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Immortal Love Will Always Be Dead(werewolves pov)

Novel By: IceBreaker

Adrianne is a seventeen year old girl who has to face complications in her life of being a werewolf. View table of contents...


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Author's Note: This is an extremely short chapter. I know. I'm sorry. Next chap will be longer and better. Comment

Chapter 13: Can't fight any longer

Adrianne's POV

I ran as fast as I could. I could smell everyone's scent. It got stronger the closer I got to the pack grounds. I knew that if I fight Todd, I'm fighting him out of hate and anger and to protect my unborn child. My feet kept moving. They didn't stop not even for a second. As I got closer, I could hear Todd talking. Good, no one has started fighting yet. But from what I could hear, anything was about to start. Anything.

When I got to the pack grounds, I stopped. Todd and Eric were face to face. Lana had a gun pointed to Todd and Kevin had a chain and a stake in his hand.

I slowly walked over and tried to pull Eric back. "Stop it, Adrianne." He said shrugging me off.

"This isn't your fight." I said. Eric glared at me. "I thought I told you not to come here."

"Eric……this isn't your fight." I said again. And at that moment, everything happened so quickly. Todd suddenly moved from his spot and was holding Lana down by her throat. She gagged for air. And before me and Eric had time to react, Todd twisted her hand so she was pointing the gun at herself self and he made her pull the trigger.

Lana had a huge bloody hole in her eye and blood spilled out. Eric and Kevin ran over at the same time and jumped on Todd. Todd threw Eric seven feet in the air. Kevin wrapped the silver chain against Todd's neck and smoke rose off of his body. Todd screamed in pain and then pushed Kevin back onto the ground. I ran over and went for the gun that was still in Lana's hand. Todd grabbed the chain and threw it off of him and he went over and grabbed the gun first from Lana and aimed it at me. I stopped running and stayed where I was. He glared at me and then smiled. "You won't win, Adrianne. My son will soon be born and you will soon be dead afterwards. Or I could just kill you now and find someone with a stronger bloodline than you but….I don't think there is another person or family with your kind of bloodline." He said.

"I know. So you can't kill me." I whispered. He nodded. "But I can still hurt you." He turned the gun to Eric and pulled the trigger. I don't know where the bullet hit. I didn't even think. I immediately ran over and dropped down to my knees and grabbed his face. Eric was breathing hard. "Eric, are you okay?" I asked. He slowly nodded. I looked down and saw that the bullet hit his chest. But it was quickly healing.

I smiled and kissed him before standing up and turning to Todd. I glared at him. Kevin threw a stake at me. I caught it and continued glaring at Todd. "Come and get me sweetie." Todd teased. Eric slowly got to his feet and got down on all fours. He was about to shift. Distractions were all we needed. And Eric can distract him. Eric cried out as I heard his bones breaking and could hear his fur sprouting from his body. Todd looked back and forth between us all.

Between this time, I'm wondering where the rest of our wolf pack is. "I compelled them to stay away." Todd said. Eric was now in his wolf form and growling menacingly at Todd. He charged towards Todd and as Eric did that, Todd shot Eric's wolf in the chest again and Eric fell to the ground. But he couldn't shoot me down if I changed. And if I changed, I would lose the baby. I didn't know what to do. Kevin wanted to shift. I could feel it. I walked over to Todd. Kevin went to help Eric up. I stood now face to face with Todd. He looked me dead in my eyes. "You can't kill me." He whispered.

"Watch me." I said back. I lifted the stake that was still in my hand and he grabbed it and twisted it around to me. He was way stronger than me. The point of the stake was now in my shoulder causing me to bleed. Kevin suddenly was behind Todd. Todd didn't notice though. Kevin had the chain wrapped in both of his hands. He was about to wrap it around Todd's neck again.

Todd elbowed him back and grabbed the stake from me and…………I felt it. I looked down and saw the stake sticking out of my stomach. Pools of blood erupted out of me as I dropped down to the ground. My eyes closed and the darkness took over my body.


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