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Immortal Love Will Always Be Dead(werewolves pov)

Novel By: IceBreaker

Adrianne is a seventeen year old girl who has to face complications in her life of being a werewolf. View table of contents...


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Chapter 3:You're Mine....Only Mine

I ran after Eric. His running wasn't faster than mine. There was no way. I pounced on him and he growled in anger. I growled back at him. I crawled off of him and stared into his emerald eyes. He bared his teeth at me and before I knew it, he was on top of me. I was laid down flat on the ground. I felt his hot body on mine. He positioned himself above me and I felt his huge member at my entrance. He was about to take me from behind? In wolf form? Was he crazy? I phased back into my human form and rolled over on my back. Eric was still in his wolf form and was still on top of me. His head leaned down so it was inches from my face. I was so scared. I gulped. His teeth were sharp and his eyes were piercing green. "I'm sorry for what I said." I said in a shaky tone. "I didn't mean it. I only want you." I admitted. Did I just say that? Oh god. Eric phased back. His human form naked and on top of my body. He didn't speak. He just crushed his lips against mine. His hand traveled all over my body. Over my breast down to my womanhood. Down to my thighs. "I have to take you. Please let me take you right now." Eric breathed against my lips. I wanted him too. I wanted it so bad but what would Lana say? She was the Alpha and if she didn't want me near her brother, I was supposed to stay away. But oh well. "Okay." I answered. Eric looked at me with a shocked expression on his face. "Really?" He asked. I nodded yes to him. His lips nipped at my bottom lip and sucked it and bit it. All of this made me wetter and wetter. A pleasurable heat was rising out of my body. I wanted him to take me. I wanted it so bad. He kissed my neck and I felt his tongue lick it sending a shot of heat down 'there'. I let out a low moan as he sucked my breast and sucked at my nipple. My fingers gripped his hair. He left kisses from my nipple, up to my chest and to my neck. He smelled like fresh grass and strawberries. He pulled back to look at me. "This is going to hurt a little. You may even start bleeding." I nodded. I was okay with that, I just needed him inside of me. I never yearned for someone so much.

His eyes stared into mine and I suddenly felt something enter a little. I stiffened. "Relax." He whispered softly to me. I let out a shaky breath and looked up into his hazel eyes. He pushed in a little more and I felt him force through something. I gasped. I felt a stinging pain. I wanted him to stop but at the same time….I really didn't. I whimpered as tears rolled out of my eyes. "I'm sorry baby." He whispered. He brought his lips to mine. He didn't move. I guess he was waiting until I could adjust to his size. The pain wasn't fading at first. "Go ahead." I said against his lips. He sucked in a breath and pulled out slowly. He softly pushed back in. I dug my nails into his back and cried. "Want me to stop?" He asked. I shook my head. I wanted this and if he'd stop now, I would probably die. His strokes were painful at first but then the pain started to fade slowly. His eyes never left mine. That's when I realized that maybe I did really love him.

How couldn't I? His lips went back to mine and he thrusted in and out slowly. I gasped and moaned unable to hold it in. Fuck. It felt so good. I gripped his hair with my fingers. I could hear his moans in my ear as he slowly but deeply pushes in and out of me. My nails dug into his back drawing blood. 'I love you. I love you. I love you.' I told him in my mind. Because I was too embarrassed to say it out loud. 'I love you, too. You're mine, Dri. You're mine now.' He growled in his mind. My heart pounded fast. I felt something. Almost like a tickling feeling inside of me. The feeling became more intense and so……..unbelievable. My moans were cries now. 'Cum with me, Dri.' He moaned. I threw my head back and gripped his ass. "Oh! Oh!" I cried. Oh my god. My whole body shook with pleasure and I never felt anything so……….amazing. I let out another scream of ecstasy. Eric was panting and he grunted as he squirted inside of me. He held my arms down onto the ground and he was breathing hard into my neck. I looked up at the dark sky. I tried to calm my breaths down but it was taking a while. 'You're mine.' He growled into his mind. I closed my eyes. I was and am his and I actually didn't mind it.

Eric slowly got off of me and rolled onto his back beside me. He looked just as dazed as I was. "You're bleeding." He said. I nodded and turned my head to look at him. "So…..you were my first." I said. I knew it was a weird conversation to have afterwards but I didn't know what else to say. "Yes." He breathed. 'Your first and your last and your only.' He said in his mind.

I looked at him. He turned on his side and pulled my waist against his body. "I love you." He whispered in my ear. 'You're never going to get me to say it out loud, Eric.' He sighed and pressed his lips against mine. He smelled so good.

'I want you to ride me'

'Who said we were ever going to have sex again?'

'I did.' He suddenly rolled me on top of him. I looked down at him in shock. He smiled and rubbed his cock against my entrance. A low growl escaped out of my mouth.

'I'm sore.'

