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Seer's Knoll - The Eye

Novel By: Hetty Burchill

"Lenora always has strange dreams, but the most chilling part about them, is when her dreams become reality!"

Sixteen year old Lenora Deveroe never put much serious thought into the unusual dreams she would constantly have. That is until her mother passes away and leaves her in the guardianship of a Grandmother she had been led to believe was dead. Her grandmother; Ramona, reveals a mystical world of Divination, and that Lenora possesses the ability of foresight through her dreams.

At her grandmother's homestead; Seer's Knoll, Lenora faces the challenges of mastering her abilities, developing new relationships, and having to confront the biggest discovery that has yet to be exposed. It is a prophecy that directly affects her future and she learns that there are people who will stop at nothing to make sure this forecast never comes to fruition. Lenora will have to choose between accepting fate and what she knows will be, or fight against that fate and see who wins! View table of contents...


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Chapter One:
Seer's Knoll
Lenora abruptly awoke in a panic; her chest heaving in and out as she desperately tries to catch her breath. A vivid dream is the cause of Lenora's frantic rousing, but this is really nothing new for her. Lenora has strange dreams daily, but the most chilling part about them is when her dreams become reality!
"Are you alright, Miss," asks her worried young driver, who has a light and airy Irish accent.
The driver abruptly pulls over and stops the black Cadillac when he hears Lenora gasping for air behind him. He turns around in the driver's seat, gripping a knobby copper rod in his hand, which he quickly lays down seeing that she is alright.
"Sorry, I am fine. I didn't mean to worry you like that," Lenora says, and then swallows hard trying to collect herself. She shifts uncomfortably on the black leather backseat, "I just had a frightening dream, that's all."
"Ay, no fears should come from ones dreams Miss", the driver states as he turns back around in his seat and continues on their way.
He stares back through the rear view mirror at Lenora, his eyes reflect through with such a bright shade of green. But for all the brilliance in his eyes, the dark circles underneath makes him look tired and worn.
"Dreams are but a porthole to life, and one's life is to be lived and not feared", he continues to say.
"Um, yes. You are quite right", Lenora responds politely, but in her mind is thinking what strange, yet unsuspectingly deep advice he has given her.
The pale faced driver gives her a crooked smile.
"We will soon be to Seer's Knoll Miss, only about an hour to go."
Lenora lays her head back and closed her eyes, "If only my dreams were that simple", she thinks to herself.
Lenora has always had peculiar dreams; as far back as she could remember. Sometimes her dreams are pleasant, others are scary, and one of her dreams is very consistent. There is not a day that goes by without Lenora having this one dream, the dream she calls "The Eye".
It is always the same, Lenora is walking down a lengthy driveway, each side is lined with tall trees and their long branches meet in the center, which almost blankets out all the sunlight below. This part of the dream is very peaceful for Lenora, as she strolls along picking the wild flowers that grow along the side of the road. She then reaches the end of the driveway, where an old Victorian mansion sits. It looks very well kept, with its wooden slat board siding painted a very bright white, and the front door and shutters painted a clean and bold black.
The lawn and gardens around the house all seem well manicured and the climbing ivy around the archway of the porch seems meticulously trained to lie perfectly in place. It looks like such a comfortable and cheery home to her. Lenora always scans her view up the front of the house, to the fourth story gothic style tower where there is a stained glass window, but there is something very different about this window, it looks exactly like an eye.
The stained glass window has the white and pink flesh of an eye, with a very pale crystal blue color lens, and a black pupil. It always reminds Lenora of her own color of eyes, for both have the same light blue hue. Suddenly something unimaginable happens, the eye stained glass window blinks. It blinks as if it's real and then from the shock Lenora awakes in distress, even though she knows by now how the dream ends, she always gets so startled by it all the same.
Lenora's mother had also told her not to be frightened of her dreams; just as the driver had tried to explain to her. She would often go to her Mother after she had a vision that came true or a weird, unexplainable dream.
