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The Beginning Storm Mystical Seven Series

Novel By: icebelly

A high school senior and his friends’ finial year of high school years at Lafayette High School is coming to an end or not. KC Carmen starts noticing all these changes around his life first with the lost of one of his friends and then three new kids at school shows up and then if very thing seems like it is falling apart ,KC must make a decision his friends or the world. What will he choose his family and friends or the world as they know it? Many changes will happen during Senior Year and only one side will stay. We KC make the right choice in time or will he died in the storm in his life. Read to find out. View table of contents...


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The rain poored down as I woke up. The padded of the rain woke up about thirty minutes before my alarm clock so I just lied in bed looking out my window with my dog Damiond at my feet. Daminod was a mix breed and I hardly went any where with out here so I just kept her by me at all times. I looked at the clock it was five in the morning and I had to get up. I jumped up and when to my dresser and grabbed my Red Polo t-shirt and losses fitting jean. I got up and made my bed and then I walked out of my room and down the hall toward the bathroom and I looked into my brothers' room. I saw two teenage young boy about the age of fifthteen. "What KC?" said the bondle hair one and the brown hiar one looked and said "Nothing," Then I said "Blake and Dylan." Then looked and me and said "Do you two need a ride to school today?" Dylan and his brown hair looked and said "Yea, Mom said that she would take us and one the first day of high school too." I just grin and went to the bathroom and shaved and took a shower and then lefted for the kitchen. The smelled the warm smell of eggs and beacon enter my nose as I enter the room. I looked to see my Mom and Step Dad , Donald , cooking Eggs for the twins and me. "Good Morning Mom, Morning Donald" I said as I walked over to the coat rack to grab my things. "KC!" My mom said smiling, "Why don't you sit down for a minute and we will talk about school." Mom knew I was planning on going to college and getting ready for gadution for the year. She was excited about it and so was I and she wanted to talk to me about it over a glass of hot tea and breakfast. I looked at her and said "Let me get my bag and keys and we will talk." I walked over to the rack and grab my bag and walked back to her and said "What's up?" Mom looked at me and said "Do you and Jake have plans on what schools you want to go to?" Jake was one of my best friends ever and we had been friends since freshmen year. I looked at her weirdly and said "Jake is going to get a degree in Marie Biology and I am going to get a degree in Teaching." I got up and got my plate and Blake and Dylan walked into the Kitchen. Blake and Dylan looked a lot like me expect the hair. I had light red hair and blue eyes while Blake had green eyes like his father Donald and Dylan looked like our mother. Blake was wearing his cameo t-shirt with blue jeans and his black North Face jacket on and Dylan the same. I looked them and said "Are you two ready to go?" Mom looked at me and said "You are leave now?" I looked at her and said "Yea, I promise Jake I would pick him and his girlfriend ,Song, up." Mom just rolled her eyes and said "Ok, Are you working today after school?" She asked as I walked out the door. "Yea!" I yelled as we walked out to my truck. My truck was a red ford 1995 pick up. It was not the best but I got to school with it. We got into it and started down the road toward Jake's House.

I started to listen to the Radio and Blake and Dylan started to tell me about all the girls in his class but then my cell phone started to ring. I looked at them and said "Be queit you guys." I looked on the caller ID and it was Jake. I answer it and said "Hello." "KC" a ruff voice said from the other end. Jake for sure. "Yea, Jake." I said as I drove down the road. "Look, I will meet you out by the road and I talk to Song and she said 'She was going to drive her brothers to school.'" He said. I paused and then said "Ok" Blake and Dlyan piled into the back of the truck as we pulled onto his road and saw a short young guy standing out by the road and I said "Need a ride." I called out to him. Jake was about five foot three and very strong. Jake was head of the school's book club and leader of the football team. Jake always worn a blue t-shirt and blue jeans with a blue ball cap. We started talking about the hottest girls in our class and then I turn toward Layette High School. I pulled up in my parking spot and we got our bags and started to into the building. I looked at Jake and said "This is our last year here and then I guess we will be separating after this year." Jake looked at me and said "Look KC this is our last year of High school and we are going to have fun with it." I looked at him and said "Yea! I guess we better make it the best last year for us." Jake smiled that grin at me and said "There is the KC I know." We walked toward the school.

When we walked in I saw our librarians Ms. Charm, Ms. Wind and Ms. Oak . They were a trio of good friend and Jake and me had knew them since freshmen year. "Hello KC and Jake." Ms. Charm said. Ms. Charm looked about forty may be in fifty. She was about tall as Jake but she knew us very well. "Hello Ms. Charm" I said. Jake echoed me and I said "Do you have our senior schedule?" "Yes, I do." She said. " Kristopher Carmen and Justin Storm. Here you two go." She handed them to us. We looked at them and it read:

1st Period: Coach JB. Study Hall

2nd Period: Ms. Smith Government

3rd Period: Ms. Ivy English 4

4th Period: Ms. Black Geometry

5th Period: Mr. King Middle East History 3

6th Period: Ms. Wind COOP

7th Period: Ms. Boyd Biology Two

I looked at Jake's schedule and it was the same except for 7th period. He had Ms. Jay for Mythology. I looked at him and said "Ok, Let get to class." We walked off to class. I looked around for Dlyan and Blake and they were gone into the class in a heart beat.

Later at lunch I was sitting around with Jake at the lunch table until Song came up. Song was looked about a year young then use but she was the same age. She had blonde hair with blue eyes and normally worn a blue shirt. "Hey, Jake" She said to him ,kissing him on the cheek and then she turn to me. She was a very bright person and knew how to make me laugh. "Hey KC." She made me smiled. She had been around since we where in Pre-K and we meet and our friendship grew and just two years ago they started dating each other. "So Song how was the ride with the brothers?" She looked at me with darted eyes and said "It was ok." I could tell she had trouble with them cause she hissed at me when Jake was not looking. Then the bell rang and I told Jake I would see in class and I walked to my truck to get my bible.

After school Blake and Dylan got a ride home on the bus while I went to work. I worked at Big Star in town and on my way there I looked to see a werck and I noticed a small blue bettle car. Police where around it already so I went to see what happen. The car had a busted window and it looked like the car was busted open. I looked in the front of the car and I saw a face that put horror on me. I grabbed my phone and dailed a number and said "Jake," my voice wobbly " Song is dead." Then there was a long slient and then Jake said "KC, don't bullshit with me." I took a breath and said "She is dead ,Jake, a gun shot to the head." I looked at her face blood covered it and it was everywhere. Jake hung up the phone and I called my boss to let him know I could not make it in today and I left for Jake's house.

When I arrived it looked normal and it was raining light at his house. I ran for the door and knock and out came Ms. Storm. She looked about thirty with brown hair and green eyes like Jake. She looked and said "KC," her voice full of wariness "are you sure you want to talk to Jake?" I looked at her and said "Yes, Ms. Storm." She opens the door and Jake looked at me and said "KC, I am going to ask you again and this time don't bullshit with me. What happen to Song?" I looked and said "She was killed by a shot in the head by a pistol and the police are looking for the person for the crime Jake I am sorry." Jake looked and tears running down his face. She can't be dead not." I looked and I knew my friend was in turmoil and I couldn't stop him from stop crying.


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