' Dasha walked to the counter, 'either way, it's all just an Urban Myth, Lincoln-kun,'

He gasped. It was odd that she knew his name yet he didn't even say it once before. It must have been an imagination, he thought. It had been a hectic day.

Just before he took a first sip of the milk, another waitress stopped beside them and placed the snacks on the table.

'Wait - are you sure this is the right table?' Lincoln asked

'No mistaking it. The table Dasha just took orders from is this not?' Her tone was hushed, yet silvery and, to Lincoln, seductive. But it was nagging that she spoke in some kind of reverse mode.

'Bring this on her behalf she asked me to,'

On her name tag was Ivana. She was slightly taller than Dasha, Lincoln thought she had a slight resemblance to Maria.

'What's with you today, you can't settle for just a minute and talk to me?' Maria asked upon Ivana's departure

Even though she was unique in her own way, Maria was still just an everyday girl who doesn't like being ignored for long periods of time. She once walked out on a lunch with him because he was too busy talking to Shane and Ashton outside the diner.

'Linc, what do you believe?'

'What about, the night wolf?' He asked back, before answering almost immediately, 'I believe it's bollocks,'

The lights flickered like there was, for an instant, a short circuit. Lincoln's heart pounded heavily, suddenly engulfed by an eerie feeling. From the ocean side blew a cold, heavy breeze, and then lightning flashed. The lights flickered again.

'Linc, is something wrong?'

She hadn't noticed. Nobody had. He had to make sure he wasn't seeing things.

'I'm gonna - have some fresh air,' He stood up and walked out

No sooner had he left than Dasha came by

'Received the rest?'

'Yes,' Maria replied, still bothered by Lincoln's behavior earlier, 'Excuse me -

Lincoln had taken the stairs onto the roof of the restaurant and looked towards the city. Maria came up behind him.

'Aren't you hearing it?'

'Hearing what?' Maria asked

'That sound, it's squealing,'

'I hear no squealing sound,' she replied

Lincoln chose to ignore her and look out to the city horizon again. From a distance it looked like a bird. But when it flew by, leaving behind a heavy wind from its wings, he noticed it was far bigger, the size of a man, with bat-like wings, all black.

'What is -?

Maria gripped the sides of her head, feeling a pumping headache. She blacked out from the pain. Lincoln held her before she fell and carried her, heading for the infirmary. The creature squealed again, spun and charged at him. He turned, involuntarily shielding Maria with his body. The hairs on his head stood when he felt it close. But all of a sudden, it seemed to take longer than expected. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a dark silhouette of a man holding a sword.

'Carry your girlfriend and leave this instant,' He had the voice of an average boy. Lincoln expected a deep, hoarse, scary voice. His tone, however, was exactly what Lincoln thought it would be, cold, unforgiving and assertive.

Questions rushed through Lincoln's mind. How did he get onto the roof in the first place? How fast was he? Was he a ghost, a demon?

Already petrified by what happened to Maria, he obediently rushed towards the stairs. But something forced him to look back the instant the mysterious red lightning struck again. He saw the face of the Demon man - or boy.

"Nobody's seen his face and lived," Scott's warning flashed back in his mind.

He fled.

The man-in-black stepped out of the shadow.

'You saw? Lincoln Reis,' He seemed to curse, 'I'll deal with you later,'

He leapt into mid-air and speared towards the ocean, then stopped, standing in mid-air. Before him was another man, looked to be in his mid-thirties with a pale skin and goatee beard, also standing in mid-air. Each step taken sounded like one on a metallic water tank.

'You killed it pretty easily; I thought the training I'd given it would be enough to take down a Sonic,' He spoke, 'but I guess you're not an ordinary Sonic, are you?'

'We Sonix, don't find your pets a problem, even the weakest of us,' the man-in-black replied

'If I'm to fight a Sonic today, I want it to be fun. Where's the night wolf?'

The man-in-black didn't respond

'Don't tell me it's you. You're just a kid,'

'The Night Wolf isn't here, at least not yet,' The man-in-black finally answered, 'But you wouldn't mind taking me on as you wait for 'im, right?'

'Nah, go find something else to do, brat. I'm not into killing kids,'

The Sonic smirked.

'Ho? Aren't you scared? That's a pretty lame excuse coming from a Contra,' the boy-in-black taunted

The man with a goatee drew his sword and pointed at him.

'Your death wish,' He groaned, 'I'm Tonel, what's your name, cocky kid?'

'Allen Holmes,'

'Draw your sword, Holmes,'

'Make me,' Allen taunted again

Tonel sighed and took on an offensive stance. Bending his waist backwards, putting one foot forward and holding the sword at eye level, pointing it at Allen.