"Lena", her Mother affectionately called her, "Please try not to be frightened of the dreams you have; everybody dreams dear. Dreams and visions are just our subconscious minds at work. Some people's are more active than others, some more strange, and some are more accurate. People will often be doing something; it will seem so familiar, like they have done it before. Then they remember they had dreamt they were doing that same thing, in that same place. The French call it Déjà Vu. Believe me it's not anything to be scare of; a lot of people experience it."
Lenora opens her eyes, it has begun to rain and the drops are streaming down the cars dark tinted windows. It seems nature is crying the tears for her that she is too cried out to let fall. Her chest aches so badly at these thoughts of her Mother; her wounded soul is far too fresh; for only three days ago did her Mother pass away. The only solace Lenora has is that her Mother passed quickly without too much pain; it was only three months from her Mothers diagnosis of brain cancer, to her passing.
Lenora's Mother was her only family, and without her she is completely alone in the world. It feels as if someone violently ripped out her heart and now left behind is just a gaping hole that leads to a never ending pit of blackness. No matter how hard Lenora tries to fight and claw her way out of her deep sorrow, she gets nowhere, and is just stuck in this dark abyss on her own.
When Lenora was younger she wondered if she had other relatives out there. She asked her Mother about it, but got a very short, curt response; that her father died in a motorcycle accident after her birth and that his family had all passed on. Lenora decided not to ask her much more after that; because of the sad look her Mother got on her face when she asked the question. It was a pitiful look of regret, and she couldn't bear to see her Mother look so upset and hurt.
So, when her mother passed, Lenora thought that she would be an orphan at age 16, which is until a lawyer came to see her the next day about her Mother's Will. She will never be able to forget the fateful meeting that she had with her mother's lawyer yesterday.
"What do you mean my mother has made my Grandmother my legal guardian", Lenora asks bewildered. She could not believe what the lawyer had just told her, "All my Grandparents have passed, there has to be a mistake!"
"I am afraid there is no mistake Miss Deveroe, you mother was in just two months ago to finalize her will", the lawyer said with certainty, then looked down and read from the Will, "I hereby leave my daughter Lenora Gracen Deveroe, to be left in legal guardianship of my mother Ramona Deveroe, who resides at 5 Seers Knoll Road, Emerald Lake, Pennsylvania.
The lawyer looked up from reading the Will and gazed into the disbelieving and shocked eyes of this striking young lady sitting before him. She has already been dealing with the loss of her mother and then for this to be sprung on her as well, he felt genuine empathy for this devastated girl.
"I have contacted your Grandmother, who had already been advised of your Mothers passing. She told me that a car is being sent to pick you up. So you should pack your belongings, because your Grandmother has arranged for a family friend Shea O'Connell to pick you up around 10 tomorrow morning and take you to her homestead, Seer's Knoll. Your Grandmother also wanted me to convey that she wishes she could be here in person to pick you up, but that she needs to make the funeral and transportation arrangements so your Mother can be laid to rest at your family plot in Pennsylvania."
"But my Mother should be buried here in Maine, where we have lived all our lives! This is her home, NOT Pennsylvania," Lenora said wrenching her hands together, trying hard to hold back her tears.
"This was at your Mothers request; it is stated in her will. I really am sorry," the lawyer said in a remorseful tone, as he gently patted Lenora's trembling hands.
As Lenora thinks back on this shocking news, she can not really decipher what is hurting her more now, the passing of her Mother; who she thought she had known better than any other person in the world. Or this trail of secrets that her Mother has left behind, which painfully proves that she did not know her Mother as well as she thought. This is like deciding which is the better of two horrible choices and this only makes her more distraught with grief.
Lenora sits up suddenly in her seat and looks wide eyed out the window when the driver announces that they are almost to her Grandmothers. They have just turned onto Seer's Knoll Road and Lenora feels a knot form in the pit of her stomach and then lets out a gasp in shock.
"Are you ok, Miss," Shea; the driver asks with worry in his voice, but is trying not to over react as he did earlier.
