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Immortal Love Will Always Be Dead(werewolves pov)

Novel By: IceBreaker

Adrianne is a seventeen year old girl who has to face complications in her life of being a werewolf. View table of contents...


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Sorry for any spelling errors

Chapter 2: Your thoughts say differently

Eric's footsteps were still following me. I sighed in frustration. "Admit it, Adrianne. If my pack decided to leave one day, you'd be heartbroken." I scoffed. Yeah, right. I would love for his pack to leave. They already take up too much goddamn space. "Actually I would be happy. My family hardly likes yours."

"But you like me." He said. So fucking cocky. That's the main thing I hated about him. "Who said I did?" I asked looking at him. He shrugged. "I can tell you do. You didn't pull away when I kissed you. You liked it." He grinned. I wanted to hit him. I fucking hated him.

"You don't know anything about me." I assured him. He grabbed my waist and made me turn to him. I pulled away from him. "I know everything. Your favorite color. Your favorite song. When you're angry, your eyes become darker. And you hate your family. That's basically what you're about." He shrugged. I pulled away from him. "All of that is irrelevant. I'm sick of having to deal with this. I'm leaving and I don't want you to follow me." I left him behind as I came back to my pack. My heart was beating fast. My pack came into view and I frowned as I saw my mother. Her eyes looked into mine and I glanced away. I and my mother haven't been getting along. Ever since I finally phased four years ago. It took me thirteen years to phase which is quite late for most werewolves. Four years ago my dad got attacked by a vampire. He got killed and I had to watch.

I got so angry that night that I phased right there in the house. That night was scary and confusing. But it was in the past. My brother, Kevin walked up to me. "Did you catch him?" He asked. I looked at him confused. "Who?"

"The vampire." He answered. I shook my head. "He's still wandering around like a little bitch." I said. Kevin chuckled. "Don't worry about him. He won't get near the pack." He patted my shoulder and then growled. His head suddenly turned to the woods. I turned my attention to where he was looking. Eric was walking out of the woods towards us. "Oh, calm down." I said to Kevin. His growls deepened. I rolled my eyes and walked away from him. I didn't want to get in the middle of their fighting. A hand suddenly grabbed me. I turned to see Eric. "Would you stop walking and talk to me?" He asked. "No. Stop talking and walk away from me." Eric led me away from my pack and back into the woods. I sighed. "I know that all you want to do is get me alone so that you can take advantage of me." I said. He led me to the lake. "Take your clothes off and get into the lake." Was he serious? "No." He let go of my arm and unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down. I looked away from his naked figure. His gorgeous naked figure.

"Come swim with me." He said. I shook my head and looked up at the moon. I felt his hands force my shorts down. I looked down at him shocked. My shorts were down at my ankles and I reluctantly stepped out of them. He stood up straight and then grabbed my shirt. "I can do it myself." I snapped at him. He smirked. I sighed and then lifted my shirt up over my head and threw it down on the ground. Eric stared at my figure and smiled. His hands brushed my hair out of my face. I pushed his arm away. "Keep your hands to yourself." I said turning and walking towards the lake. "That's a large request, Dri." I turned to him. Anger was burning in my muscles. This fucker gave me a nickname? "I'm not yours. You call me by my name." I said. He held his hands up as if he was surrendering. I walked in and put my feet in the water. It was a warm temperature. Eric grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers together. I looked at him and he didn't have that normal cocky smile on his face. There was something else in his hazel eyes. Love.

