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Generation X Storm

Novel By: icebelly

Life for young Connor Carmen has had a perfect girlfriend, perfect parents, and the best friends, but everything changes when he is challenged by his Great Aunt to go and find the orbs that have lost across time. Now Connor and his friends must hurry and find the orbs that were lost in time. Connor will meet some new and old faces from the Mystical Seven Series and some new, but a new force has risen and Connor must hurry and beat Vuisers 2.0., or they will take over the world and time. But one question remains will Connor live up to his parents true power or will he fall just as his ancestors had. New Version of Benning Storm Read to find out more. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 13, 2009    Reads: 60    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Monring's light woke me up as I stirred around in my bed sheeply. Fudge, my dashound, was laying on the end of bed slowly waking up. "Moring Fudge," I said as I slipped out of bed and on to the cold floor and started for the bathroom. "Connor," said a soft smooth voice called to me as I walked into the bathroom. I turn to see Mom, Mom had soft green eyes and long streaming brown hair, only thing about her was she was to worrisome about most things especially when it came to school and my life. "Mom," I said as I walked down the hall toward the Kitchen.

The T.V. was running and there was a picture of when my parents where young about when they was in collage and then a voice creped up behind of me and said "Connor, what do you want for breakfast?" I turn to see my dad. Dad had short light red hair with clear bluish-greenish eyes and stood about up to me. He is a famous author and has written several novels along with Mom. They were a duet for out of this world to me because they always write and then be in my life. "I will get some thing at school." I said as I walked to grab my bag and then said "I will see you later." I dashed out of the house to my old truck.

I as I drove to school that morning my phone rang and I looked and it said 'Cooler' and I just groan. The Knot brain out of my little lone group, Cooler was just a little bit over the top and never really was everyone pick for a friend but I was raised with him so I really didn't care so I answered "Yeah, Cooler?" A smooth, cool, clam voice came on the phone and said "Yeah, can you meet Rose and me at her house." I just huffed and said "Sure." I pulled up toward Rose's small house.

When I pulled up at Rose's house, there were Rose and Cooler standing out by the house. Cooler had his guitar on his back and Rose had Violin in hand. Cooler was about seventeen with golden brown hair, light tan skin with smooth amber eyes. He was always upbeat just like his mother, Emily, and muscular like his father Jake. Rose was the exact opposite of her cousin. She had long black hair with a red tin to it with clear blue eyes. Rose looked up and said "Hey Connor, you made it." I looked and said "Yea, but we need to get going. I total forgot to tell day today was a half day and that we was going to practice at the shop." Rose looked and said "Good, but one of Mom's cousin's are going to start school and I wanted to show them about if that is ok if you will wait after school for me." I looked and said "Sure," then I looked at my cell phone. 7:13 it said as I rushed them into the truck. We sat there interments down in the back seats and started down the road. But little did I know that that day in my life was about to change in one swift move.


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