"Ah, I am fine," Lenora stutters out, "I am just feeling a bit nervous."
Lenora is feeling far from fine though, because as they make their way down the long driveway, things begin to look strangely familiar to her. This lane, the tall trees, this is the road that she has dreamt about everyday of her life; there are no doubts in her mind about that. Just as Lenora thinks that things could not get any more bizarre, the lane ends and before her stands a grand, white, Victorian mansion.
"It can't be," Lenora lets slip out, just as Shea the driver is opening her door to let her out.
"What'd you say, Miss?"
Lenora stumbles over some words trying to cover up her slip of the mouth.
"This place is breathtaking," she eventually stammers out.
"Yes, it is," Shea says, as he helps Lenora out of the car, "Your Grandmother takes a lot of pride in the house; it has been in your family for many decades."
"Now you go on up to the porch and I will get your bags for you, ok."
Shea's body stands rigid as he talks, like he is waiting for the sound of a cap to start a race. Lenora notices that he seems nervous, as if he is looking out for something bad to happen to her. Maybe the two times she startled him in the car has made him anxious around her.
Lenora slowly turns and timidly walks toward the house, she gazes up the front of the house to the gothic tower and there it is. Just as in her dream, the unusual stained glass window that looks like an eye. Lenora's mind suddenly starts to spin, her vision blurs, and her legs go completely numb.
In her mind she starts to picture the driver; Shea, leaning over her. His green eyes are bloodshot and the dark circles under his eyes seem to almost blend down into his cheeks, which look so sunken in. Blood is running along the side of his face from a wound on his forehead.
She can hear him saying, "I'm sorry Lenora……"
The image quickly fades from her mind, all is black in her head, and in the distance she can hear her name being called.
"Lenora, Lenora, open your eyes," Shea pleads, as he holds her tight in his thin but strong arms, his Irish accent is standing out stronger to her, "Here ya are, you're coming 'round now."
She slowly opens her eyes to see Shea starring down at her with a worried look on his face. Lenora gently strokes his flushed, narrow face. Shea's tousled brown hair looks even more erratic and out of control than it did in the car.
"There is no blood," Lenora thinks to herself and then says aloud, "You're alright!"
"Of course, I am alright, it's you that I am worried about," Shea responds, his soft voice slightly wavers as he looks down at the beautiful Lenora.
Shea realizes that there is something so familiar about this young woman, but he just can't quite place what exactly it is. He stares firmly into Lenora's liquid light blue eyes, a haunting feeling grips at his heart.
Lenora's hand is still cupping Shea's cheek, which she quickly brings down as she recognizes this.
"I, guess I fainted," Lenora exclaims, as she begins to try to get up.
Shea's hard, steady gaze softens; he then looks at her with understanding and gently helps Lenora up off the ground.
"Thank you, Shea," she says with gratitude, but in the back of her mind is still thinking about the scene she just saw in her mind.
"You're welcome, Miss."
"Please, call me Lenora," she says, feeling odd that he calls her Miss, when he can't be but just a few years older than herself.
"Alright, Lenora," Shea says with his wide crooked grin, he walks over to pick up her luggage where he hastily dropped it when she fainted.
Lenora steps onto the porch and before she even touches the door knob, the big, black front door opens up it's own.
Shea, who is right behind her carrying her luggage, smirks and says, "Old houses, they have a tendency to do that," and then shrugs his thin shoulders.
Lenora takes a deep breath and slowly enters into the foyer; in front of her is a grand wooden staircase that curves up to the second floor. The wooden floors and trim are stained black and the walls painted a gleaming white. The décor is very Victorian in style and all the furnishings look new of quality, but are more than likely antiques. Lenora gazes to her right; there is a black pocket door partially open, she can see bookshelves filled with thick leather bound books.
To her left is what looks to be the parlor, there is a striking, ornately carved wooden fireplace mantel, and plush velvet furniture in strong dark colors. There is something else that catches Lenora's eye in the parlor; it is something that looks to be like taxidermy crows. These unusual stuffed crows are perched on light fixtures and one on a side table.