Resist him, Adrianne. Resist him. I turned to him and grabbed his hair. His lips touched mine instantly. He tasted like…..cinnamon and strawberries too. It was intoxicating. His hands slid up my body. His hands unsnapped my black bra. I gasped when the straps slid down my shoulders. I stepped away from him and folded my arms over my chest to hide my breast. Eric grabbed both of my arms and pulled them apart. I was a little embarrassed. Nobody except for me has ever seen my breast. Eric smiled and leaned his head down. His tongue touched my nipple. I gasped. Chills ran down my back. I closed my eyes and sighed. But my breaths were shaky. It felt so good. But this was wrong. I could feel regret approaching. I will not let Eric take my innocence. His head snapped up. "Why not? You want me to." He said. My jaw dropped. A wolf couldn't hear another were unless they were in love with each other. I gasped. But……I don't love him. I mean I think I don't. "You know what this means." He whispered. I shook my head. "No. No. I don't love you." I said as I turned at walked into the lake. I swam at the deep part. He was right behind me. "Why don't you just admit it? You do have feelings for me. And don't say you don't because I can read your thoughts and you know that can only happen if two wolves are sharing love."

I swam away and after a few minute, I looked back and Eric was nowhere to be found. I suddenly felt hand grab my ankles and pull me down. The water was dark blue and I came face to face with Eric. He pulled me over to him and pulled me tight against his body. I pushed him away from him and got back up to the surface. I let out a heavy breath and wiped water from my eyes. I felt my panties being pulled down. I kicked him but I missed every time. He suddenly came to the surface and smiled at me. "Where are my underwear?" I asked. He shrugged. This is why I don't love him. He's so annoying. "No I'm not. You love me." I glared at him. "Stop reading my thoughts!" I growled. He just laughed and swam around me in circles. "Make me." He challenged. I swam over to him and stared into his eyes. "No. You make me sick. Just looking at you." I said he smiled because deep down inside, he knew it was bullshit. And for some reason, even I knew it. 'You can hear my thoughts, can't you, Dri? That means you love me.' My head hurted. I could feel him in my mind. "Ow! Get out of my head!" I yelled. He smiled and grabbed my waist and pressed his erection against me. A surprising heat was burning inside of me. Then I realized we were both naked still. "Oh! Get away from me." I said pulling back.

I swam back to the woods and got out of the water. Eric grabbed my arm and turned me and kissed me. I tried pushing him away at first but he was stronger and he managed to get me down to the ground. My eyes were closed as his lips were on mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck. I felt his cock against my stomach and I instantly got scared. I pushed his shoulders. "No. Get off me." I moaned as he kissed my neck. He held my hands drown to the ground and continued using his mouth to explore my body. I closed my eyes as his lips landed back on mine. "Don't tell me to stop." He said against my lips. I fucking hated him but……….I wanted him. So bad. Eric pulled back and chuckled. His hands brushed over my womanhood. I shivered from his touch. "No. Eric. You have to stop." I said trying to push him off of me. "Why?" He asked. "Because I don't want to be the mother of three cubs at my age." I said. Eric smiled. "We don't have to be in our human form to have sex, Dri." He reminded me. Right. Of course he was right. Two werewolf lovers have to be in human form in order to conceive a cub. If they're in the wolf form, they wouldn't be able to make a child. Never understood the rules. "I don't want to be in wolf form during my first time, Eric." I said looking up at him." He smiled. "I love your innocence, Dri. That's what attracted me to you. The fact that you haven't experienced anything sexual and I will be the first to be able to rock your world." I rolled my eyes.

The cockiness was back. "There are plenty of other wolves here that I'd rather them take my virginity." I said. Eric snickered. "Like who?" He asked. Still pinning my hands down. "Like your brother." I snapped at him. His smile disappeared. He knew his brother, Kier, had a thing for me and it pissed him off. Eric got up off of me and sighed as he walked into the woods. I got up suddenly missing the warmth of his body on mine. I followed him. Great, now I'm the follower. "You know I didn't mean it!" I said. He started running and I knew what it meant. I ran after him. Eric's body shook and black and golden fur sprouted from his body as he got on all fours. He didn't stop running as he was fully in wolf form. I sighed as he ran away. I'll never be able to catch up with him in human speed. I thought of something. Anything that pissed me off. My dad's murderer. My eyes grew dark and crimson again. I got down on all fours as the familiar burn rippled through my body. I let out a scream as the fur ripped out of my skin. I closed my eyes and opened them back as I was in my wolf form. In this form, everything in the woods was brighter and sharper. I dug my claws into the earth and took off running after Eric.


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