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Guardians: Beginning Storms

Novel By: icebelly

At their birth, Kadon and his best friend Seth was destined for great things, but when an ancient prophecy starts to come true then they are force to do things they never thought possible. Seth starts to fall in love with the new senior in school, who he should fear, and why is it all of the sudden, their teachers have taken in such interested in them. Read Guardians: Beginning Storms to find out more… View table of contents...


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The Children Are Born:

Night fell upon a small temple in the deep forest located in the Rocky Mountains. The moonlight shone upon the ground lightens my path as a young looking witch walked the path. Her blue eyes shot across the sky. Her long, soft blond hair bounced around in the opened winds from the temple. Her body was think and toned as she walked around in the pale moonlight the air was crispy, and held a strong mildew smell from the temple. It had rained a few days before which are why the young woman did not make the trip. She walked into the temple, the sandstone walls where dim by the darkness that surrounded her as she walked to the center where a marble relic stood. As she rubbed on the stone, the air around her just clam down and everything, it is was as if the stone controlled it all and the opening of the cave open to reveal the moonlight.

"Nicole, I am astonished to see you here," said a mysterious voice.

The young witch quickly turned her head to see a young elf walk up to her. His blue eyes shoot her down, his white hair shining in the dim light. His facial features were sharp like knives. His eyes were slanted and had a glare to them in the dim moonlight.

"Xixe, it's been a while I'd say about a good 100 years or so, maybe more?" the witch replied to the young elf's smooth voice.

"Nicole, it has been a long time, as you know, the time has come, the spirits of the elements are getting restless and there sprites are already causing problems with the humans on the earth. Have you located your descended yet?"

She turned away in shame, and softly said, "As you know, my late husband, Kodi, was very emotion about the search but he casted a spell that would reincarnated him in the father of the generation that I am to train in the way of Air."

He stood there as a stone minute passed by. His eyes clearly fixed on what Nicole had just said to him.

"I guess you didn't know did you? The rebirth of Kodi is the actual child he is to become," he said to her as he walked behind the alter stage.

"Yes, years ago, but now he has had what he was desisted. The children were born around the same areas just as he had fore-told; all be direct descents of each of the temples," she replied with a mist of sadness in her voice. "Even though it'll never be the real him, at least I know his strength will bind them together."

Xixe just looked away at the moon, as it soared across the sky. His mind was in deep thought as he turned toward Nicole, his eyes had grown wary; "Where is Maxton at?"

Nicole's eyes looked toward him with her amber eyes glowing with a sense of heat. "As you have assumed he is already in the land in search of his child to train. However, Master why is it Maxton has permission to train his while Jackson, Nova, and me have to wait."

Xixe did not even looked at her he looked into the sky and simply said, "The child he is to train the parents have always known about Kara's line. They have also been able to see her sleep. The others have not. The Nexus is slowly rising and here we are preparing for them and the child, she is powerful, but without the other children she is powerless."

Nicole looked uneasy at her master.

He looked back and as she looked at him and he simply said "My friend, as you know the time is coming that we have feared for many of years. The battle against the Nexus is coming upon us and we are not even prepared for what they posse nor are we battle ready."

"They all need to be trained at the same time!" Nicole yelled at her teacher.

"No, now be quiet, the prophecy as you know forbids you or the others to interact with the children until it is closer to time." Xixe said calmly at her.

This caused blood to boil into Nicole's ears and she simply said, "They need to be trained!"

"Enough of this talks," he barked at her, "they will be ready by their years."

"And what if they are not! Huh? What if they are not ready to fight the Nexus? Maxton, Jackson, Nova and I can't not exactly protect them! It was our lovers that could only protect them!"

Xixe looked at Nicole, his eyes fixed with sorrow.

"If they don't make it, then the worlds will be destroyed in fire, and her highness will rise to ruin the realms."


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