"What macabre decorations," she thinks to herself.
"Have a seat in the Parlor and your Grandmother should be down to see you shortly," Shea announces, as he uncomfortably shifts her luggage he is carrying against his thin body frame.
Lenora turns around to say ok, but to her surprise Shea and her luggage are already gone.
"Where did her go so fast," she questions, as she looks up towards the stairs, knowing he could not have gone that way or else she would have seen him.
Lenora then hears talking and see's a slender elderly lady with glossy silver hair in a loose bun at the top of her head and an elderly man with white hair and beard, starting to descend down the stairs. She begins to feel those knots of nervousness again in the pit of her stomach.
As the elderly women draws closer, Lenora notices how she looks like an older version of her mother and an even older version of herself. She has the same full plump lips, the same long slim nose that rounds out to a little bubble tip, and those same clear blue eyes.
Lenora can only stand there speechless as the lady and man come to stand before her. She locks eyes with the elder lady and suddenly she feels very relaxed, more at peace than she has felt in quite sometime. This has to be her Grandmother, she stands there starring at Lenora with a smiling look in her eyes, but is saying nothing at all.
The lady opens up her arms and Lenora rushes into them with such a sense of urgency and longing. Lenora begins to cry and squeeze this lady, who she knows now with all her heart and soul is her family. She feels warm and at ease in her Grandmothers arms, it truly feels like coming home. Her Grandmother hugs her back and cries with the same ache that Lenora is feeling and then after what seems like an hour, her Grandmother pulls back and looks lovingly at her with tear filled eyes.
"Welcome home Lenora dear," her Grandmother sobs, then stands back and wipes her eyes.
"I am Ramona Deveroe, your Grandmother and this is your home, just as it was your mothers home - Seer's Knoll," she spreads her thin arms out proudly as to present the house to her.
"There is so much that needs to be talked about, I know you have many questions of your own, but that will all come in good time child. Eventually the whole story will be told and then everything will start to make sense, this I can promise you."
"And on that note, I will leave you two lovely ladies alone now," says the elderly gentleman still standing there beside them, that honestly both of them forgot was even there.
"Oh, sorry dear friend," Ramona says as she grabs the gentleman's arm, "I had nearly forgotten that you were standing there, "Lenora, I am pleased to introduce you to a long time friend, Mr. Emory Wicketts."
Mr. Wicketts graciously bows and holds out his arm to take Lenora's hand, which she holds out to him kindly.
"Pleased to meet you Mr. Wicketts," Lenora greets, as she looks him over.
She notices he has on the most unusual tan colored outfit on; it looks to be made out of linen fabric. He has on a lighter long cream coat on that is made of the same fabric. It is a different kind of fashion for sure, not just anyone can pull off such a peculiar outfit, but it seems to suit him somehow. It looks like an outfit you see in history books of how people in desert areas dressed, with the loose linen robes.
"I know we will meet again very soon and we can get to know more of each other then," Mr. Wicketts says with a wink, "Shea, we must be leaving now."
Then out of nowhere, Shea walks up from behind Lenora and follows Mr. Wicketts out of the house. Lenora thinks it's strange that he appeared so suddenly, but maybe he was standing in the back of the hallway, where it is darker?
Ramona puts her arms around Lenora and leads her into the parlor room. They sit on one of the very plush velvet couches, a deep maroon color on that is covered with many cross stitch pillows.
Lenora sits down on the couch, as her Grandmother stares at her with waiting eyes. She feels a nervous twitter in her stomach again as she opens her mouth to ask a question she has been wondering since learning about her mother secretly guarded past.
"I have a question that I am hoping you can answer for me," Lenora finally states, as she wrings her hands together nervously, "I am wondering why mother left me in your guardianship, when she never has mentioned anything about you to me before or anything about her life here."
