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Immortal Love Will Always Be Dead(werewolves pov)

Novel By: IceBreaker

Adrianne is a seventeen year old girl who has to face complications in her life of being a werewolf. View table of contents...


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Chapter 7: Can't be trusted

I felt large hands rubbing my back slowly back and forth. My eyes opened and I noticed that I was still laying on top of Eric. I turned my head slowly to the other side. "Are you woke, baby?"
"Yeah." I whispered. He grabbed some pieces of my hair and played with them in between his fingers.
"I had the weirdest dream." He said. I turned my head again and rested my arm on his chest and rested my chin on my arm. "About?"
He took a deep breath. "I don't know....it was more like a nightmare." My eyebrows pulled together. Eric looked like he was in pain. "What happened?" He turned his head so he wasn't looking me in my eyes. He licked his lips and then closed his eyes. "You......you were laying down on your bed. I believe you were sleeping. It's like I was there but I wasn't. Anyway, your door opened and then it shut. Everything was dark at first until somebody placed their hand over your mouth. You screamed and screamed and whoever it was that snuck into your room....they........"
"They what?" I asked. I had a feeling that I knew what he was about to say. He sat up with me still on him. His lips attacked mine right away and I was suddenly down in the ground with him on top of me. "I love you and you belong to me. Do I make myself clear?" I nodded and forced his lips back down to mine. "Want a quickie before we have to go back?" He asked against my lips.
"Yes." I responded. Without any hesitation, he was inside of me. It was quick,dirty and so damn good. I didn't want to moan too loud. Werewolves have good ears. I could hear Eric's moans in my ear. And they turned me on. I was seconds from coming. Just a few more thrusts and I will be there.
"Fuck. Eric." I moaned. I felt his cum filling my body and he moaned while kissing my lips. I moaned in ecstacy as I came also. Eric continued kissing me agressively but blissfully. He held me tight in his arms.
"Well that was definitely entertaining." Said a voice. Eric immediatley got off of me. and I looked up to see Todd leaning against a tree with his hands in his pocket and a smirk on his face as he looked down at me and Eric.
"Well it wasn't a show for your benefit." Eric said holding me close again.
"Still entertaining." He said looking up at the sky. Me and Eric got up. But Eric made sure I stood behind him. I had a feeling that he didn't want Todd to see me because I was naked. "What are you doing out here anyway?" Eric asked.
"I was coming out for a run and to hunt." I grabbed my clothes and slipped them back on and threw Eric his clothes. "Hunting what?" I asked. I never saw Todd eat. So it made me curious about what he eats. "Just....hunting." He said as if it wasn't a big deal.
Eric pulled his clothes on and grabbed my hand. "Well sorry that we couldn't do an encore for you but we have better things to do." Eric said as he led me away. I look back at Todd who was still smiling at me. I turned back and Eric placed an arm around my waist.
When we got back to my cottage, Kevin was sitting on my couch talking on the phone. I rolled my eyes.
Doesn't he have anything better to do? Me and Eric walked pass him and went into the bathroom and took a shower. We had another quickie in there and got out. We laid under the covers naked and just began talking.
"So what are we going to do?" He suddenly asked. I looked over to him. "About what?" His eyes slowly met mine. "This Todd King guy. What are we going to do?" I sat up on my elbow. "Why would we do anything? He's a good person and he makes Lana happy."
Eric shook his head. "I don't trust him and have you smelled his scent? Werewolves don't smell like that."
"Yeah I noticed the wolf scent was slightly off but maybe he's just a different wolf. One that we never knew existed." I shrugged.
"Yeah....maybe." He responded with a low sigh. I reached over and turned his face to mine and kissed his lips. It was a short but meaningful kiss. When I pulled back, he smiled. "We fucked twice today."
"And?" I asked straddling him.
"And, twice is not enough." He said. I smiled as I leaned down and kissed him.
Lana's Pov
I smiled as Todd once again was at my door. I couldn't help but blush everytime I saw him. "May I come in?" He asked. I nodded and moved out of the way as he came in. His scent was different somwhow. Werewolves have three scents tops but he had more than three. He smelled good but unusual. I didn't understand it. "Where's your parents?"
"My dad died a while ago and my mom is out somewhere." I said. Todd had a big smile on his face as he sat on the couch. I sat down on the chair across from him and cross my legs.
"Can I confess something to you?" He asked. I nodded.
"You are one of the most beautiful people I've ever known." He said. I blushed. I wasn't use to a guy making my heart jump excitedly. "Really?" I asked. He smiled and nodded.
