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The Watchful

Novel By: Ian Dawn

Anjeta is a Dracon and her life so far has been one of watful daughter to Lord Kilnok her father. With her guardian and once human Raag'l by her side she must fight to save her people and the Dracon way of life against the tretcheries of the Humans and the foul and twisted "Narlings" from the west beyond the great cragg. View table of contents...



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The Watchful!

Anjeta looked out over the rocky crag that was her watchtower, her place of solace, of solitude in a world that is in turmoil and full of blind turns and treachery. The mountains just coming into focus from the morning slumber beneath the blanket of mist a dark hue of rust red with smatterings of greens and browns in the valleys and upon the mountain sides. A variety of mountain goat carefully moved to the thick covering of ground moss and nervously ate with both eyes roaming the nearby vicinity like a hawk eyeing for prey in the distance. By her side Raag'l sniffed the clean morning air and within seconds the hair on the back of his broad muscular shoulders and back was raised as he took in the scent from the animal as it fed. The bristles hollow and now vibrating with anticipation making a low clattering sound that is distinct in his current form, for Raag'l was once a man, but in his current state of metamorphous a man no more. He was a man infatuated with the idea of loving a Dracon. The price for his mortal love was to be enthralled to the object of his affections as her attendant, her keeper, her body guard. It was now his duty to protect Anjeta at all costs even that of his own life.

The overall shape still subtly recognisable as once being of man, but the face elongated to house the millions of smell receptors required to sniff the air and detect taint before it could do harm to the princess. His teeth now pushed forward and elongated into an array of tearing and shredding blades to inflict as much damage as possible on an attacker so he could kill swiftly and move on to his next prey in battle. The skin that was once a soft pinkish colour and flexible but easily damaged by axe and blade transformed into a thick but still elastic hide that can repel blade and arrow in certain areas of his body. The eyes of the man that was are now honed and tuned for the hunt, by day or night with a second overlay for use in times of the devils breath, a harsh wind or dirt, sand and debris. Raag'l was Kaden Ra in his human life time a strong man with a heart of pure dedication and being. He was a lost soul, found by the Dracon and used for labour, but he never complained, he would toil the soil and tend the animals in the name of the Dracon god "Zuul" a winged half dragon half human with talons a foot long at the end of each of the five clawed fingers and toes and a face of absolute serene beauty neither or male or female appearance but with strength and knowledge that belied the somewhat bestial appearance.

Anjeta is one of these creatures but as deadly as she was beautiful. The silken leather of her wings translucent and full of life giving veins and arteries that flowed within. Her white hair framing her face and crowning her eyes of the deepest blue azure pools centred with a black heart that could see living things at a great distance and pick up the aura of the creatures as she gracefully darted overhead on the changing thermals within the mountains. Her hands themself sleek and beautiful but also weapons of scything power that can rip a man's heart from his chest as easily as carving the fat from a bovine. Anjeta, placed her tender hand on Raag'l in a show of affection and understanding that he was her servant her protection her guardian, yet she also had a love for this beast that was man and remembered his love for her as a thrall in the world of Dracon. Anjeta rose to her full size from the outcrop her wings stretched to their full span, that being the height of two normal humans, and her stature a full head height taller, then folded back behind out of the way folding together to form a robe of flesh at her back clasp together with the claws positioned at the centre of each.

"Let us move Raag'l I fear the morning will bring trouble with the emissary of man due in the mountains to talk peace with the tongue of a Rentar: forked and full of treachery."


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