"Well, your simple question unfortunately has a long, confusing answer. Let me see, where to begin to try to explain everything to you properly," Ramona states, as she grasps a hold of an unusual crystal ball charm that hangs on a long silver necklace, "What I am about to tell you will seem a little outrageous to believe, you may even think I'm mad to tell you such a strange tale. But everything I am going to say to you is the truth and I am sure the more you think about it and absorb my words, the more you will come to realize that this is all real."
Ramona pauses for a second, then looks straight in Lenora's puzzled eyes and says, "You come from a long line of Divinaries, we are people that are known as reader's or seer's. To put it more plainly, we are people who have visions; we can forecast and predict the future. There are many different ways in which Divinaries are given insights about the future; whether it's through dreams, daydreams, touch, cards, weather, tea, leaves, bones, stones, crystals, there are so many different ways. You may know us to be called by the very basic form of our gift, as a psychic or fortune teller."
Ramona then breaks again, seeing that Lenora still has a look on her face of disbelief, but begins again, "I am a Divinary, your mother was a Divinary, and you dear Lenora are one as well."
Lenora can only sit there speechless and slowly begins to back away from her Grandmother.
"If my Mother and I are both able to see the future, then why didn't we know about the cancer sooner? How could we not know? How could you not know?"
Lenora cries out, thinking her Grandmother must be insane, to be making up such a twisted story as this. Her feelings are fragile, so pain filled, and this news is more like a cruel joke. It is tearing at what is left of her tattered soul.
"Dearest Lenora, things are not that black and white with the knowledge we receive. We can not see things as easily about those we love and are close too, in fact sometimes it is impossible to do," Ramona explains as she puts her head down slowly, "I only wish things could be so easy and clear with our visions."
"I did, however, have one vision about your Mother's illness. I told her immediately and right after she went to the doctors and they found the cancer. Believe me, when I say there was nothing more I could do to help her, your mother's cancer was terminal. I am not a healer Lenora, if I was; I would have done anything to save my daughters life. There are some things that I just can't change, no matter how much I wish I could!"
Ramona's voice though calm as she talks; holds such sorrow in it. Her pale eyes long for her Granddaughter to understand, that she would have given her own life to save her beloved daughters.
Lenora is not sobbing and her Grandmother pulls her in close and gently strokes her long black hair. When she begins to calm down, Ramona continues.
"You know what I am saying is the truth, with the visions you have had that have come true, the dream you have everyday about this house."
Lenora looks up in shock and thinks, "How could she possibly know this?"
"Because, you do not know how to control all of your abilities, your mind was pointing you to the place where your powers that you posses can be realized," Ramona explains, as if she had heard what Lenora had just thought in her mind.
"But why did Mother and I not live here then," Lenora questions, "Why did I not know anything about this place or you? Why were these abilities not explained to me before now?"
Ramona shifts uneasily on the couch and says, "Well, this is where the explanation gets even more complicated," she clears her throat and tries to remember the way she had practiced so many times, on what she would say to explain this to her Granddaughter when the moment came.
"You see Lenora; all Divinaries are part of a secret society of sorts. Average people do know about the very lowest levels of Divinary powers, like psychics, but they would just not be able to understand the other special abilities that a lot of Divinaries have. So we need to keep these certain abilities a secret and like any society you need people to keep charge over everyone to keep order, to make sure people are not abusing their gifts, and make sure everyone is doing their part to keep their special abilities hidden. Every forty years four divined children are born within the Divinary world with the mark of the Seer, these children will grow up and be trained to sit on the council for the Divinary Tribe. These chosen few are in the class level of Divine Transreaders and I am one of those chosen, in the Divinary world I am known as Divine Ramona - The Protector."
Ramona then pulls up her sleeve of her white silk blouse and on the top of her forearm is a peculiar shaped birthmark. It is a strawberry color birthmark in the shape of an eye, there is a flesh colored circle in the center of it, which makes it look like a pupil of the eye.
This birthmark looks familiar to Lenora, she has seen this same birthmark before, but never so close up and clear. She has only been able to see it through the reflection of a mirror.
"I have the exact same birthmark on the back of my right shoulder," Lenora blurts out in amazement.