"Well same to you." He ran his fingers through his hair and stared me in my eyes. "Lana, how long has it been since you last got fucked?" He asked. My blushing got deeper. I mean, any asshole ask me that and I'd bite his head off but with Todd saying that to me, it turned me on.
"A while." I admitted. It has been a while. When you have alpha duties and to keep everyone in control at all times, you don't exactly have time for romance. "How about, we go to your bedroom?" He asked. My smile slowly disappeared. "No, Todd. We just met. I'm sorry but....no." I said. Todd didn't look disappointed. He just kept the smile on his face. He got up and grabbed my hand. He looked deeply into my eyes and something happened. I felt dizzy. Almost drunk. I couldn't tear my gaze from him almost as if he was keeping my eyes locked on his. I suddenly wanted him. I needed him bad. He kissed me forcifully and grabbed bunches of my hair as his tongue danced with mine. He picked me up and forced me onto the couch where he got on top of me and pinned my wrist to the couch. "Do you love me?" He asked. I couldn't answer. It was a sudden question that I was at lost for words. He looked deeply into my eyes which gave me that drunk feeling again. "Do.You.Love.Me?" My heart beat quickened and I smiled and nodded. I did. I do. I loved Todd and I refuse to hold it in any longer.
"Do you love me?" I asked. He didn't answer. He just continued kissing me which as much agression. So much agression, it was painful and rough. I was suddenly being thrown onto my bed and I felt my shirt disappearing. Next were my pants. I looked up to see his light eyes were now dark with lust and danger. He rips my bra off and then my panties. I felt both scared and excited about how rough Todd was being. He suddenly turned me on my stomach. How the hell was he moving so fast? He placed his weight on me and I could feel him pulling his pants down and then his boxers. He was breathing hard in my ear and he let out a low moan as he entered inside of my pussy. His cock was huge. Too huge. I gripped the covers in my hands as I let out both moans of pleasure and whimpers of pain.
"Am I hurting you?" He breathed in my ear. "No." I lied. He pushed in deeper as if he wanted to hurt me. He placed his fingers in my hair and pulled hard. I gasped as my head jerked back. He began to kiss my neck and his teeth began nibbling my skin. His teeth were sharp. "You smell delicious." He whispered as he kept fucking me.
He placed his hands on my wrists and fucked me harder. He was almost hurting me but for some reason......it felt good. I was nearing my orgasm. "Cum, Lana." He whispered as his lips were against my neck. Seconds before I felt one of the best orgasms I've ever had, I felt a sharp pain in my neck. I gasped and cried out in pain. Todd was.......biting my neck. I tried to push him off of me but he was stronger and continued to hold me down as my conciousness slipped away.
Adrianne's POV
The sun was going down soon. Eric went back home and I just went outside for a run. I was carrying a pair of pants and a t-shirt in my mouth. I can once again feel the adrenaline and it relaxed me. But that relaxation disappeared as I smelt the scent of a vampire. I slowed down my running and growled. I knew that scent quite well. That same goddamn vampire that's always coming around. I growled as I saw him sitting on his knees feeding from a girl that was laying against his chest. His eyes were closed and blood was around his mouth. The girl wasn't screaming in pain but moaning in pleasure. I must be in the vampire part of the land.
It's hard to not run fast and far when it relaxes you. The girl looked at me wide eyes and reached back to grab the vampire's dark hair.
"What?" He growled as he looked down at her. The girl pointed to me. The vampire looked up and smiled as he saw me. He pushed her off of him. I wanted to run back but....i knew the vampire would chase me and I didn't want him near The Pack. So I changed back into human form and put my clothes back on. The vampire looked down at the girl he was feeding from. "Angel, go wait for me at Aries's house. I'll be there when....I'm done here." He didn't leave my eyes for a second. The girl, Angel, got up and went deep into the woods until I couldn't see her anymore.
"Isn't this a lovely surprise?" He asked. I rolled my eyes. "I didn't come here for a purpose. I must have ran too far." I said. His eyes roamed over my body. "Still good to see you here. It's fun when you chase me."
"Yeah, well to me, it's.....annoying." I stopped because I suddenly smelled something. Something that smelled familiar on the vampire. I slowly walked towards him and stopped.
"You.....you smell like someone I know." I said.
"Uh....thank you?"
"No. I mean, there's this werewolf that just joined our pack and he smells slightly like how you smell."
"A werewolf that smells like a vampire? Are you sure its a werewolf?"
I nodded. "Yeah, he turned into a white wolf right in front of me and he's fast. Beyond fast. And his eyes were changing colors and............"
The vampire's eyes grew big. "He's a hybrid."


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