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Immortal Love Will Always Be Dead(werewolves pov)

By: IceBreaker

Chapter 1, Adrianne is a seventeen year old girl who has to face complications in her life of being a werewolf.

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His fangs slid out of his gums and he growled at me. I gasped as he charged at me. Before I had the chance to scream, his body fell on top of mine. “Get off me!” I yelled. I was just as strong as him. I felt myself about to change. I growled back at him. His hands grabbed my neck and he squeezed. I felt the familiar burning feeling filling my body. My eyes turned a dark crimson. My inner wolf was coming out. I finally managed to push the vampire off of me. He flew across the field and got up the second he fell down. I got on all fours and screamed out. It felt like my body was ripping apart. The vampire smiled and came over to me again but not before my wolf ran to him. My mouth opened and my teeth sunk into his skin. He didn’t scream, he pushed me off. “Come here, doggy.” He teased and then ran off deeper into the woods. I ran after him. My claws dug into the earth and I snarled as his scent seeped into my nostrils. I felt nothing but anger. I growled at him and caught up with his fast speed that was until I was knocked out by something. I fell onto my stomach and instantly got up looking around. Another wolf-one I immediately knew the second I saw him was growling at me. I growled back at him and continued chasing after the vampire. I stopped when he ran out of the woods and ducked into the edge of the lake. I growled angry that I couldn’t catch him. The same vampire has been coming around my pack for months and he’s too fast for everyone. Even me and I’m the fastest wolf in my pack. The wolf came beside me and his emerald eyes stared into mine. I growled at him. Why was he following me? It’s his fault the goddamn vampire got away. I ran away and hid behind a tree where I phased back. My black hair hung down covering my breast. I stood up and walked until I found the bush where I placed my clothes before I phased. I slipped on my black shorts and black tank top. I almost never wore shoes. I was comfortable walking barefoot. I looked up at the moon. It was a half. I sighed and turned as Eric’s wolf stopped in front of me. His body shook and he let out a low dark growl and then transformed into his human form. He got up. His eyes turned back to hazel.

“Why the hell did you tackle me?” I asked trying to keep my eyes on his face. I’ve always wanted to fuck him and he always wanted to fuck me but it never happened and it never will. “You can’t go chasing after that vampire. He could’ve killed you, Adrianne.” He said. “I am not your concern.” I growled. He sighed and looked down at his feet. I closed my eyes. “Can you put some clothes on? It’ll be easier to look at you if I didn’t have to make sure my eyes don’t wander down to your cock.” I opened my eyes and Eric smirked. He slowly turned and grabbed some fabric from behind a tree. He slid a pair of black jeans on and looked back at me. “As I was saying, you don’t know what vampires are capable of. You have to be careful.” There was true concern in his voice but it hardly affected me. “Why do you care so much? You hate me.” I reminded him. He shook his head and sighed.

“You’re not the most likeable person in the world.” I shrugged. “Am I supposed to change my personality because one person doesn’t like my attitude?” I asked.

“I love your attitude. But the way you act towards your family is a different story.”

“Don’t even mention them to me.” I said as I turned and walked away. Eric followed me. The moon lit up the woods but it was still kind of dark. Because of my wolf, I could see in the dark.  “Why do you hate my family?” He asked. I laughed quietly to myself. “I don’t hate your family. I hardly hate you. It’s your goddamn sister that gets on my nerves. She feels that just because she’s alpha that she can tell me what to do.” Eric was quiet for a second. I heard his feet crunching down on the leaves so I knew he was still there. I looked over to him and his eyes met mine. “Well…..she can tell you want to do because she is alpha.” I rolled my eyes. Just the mention of her made me angry. Lana was the alpha of our pack. I and Eric’s family were two separate packs at first but when we all met each other, we became one pack. There were nine people in my pack and now….it was over thirty. “She’s such a bitch.” I commented. I suddenly felt my arm being grabbed tightly. I turned and looked at Eric in shock. “That’s enough! Stop talking about my sister like that.” I snatched my arm away and glared at him. He glared back at me. It wasn’t even anger we felt towards each other. It was Lust. But we rather not act on that. I began to walk away but I felt myself being pushed against a tree and Eric’s lips closed over mind. I gasped in shock. I was a virgin and this was new to me. But my fingers moved throughout his hair, gripping it tightly and then they slid over his chest. My body was pressed hard against the tree. His tongue explored my mouth. Every inch of it. Shivers ran down my body as his hands moved over my breast and then down to my waist and over my ass. A growling sound rose from his throat. He was getting turned on. I could feel it through his pants. I opened my eyes and pushed him away. “Don’t ever do that again.” I said clenching my teeth. Eric smiled. “Or what?” He asked. I pushed him again and started making my way back towards the pack. “Or what?” He asked again following me. I ignored him until he stepped in front of me. “Or I’ll cut off your dick and make you eat it.” I threatened. Eric smiled. “I’d like to see that.” He challenged. I sighed. Suddenly, Eric picked me up and slammed me onto the ground. My head hit the ground hard. “Ow!” I yelled. Eric climbed on top of me and held my hands down and looked at me. “I’m stronger than you. You can never hurt me.” He said. His eyes were excited. “Fuck you and your sister.” I couldn’t hurt him physically but I can hurt him emotionally. “Say it again and I’ll kiss you.” He smiled. I didn’t want that anymore. He leaned down. His hazel eyes turning back emerald. Our lips were inches apart. “I didn’t say it again.” I said looking up at him. He didn’t answer. His lips kissed mine. Small pecks at first and then he deepened the kiss. This was basically like lip rape. I didn’t want this. I bit his lip and he quickly sat up. A small amount of blood was trailing down his lip. He licked it away with his tongue and then smiled at me. “You got quite a bite. I like that.” He whispered. His voice turned me on and made me sick at the same time. “Get off of me before I call my brother to come here and kick your ass.” I said. My brother, Kevin, was taller than Eric and much stronger. Much older and faster. Eric was scared of him. I saw the immediate fear in his eyes. He got off of me and I got up and looked at him. “I’m still going to tell him about what you tried to do.”

“Oh please, Adrianne. You wanted it.” He said. I walked ahead of him and held my hand up and stuck up my middle finger as I continued walking away from him.

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