It seems so strange to her that she and her Grandmother have the same birthmark. Then suddenly, it hits Lenora as to what this means.
"Wait, you mean I am one of the chosen ones as well, one of these Transreader people who will sit on council?"
"A Divine Transreader," Ramona corrects in a serious manner, "And yes, you were born one of the chosen to take over when myself and the other council members term runs out."
Lenora can only sit there in awe, just trying to take in this incredulous news and day she has had. It then dawns on her as she was collecting her thoughts, that her question to her Grandmother was not directly answered.
"But, I am still confused on why Mother and I lived so far away and why all this was kept from me," Lenora asks impatiently, as she redirects her question again.
"It was done for your best interest dear, we needed to keep you away from here in a controlled environment for as long as we could," Ramona states in a calm whisper, "All will be revealed to you in good time. The most important thing right now is to make sure we get you fully trained and up to date in your skills and abilities."
There is something about the tone in her Grandmothers tranquil voice that scares Lenora.
"Am I in danger?"
"Life is not lived without experiencing some dangers in it," Ramona replies, answering the question as indirectly as possible. She is not ready for the intuitive Lenora to lead her off into topics she was not yet ready to handle, "But you can feel safe and secure in this house, it is well protected."
Hearing her Grandmothers assurances does make Lenora feel more at ease, it's all due to her calm, fluid voice she has that is almost hypnotic. In fact since arriving Lenora has felt more content than she has in quite some time. She feels so at ease that her eyes begin to close and she let's out a long yawn.
"Oh, dear you have had such a long, trying day, you must be exhausted! Let me take you straight up to your room, I will give you a tour of the house and the grounds tomorrow," Ramona says, as she takes Lenora's hand and leads her to the grand curved staircase.
Once they reached the top of the staircase, there is another set of stairs leading to the third floor and two hallways, one going straight and another going to the left. Ramona swiftly leads Lenora through the hallway straight ahead; they pass four doors until they reach the last door which Ramona opens.
"I hope you like it," Ramona says as they enter the room, "This was your Mothers old bedroom. I have not changed anything about it; it is exactly the same as when she left it sixteen years ago."
"It's perfect," Lenora states happily, as she rubs her sleepy eyes to better view the room.
The bedroom is large and square, with two windows at the opposite end, and in front of the windows sits a large, mahogany four post bed. It has a lovely black toile de joui comforter on it and matching curtains on the windows. There is a small mahogany desk and vanity table in the room as well. The walls are covered with white wall paper with thin black vertical strips on it. There are many yellow accented pieces and pillows placed around the room as well.
It is such a classically styled room; far more luxurious than the bedroom Lenora had in the house where she lived with her mother, which Lenora had decorated herself. In her bedroom there she had painted the walls a pale blue, her bed was covered by a plain navy comforter, and for decorations she hung posters of her favorite musicians and movies. Simple and comfortable, this is Lenora's style.
She was always envious of her Mother's graceful style that came so naturally to her. It seems Lenora's Mother inherited it from her Mother, but it has unfortunately not been passed onto Lenora. To her being stylish and fashionable is an exhaustible effort. But being in this room, though it is not really Lenora's taste, makes her feel at home with her mother. This fact alone makes her feel happy and content.
"The closets and private bath are through the door on the right," Ramona points out, "Just leave all your unpacking for tomorrow and get some sleep. I am the first door we passed at the beginning of the hall, if you should need anything."
Ramona leans in and kissed her Granddaughter on the forehead.
"Sweet dreams, Lenora dear."
Lenora changes into her night gown, which is just an oversized old, worn t-shirt, then walks over to the bed and slides under the covers. She melts into the mattress. The bed feels so soft and plush underneath her, like she is lying on layers of smooth flower petals. She tries to keep her eyes open so she can think and wrap her mind around all events and news that her brain has taken in today, but her eyes can not fight staying open any longer. She falls asleep instantly and for the first time ever, she sleeps the whole night through, without having one dream!


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