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Wandering Stars

Novel By: icebelly

As kids, KC Mist and his four friends have always wanted to save the world but now they are teenagers and lost the sights in it, but when KC runs into an elderly man and helps him. The man asks him if you could have one thing with you where young what would it have been and KC just said “When I was younger I always wanted to be a hero but that is not going to happen now.” The elderly man just looks and then mutters a few words and then left. What will happen to KC and his friends Read to find out?
(NOTE: These people are based on real people in real life but the story is fiction.
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"Can't get me." said Jake as I chased him down into the forest, "I am going to get you." I said as he ran toward Fort DJ. As we arrived at the base of the fort he looked at me and said "Beat you," I just laughed and said "Yea, but I am going to win next time." "KC," said a voice from the fort "We beat you." I looked up to see Lane and his adopted sister Brooke. "How did you beat us? I just sent the call out about six minutes ago." Lane just looked and said "I guess that shows how fast we are that are our favorite power." He said as Jake and I climbed up into Fort DJ ,Fort DJ, was a simple tree house but we believed it as our base to fight against the dark kids at school. "Where is Danielle?" I said "She is normally with you guys." "KC, you normally right behind me." said Danielle as she enter the fort. "That is everyone, how brought the Cookies?" Lane said as he took out his portable DVD player and the new DVDs of Super Squad. "I did," Jake said as he took out the Cookies and I said "I left the books at the house, sorry." "It is ok," said Danielle as she took out a bag of candy "How did you get that?" Jake said as he grabbed a piece of gum for it. "I got it for allowance this month," she said proudly as we dove into it and then Lane put in the new DVD and we watched it.

As it came to an end we watched the Super Squad take down the giant evil frog and then the leader said "Job well done team." Then the team just laughed and then it went to credits. "I am going to be like Captain Star." Lane said as he stood up like the leader. "Yeah," I said as I knock him over, "I am going to be Captain Star." He then jumped back on me and we started to wrestle. "Boys," Danielle said as she rolled her eyes and then I heard a voice from out side, "Time to come in for the Night KC." I ran out to the window and yelled back "Ok." I looked and said "Time to go guys." Lane looked and said "Ok see you tomorrow." I said my good byes and went home.

Ch. One

Ten Years later:

Buzz Buzz, I awoke by the annoying alarm clock by my bed. 5:30 it read, I groan and said to myself "Time for school," I said as I got up and walked over to my dresser and pulled out a new set of clothes to wear, green muscle shirt with light blue jeans with white socks. I pull all that on and when to look in the mirror. I saw a tall muscular teenage guy with dark brown hair and blazing red high lights. I just laugh and went to go get my iPhone from my room I looked to see one new message on it and of course it was from Jake. It read: Hey, KC meets me in the school parklot at school. So I just quickly typed in 'ok' and pulled it cover over it and went to the kitchen.

The smell of brunt toast and warm smoothing eggs enter my nose as I walked in. There stood my Mom standing over the oven just cooking. "Morning Mom," I said with a smile as I grabbed me a glass from the cabinet and then walking over to the fridge and then pouring me a glass of cold milk. Mom turn to me and said "Here is your eggs and toast sorry the toast is brunt." I just looked and said "It is ok," I said and sat my plate on the table. It had been three years since my father's death and my Mom has been raising me by herself so I didn't see any harm in her doing what she was doing. Mom looked like a normal mom except she had stunning blue eyes with light brown hair. I ate the meal and then said "Hey Mom, I got band practice after school today with the guys so I might not be in until dinner." She looked at me and said "Ok, but be careful ok, I have been watching the weather and it is going to read this afternoon so be careful." I just nodded and said "Done," I kissed her on the cheek and said "I will see you later." I dashed out of the house before she could say anything and down the stairs I went jumping into my truck. I then turn it on and started down the road.

As I drove it started to rain softly and then I look to see an elderly man walked down the road with a jacket. I came down to choose to help him so I pull up and said "Need a Ride?" He looked up at me and said "Why, that would be nice youngest." He said as he climbed into the truck. He looked at me and said "Thank you for helping me out." I just nodded and said "You are welcome, so where are you going?" He looked at me and said "I am going to Oakridge retirement home; I got to see my sick mother." His voice full of sorrow and then he looked and said "You seem like one of the teenagers that never had true fun anymore." I looked and said "What do you mean?" I pulled onto Oakridge road and then he said "When you were younger what was one wish you could have?" I looked and said "My friends and I have always wanted to be super heroes when we were younger and defending our home from the evil kids at school but I know that will never happen for us." I pulled in the parklot of the retirement home and then looked and said "Thank you," I looked and said "I hope your mother gets well." He looked back with eyes full of power and then he muttered something under his breath to soft of me to heard and then he said "Thank you." He closes the door and went into the home.

I arrived at school about five minutes later and there was Jake standing out by his truck with Lane, Brooke and Danielle. Jake was wearing his football shirt with blue jean shorts and Lane was wearing his black t-shirt and Brooke and Danielle were wearing there school volleyball t-shirts. Jake had short brown hair and wore lime green contacts all the time. "Hey KC," Jake said as I walked up to them, "Hey guys did you remember to bring the drums Brooke?" Brooke looked up at me and said "Yes, I did KC." Brooke had light tan skin with long black hair and warm black eyes. "Good, and Danielle, did you bring the laptop with you?" Danielle rolled her dark green eyes and said "Yeah, I never leave home with out it." Danielle and I both had the same hair style except her she had light brown hair with dim red high lights. "Ok, let's go see what Mr. Dees has for us in Biology to do." They nodded and then we walked into Oakridge High School.


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