'You're a Were. You'll heal soon.' I leaned down and kissed him. This kiss wasn't filled with Lust. It was 100% Love. I suddenly heard footsteps and smelled the scent of another wolf. But I ignored it. Could have been a random wolf passing through. Damn Weres. But then I recognized the scent of coconuts and vanilla. It was Lana. Eric's sister and Alpha of the pack. Before I had the chance to get off of Eric, she saw us. I gasped and got off of him. Eric glared at Lana. "What do you want?" He asked. Lana's dark long hair stopped at her lower back. Her eyes were dark brown and her skin was a little darker than ivory. She was beautiful but I hated her so much.

"We're all going out to hunt. And we need you two." She said. I wonder what she was telling him in her mind. Family members can automatically hear each other's thoughts. I'm sure she was saying something bad about me. "What exactly are we hunting?" I asked. Lana didn't even look at me. She kept her eyes on Eric. "That damn vampire that keeps coming on our land. We figure that if more wolves were helping us chase it, then we might catch it this time. We wouldn't want any more wolves killed by vamps like your daddy was." Lana looked at me when she said 'daddy.' My eyes watered. That was like a kick in the stomach that would cause internal bleeding. She turned around and disappeared back into the woods. Eric looked at me and sighed. He grabbed my body hugged me tightly. "Don't worry about Lana. She's………I don't know. She's just Lana." I nodded and pulled back from him. He wiped the tears that rolled down my cheeks. "Come on," I grabbed his hand. "We have to go catch that goddamn vampire before he kills one of us." We grabbed our clothes and pulled them on. Eric, once again, intertwined our fingers together as we walked through the woods to get back to our pack.

We all had our land. Us wolves had a certain part of land. Vampires have a certain part of land and the Werepanthers and Shape shifters had a part of land. It was illegal to cross it. Well as far as the supernatural rules go. But the only problem my pack has ever had was with the vampires. The beautiful, yet dangerous, cold, heartless vampires who invaded our land and was only able to because they was too fast for us to catch.

Me and Eric walked in silence throughout the woods. "So…I was just thinking about something." He said. If I wasn't lost in my own thoughts, I could have heard what he was thinking. "What?" I asked. He scratched the back of his head with his other hand and I stopped walking and looked at him. "If you say something stupid that's going to piss me off, I suggest you don't say it." I warned him. He shook his head. "No. It's just……I…um. I came in you." He said. I nodded. I was smiling inside because of the amazing memory. "And?" I asked. "And you could easily be pregnant right now." Those words echoed in my head. Why the hell wasn't I thinking about that? Oh my god. I'm so stupid! My mother did always tell me that unprotected sex had its consequences. "I….didn't even think about that." I whispered looking down at the ground. He lifted my chin with his finger and stared into my eyes. "But would having my baby be so bad?" He breathed. No. It wouldn't. "I don't know." I said out loud. He chuckled. "You just said it wouldn't be bad in your mind." I sighed. "You know, just because we have…….feelings for each other don't mean I want you to read my mind 24/7."

Eric shrugged and grabbed my hand again. "Why don't you read my thoughts? They're not that bad." He assured me. "I don't want to. When I hear them, it's not on purpose." He looked at me and smiled.

' I want to throw you down on the floor and fuck you so hard until I make you scream.' I rolled my eyes. Of course that's what I wanted to happen, but we had something more important to do. As we got back to our area where our family stayed, we saw most of them in wolf form. Kevin walked near me and Eric. He was in his wolf form. Silver and white mixed in with black fur. I smiled at him and patted his head. He swung his head to look behind him and then ran off as he heard a howl come from Lana as she turned into a black wolf. "She's ready." Eric said pulling his pants down. I pulled my shirt over my head once again and from my peripheral vision, I caught Eric staring. I shook my head. Horny teenage boy. Eric chuckled and pulled his boxers off next. I tried not to look. But it was hard.

I pulled my shorts off next and then my underwear. Eric closed his eyes and growled as he got on all fours. A violent growl escaped from his mouth as I heard the ripping sound coming from his body. His beautiful gold and black fur sprouted out and covered his body and his eyes turned emerald again. I unsnapped my bra looked at Eric's wolf. His eyes were on my body.

'Stop looking at me.'

'It's hard to.' He replied in his head.

I shook my head and closed my eyes and relaxed. Anger. Think of something that pisses me off. Ummmm. That goddamn vampire that keeps coming on our land. I growled as I felt the burning feeling again. My back burned violently. My eyes watered as I fell onto the ground on all fours and panted as I felt my fur come out of my body. When the pain stopped and I was my gray and black wolf, I nuzzled Eric's neck. He growled. I smiled on the inside.

'Come on. I read Lana's thoughts; she wants us to go north.' Eric said as he shot away from me through the woods.

I followed him. Thank god he was her brother. She wasn't a part of my family and I damn sure didn't love her so If I couldn't read her thoughts, I wouldn't know where to go. The woods were much brighter as me and Eric ran through it. I smelled the Vampire's scent. We were close to it. There was more than one vampire. I smelled five. I gasped on the inside. Oh god. We couldn't take five vampires. For once, I needed to know Eric's thoughts.

'Oh shit. I smell six vampires. What the hell? Did Lana send us this way on purpose? I have to protect Adrianne. No matter what. Fuck this. Vampires aren't shit. I can take them.'

Oh no. Eric was about to get himself killed…..for me.


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