'Such a pity, Humans losing their lives unnecessarily,'

Tonel burst forward, stabbing at Allen's head. The boy side stepped to the side. Tonel missed miserably. He turned almost immediately, swiping upwards. Allen quickly stepped backwards, evading just in time. Tonel wasn't done as he lashed a sidekick, thumping Allen in the belly.


Lincoln was born in a single-mother led family of three children. He was the first. The second child was a girl who went missing fifteen years ago; she was only two at the time. The last was a fifteen year old boy, Luis. Their mother was Erika Reis, forty years old but had the look of a twenty-five year old. Her closest friend was Courtney Renner. Despite not being related by blood, they were born in the same house and grew up together. Courtney was thirty-six, and looked ten years younger as well. She was a teacher at Luis' school, University Hill Secondary School, U-Hill.

'Where's that stupid son of mine? I'll be serving dinner soon and he's not here yet'

'I've heard that eighty percent of a child's intelligence comes from the mother,' Courtney insinuated, flipping through the magazine pages

'What are you trying to say?' Erika questioned, stopping in her path.

'You just said he's stupid - and that's only eighty percent,'

'In short?'

'Linc's called, something strange happened at Nancy's, says he'll be here in thirty,' Luis came downstairs, presenting a valuable distraction.

He looked just like Lincoln, more specifically the emo-styled hair and amber eyes. His personality was slightly different though; a perfect gentleman.

'It's my last dinner with you two before I leave on my little trip, I want it to be special,' Erika held him in her arms.

'Mum, I'm fifteen - you don't need to hold me like a baby anymore,'

'Ah! I thought you loved being cuddled by me, you know if you want to nurse all you have to do is ask, I noticed you look at women's cleavages so much,'

'It's not the suckling he wants, Erika,' Courtney said flatly, 'Sheesh, you are so narrow-minded,'

'Really you two?' Luis eyed his godmother

'Erika may have a point you know. You ogle a lot, something you picked up from that brother of yours,' Courtney commented

'I don't ogle, I just - '

'Wanna see?' Erika appeared to be unbuttoning her shirt

'No!' Luis went back upstairs

Courtney laughed.

'You are a bad mother,'

'Look who's talking. It makes me wonder whether or not you'll take good care of 'em while I'm gone,'

'No need to repeat that, there's a reason I'm their god-mother,' Courtney replied in a don't-bother-me-again-tone

'Stupid girl, the reason is I chose you - nothin' special really,'


Allen slid backwards, slightly bent forward because of the kick he'd received seconds earlier. Tonel wasn't giving him any free space to roam. He attacked, stabbing at him a second time. Allen bent backwards and saw the sword spear just a little over his nose. Tonel changed his strikes suddenly, instantly slashing diagonally downwards. Allen was forced to draw, deflecting Tonel sword.

'You've got good speed, Holmes,' Tonel commended

'I'm honored, we Sonix don't get much praise these days,' Allen twisted his wrist and lashed.

Tonel blocked and stood a few meters away.

'Now that you've finally drawn, are you willing to let me have a little fun?'

'Who knows - If you can last long before being cut down, I'm okay with it.' Allen replied, 'all it takes is one slash,'

Tonel gnashed his teeth in fury.

'I'm starting to hate your pride, Human!'

The real battle had only just started. Tonel, tall with a lean build, cracked a smile, waving his blade in figures of eight multiple times before coming to an expected stop. He made sure to make eye contact with Allen. For a brief moment, he saw uncertainty in the boy's eyes and felt grateful for this newfound psychological advantage.

Advancing, he charged at Allen with the sword upheld, stabbing aggressively and quickly following it up with a backswing. Allen deflected the stab and effectively parried the backswing. On lashing, Tonel vanished.

'What the -

Tonel appeared a few meters away with a huge grin on his face.

'Don't be so astounded, Human', he started to brag, 'mine's not even the fastest in El Valle, yet it's overwhelming you,'

'As you see, this is a preternatural speed only achieved by preternatural beings. It's simply covering distance in the shortest time possible with quick footwork. It's so quick that one appears to shimmer and vanish - a mere human like you wouldn't keep up,'

Whilst explaining, Tonel shimmered from spot to spot, showing off his spectacular speed. Allen could only look on in awe. In a flash, Tonel appeared right before him, slashing. Allen quickly backpedaled. Three swings later, the metals were clinking repeatedly. Tonel was impressed by Allen's ability to keep up, even if it was pushing him to his limit. Then it suddenly dawned on him.

Being pushed back by the force of the attacks, Tonel noticed Allen's left arm tucked away in his pocket.

"You've got to be kidding" He thought, "his left hand has barely left his pocket from the beginning. Now that I think of it, all he's been doing is blocking. And he's barely moved!"

