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Time and Time Again

Novel By: Howlingwolf214

Hugh Valkryie. Once an ordinary student. Well not anymore. Ever since he was hit by a car he's been repeatadly thrown backwards in time, to a different place each time. Every time he goes back he sees his original self and the last time he went back.

Who is this mysterious figure asking for freedom? What will happen when there are too many of his past selves for the world to deal with? And more importantly, will Hugh Valkyrie ever see the first day of April? View table of contents...



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Chapter 1: Better early than never

Hugh Valkyrie is your average 16-year-old school student. Or at least he was. Right up until the accident.

Since then his life has changed drastically. So drastically the balance of time is threatened.

At the moment he is asleep in class.

"Valkyrie… Valkyrie… Valkyrie!"

Hugh Valkyrie slowly opened his eyes, blinking once or twice to try and clear his vision. He was lying with his head on his desk, his face stuck to the page of his English textbook and, looking sideways, he could see a pair of legs. Looking up he saw his English teacher, Miss Donald, glaring down at him.
"Now then Mr. Valkyrie, now that you're awake, if you'd be so kind as to continue reading?" Hugh lifted his head off the desk with difficulty, stared bleary around, and then, with a thump, lowered his head to the desk again. That earned him a detention.

Things did not improve for him as the day went on. The next class was Maths. He wandered in and casually took his seat, bent over and took his books out. He was thinking about his detention and knew it would be another late day home again, particularly with the part time job he had after school. As the teacher chalked up some sort of equation on the board he glanced out of the window, brushing away a strand of fair hair that had fallen behind his glasses. He stayed that way for some time until he heard a voice behind, "And just what do you think you're doing?"

Hugh continued staring out of the window and said back "Staring out the window. What does it look like I'm doing moro-" He turned round and came face to face with his exceptionally angry maths teacher. That brought his total of detentions up to two.

He walked outside to eat his lunch after the bell rung signalling the end of Maths. Just one more lesson, two detentions and his part-time job to do and he'd be home. He had sat down and begun to eat when another boy walked up to him, "Yo Hugh. Heard you'd got yourself a couple of detentions. Tough break"
Hugh looked up from his food to a skinny boy with short dark hair grinning down at him. "Oh. Hey Jack. Yeah, it sucks" Jack had clearly just finished doing a race, he was still wearing his kit and besides, all the losers were slowly walking past clutching stitches. Jack seemed to have barely broken a sweat. Despite being quite skinny, he was surprisingly quick on his feet. He sat down next to Hugh and began eating. They talked for a while, about various things, then the bell rung signalling the end of lunch.
He had Chemistry last, where he some managed to make a test tube explode. Luckily the teacher had been out of the room when that happened and he managed to get rid of the pieces before they came back. He didn't want another detention.

He managed to fumble his way through the detentions without much trouble. Both teachers had got used to him being in detention that they just expected him to get on with it. He finally stumbled out of school at five O'clock and walked towards the library where he worked. He spent the next hour and a half organising books and helping customers as well as dropping lots of books. As he made to leave the library however he suddenly stopped. He suddenly felt cold and thought he had heard a whisper. Looking over his shoulder he saw there was no one else in the library, besides him. "Hmm, that's weird… Oh well, probably nothing". He left the library, shrugging on his coat.

He was half way home when he came to a crossing. He jabbed the button for the traffic lights and waited. It finally turned green and he started to walk across. Half way to the other side he froze. He'd got that chill again but this time he thought he could hear soft laugher. There was a sudden screech and he saw a car hurtling towards him. The moment it collided with him the world went black.

When he opened his eyes all he could see was white. The floor was completely white and raising his head, there was just white as far as he could see. He stood up and looked around. "Wher… where am I?" He wondered out loud. He started, as he felt that all too familiar chill down his back and spun round. There, not far from him was a figure. It looked like him. It had his clothes, his hair and his glasses. But it looked as though someone had made deliberate mistakes. His fingers and arms were much to long, he was hunched over and out of the figures back were spike-like protrusions. "What the… What the hell are you?"

The figure's head was downcast, but Hugh could almost feel its grin. "Isn't it obvious? I'm you!" When the figure spoke it's voice seemed to come from all directions. It suddenly laughed, its laughter reverberating around wherever they were. Then the figure raised its head, slowly. Hugh stepped back, too scared to make a sound. In place of the figures eyes were raging black fires. It took a step towards him and screamed "You will set me free!"

Hugh clutched his head as white overcame everything and he could no longer see. He shut his eyes until the glow of the white no longer penetrated his eyelids. When he opened his eyes he was sitting in a dingy alleyway in the middle of his town. Removing his hands from his head he caught sight of his watch. It told him the time was 6:37. Exactly the same time, as for as he could tell, as when he was hit by that car. He got up and brushed himself down. "What the hell is going on?" He said aloud. He walked out of the alleyway and onto the street. He was right next to a newspaper shop and a bike shop. Rubbing his head he glanced down at the newspapers on the sale. The date on it said 'March 30th'.

"Hmm must be selling an old copy," He said. He heard footsteps and saw the owner of the store walk next to him. "Nope. That's today's copy. We always put the latest one right here."

Hugh shot him a sceptical look. "But the date says 30th."
"Yeah… that's because it is the 30th today…"

"No. It's the 31st."

"Look kid" The owner said, getting slightly annoyed, "I think I know what the date is."

Hugh stood there scratching his head. The owner of the shop grabbed a passer-by and said, "Hey, do you know what the date is today?"

The man looked confused but said, "Yeah. It's the 30th." The owner let go of him and turned back to Hugh. "There ya go kid, the 30th. Now you gonna buy that newspaper or what?"

Normal 0 Hugh stood there stunned as the impossible swept over him. He raised his watch and pressed a button, '30th March' flashed up. It was 30th March and somehow he had travelled back in time exactly 24 hours before the accident.

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