'What's wrong?' Allen shot through his thoughts, 'you suddenly became slower,'

'Let me guess what you're thinking. You've noticed my left arm, and that I'm still standing at about the same spot since we started. And now you're starting to feel outmatched - or rather, you've realized you can't beat me in your current state,' Allen taunted.

Tonel lashed his sword at the ocean below a couple of times, causing a rise in the tides. A bright red aura engulfed him and when it cleared a few seconds later, he had changed. He was more muscular, taller and with longer hair. His sword had reshaped, becoming a broad claymore.

'eh? Transformation? Scary,'

'Shut up already, cocky kid!'

His sword being longer, Tonel had an even further reach than Allen imagined. Striking, the arching shot took the sonic by surprise, slicing off a piece of his jacket at the shoulder, missing the flesh behind it by a hair. Allen staggered backwards. Tonel swung. His broadsword missed. Allen suddenly floated in midair, feeling like he no longer existed. Tonel struck. Allen raised his sword to block, but it wasn't there anymore. Tonel's strike sent him into the water below, sinking to the bottom.

Tonel laughed triumphantly.

'Who would've thought that he'd end up in there,' he smiled before looking down, 'Hey haughty brat! Still alive?'

Still unable to comprehend what had just happened, Allen was taken by another wave of surprise when his sword reformed in his grasp. He shot back out of the water. Panting and shivering slightly, he struggled to catch his breath as the cut healed instantly and the jacket reformed.

'It seems you have healing abilities. You're better than I thought you'd be. I'm starting to think you are - the night wolf,' Tonel commented.

'What...What was that, back there?' Allen stammered

'Oh - that. It's a space,'

'I already know it's a space - I'm asking what it actually is,' Allen roared, for once losing his cool head.

'Relax, I'll tell you.'

'It's a space that has recently been placed here. In it there's no life force. All auras except Ira cease to exist. All preternatural awareness vanishes, all memories are erased. Basically, reality is warped,'

'How comes I still have everything?'

'Oh no, you don't. You know best that something left you when you were in there. If you had stayed in there long enough - you would have ceased to exist as Allen Holmes,' Tonel explained, 'did you not feel like you didn't exist?'

Allen gasped.

'I'm here in the physical realm to monitor someone. I think you know him....' Tonel said flatly, '......Lincoln Reis is his name,'

Allen stood upright, still surprised

'Lincoln Reis? He's not even Preternaturally Aware,' Allen shot back defensively

'See? I told you,' Tonel spoke calmly, 'you lost some part of you in that alternate universe. You've lost the part where you saved him from the Sier, my pet and that he'd seen it. Tell me, why is he a subject of Interest among the Sonix?'

Allen's eyes bulged. He couldn't remember.

"Is Lincoln Reis is connected to that thing?"

'How is Lincoln Reis connected to it?' He bowed his head, wet hair obscuring his eyes.

'Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you,' Tonel replied.

'What a pity,' Allen looked up.

Tonel's heart skipped a beat.

'You! Your eyes - '

For the first time, Allen went offensive. He struck thrice. Tonel evaded all but was surprised by Allen's dramatic increase in speed. Allen lashed. Tonel gripped the sword strike. Allen reacted instantly, lashing a kick. Whereas Tonel barely felt it, Allen was sent flying backwards by his own force. He ended up in the mysterious space again. His sword vanished first, then his jacket. His movements slowed drastically Tonel smirked and charged at him for a final blow. Allen propelled himself out and the jacket and sword reformed instantly. When Tonel lashed, Allen vanished, cutting off Tonel's arm completely in the same move.

Out of the corner of his eye, he looked over his shoulder. 'You, how is it possible?' Tonel cursed

'Centella is the name of that speed. Six of us among the Sonix achieved it,' Allen walked towards him confidently.

He only stopped when rain started falling. Now he saw the alternate Vortex clearly. It was like an invisible oval shaped space had been hung in midair.

'So that's what it was?' He noticed

Tonel was terrified by Allen's eyes. The boy's eyes were glowing with a dim light blue color.

'It's not Flux, is it?' Tonel asked, 'it's beyond Flux, you are - '

He couldn't complete his statement. Allen had shot at him like a bullet. He swung his broad sword to block. He didn't imagine it would be his last move. In one fell swoop, Allen shattered his claymore and cut him down in half.

'C-cu-curse you…H-u-man,' Tonel cursed as he disintegrated into dust.

Allen sheathed his sword and fell on one knee, feeling miserably weak. But in that moment of powerlessness he felt another Aura. He couldn't take on another opponent as he weak as he was at the moment.

'Can't they find someone else to play with for a change?'

NEXT - KAPITEL TWO: Every Rose has its thorn


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