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Immortal love: Born to die

Novel By: IceBreaker

(Sequel to Imortal love will always be dead) Lucas Renee is a vampire werewolf hybrid. He meets a girl named SHade and is immediatley attracted to her. He soon finds out that she's the daughter of the leader of the vampire council who wants to kill him. View table of contents...


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Chapter 2: Lies

I shifted before I got back home. I liked being in my wolf form at times and sometimes it was even harder. The wolves' thoughts are much louder and clearer when I'm in my wolf form.

I jumped over a large branch that was embedded sideways into the earth. One thing I hated about being in wolf form was whenever I make the mistake and step on rocks. That shit hurts like hell.

Fuck! A sharp pain struck through my paw. Just stepped on one. When I got back to my home, Eric and mom were talking.

I dropped my clothes out of my mouth and then got back dressed.

I walked out to them and mom looked at me. "Hey, you left. Where'd you go? You didn't get any birthday cake and Kaiden got it all." She said smiling.

"I needed to hunt and be alone."

"You want to talk?" She asked. I sighed.

"Todd. I want to talk about Todd King." I said. Her face slowly turned to a frown. "Lucas, I told you about your dad."

"No. You told me that he loved me and he did some bad things. What bad things did he do exactly?" I asked. Her eyes darted to Eric who just looked down at the ground.

"Why do you want to know?"

"I do deserve to know don't I? I am his son after all." Adrianne stared at me and her eyebrows pulled together. "Baby,"

"Don't "baby" me. I'm not a fucking baby and I deserve to hear the truth. I am old enough." I said.

"Don't talk to your mom like that." Eric said glaring at me.

"Don't fucking talk to me like that! You're not my dad."

"You're right. I'm not your fucking dad. Your dad was an idiotic fuck bag with no life."

"You're a fuck bag." I muttered. Eric was now face to face with me. He was slightly taller than me. "I'm more of a father to you than Todd was. He would have turned you into a monster. Ruin you. He would have turned you into everything that he was. He would have made you into everything I know you're not. You have a bigger heart than he did."

"What made him so horrible? That's all I ask." I said. Eric turned to look at my mother who looked like she was in tears.

"He…..he just did…"

"Don't give me that shit. I want the truth. For once…..I want the fucking truth. You've been lying to me the day I was born. I deserve to know everything about him."

"We'll talk about this later." Eric said. I stared at him as he grabbed my mom's hand and led her away into the house. I balled my fist up and closed my eyes. Without noticing, I felt a quick rush and I was on top of the roof. I opened my eyes and sat on the edge.

I just don't understand. What made Todd so horrible?

"Hey stranger."

I looked down to see Shade's purple eyes looking back up at me. "What the hell are you doing here?" I asked. She smiled and jumped onto the ledge and hopped onto the roof next to me. She sat and scooted close to me. I stared at her. "Why…..are you here?" I asked.

"I heard the fight with you and your stepfather. Sounded pretty messed up." She said shrugging.

"What were you doing? Eavesdropping?" I asked.

She blushed. "I was bored so I was just wandering in the woods. Then I heard the argument so I thought I'd just…….see what was going on."

"Not much since the people who claim they love me takes enjoyment in lying to me."

"What are they lying about?" She asked staring me in my eyes.

"My dad. His name was Todd King. They told me he did some bad things but they won't tell me what."

"Maybe to protect you." She suggested. I shrugged. "I don't fucking know. I would just like to know something other than the bullshit they've been telling me." I felt my heart beating fast.

"Wow." Shade whispered. I looked to her. She was smirking. "Your eyes just turned white. What's that about?" She asked.

"I don't know. Just something that's always happened since I was a baby. Too weird?" I asked.

Shade smiled and shook her head. "No…its sexy."

"Sexy?" I asked with a smirk on my face. Shade blushed and then nodded. I smiled and shook my head. "You are one weird girl, Shade." I said.

She bit her lip and nodded. "I know."

We stared at each other for a while. I actually wanted to kiss her. But I didn't know if she wanted it. Before I can lean in, she leaned and softly pressed her lips against mine. Only for a second. She pulled away and her purple eyes looked into mine. "I'm sorry." She whispered. I shook my head. "No….it's….fine." I said as I leaned in again and her fingers curved in my hair as I kissed her harder. My fingers curved in her black silky hair. She opened her mouth inviting my tongue in. She moaned and pulled away a little. "You fed recently haven't you?" She asked against my lips.

I nodded. "How did you know?" I asked.

"I can taste the blood." She whispered and then kissed my jawline and then my lips again. I don't know what it was about Shade. I think I wanted her.

"Brother." Said a voice. Me and Shade both looked down. Aeryn was smirking up at me. I sighed and looked at Shade. She looked back at me. "I'll see you tomorrow, Lucas." She whispered. She placed a kiss on my lips and then jumped down to the ground with a soft thud. "Hi." She said to Aeryn. Aeryn waved back to her. Shade glanced at me before going back into the woods. I licked my lips and could still taste her.

"She yours?"

"What? Like my mate? No. I just met her an hour or two ago."

"You like her?" He asked.

"I was just kissing her so…..obviously." I said as I jumped down.

"Lucas, you're grown. You have to pick someone soon." I stared at him.

"Am I not half vampire? Am I going to die anytime soon?" I asked.

Aeryn smirked. "No. But I have to admit, she's a pretty little thing. Someone else might try to get her."

I shrugged. "If they do then they do. I don't even know is she's the One."

"How did you feel when you were around her?"

"Come on, Aeryn, I'm not going to talk about it. She's not my mate. She's a vampire."

"So? You're a vampire too."

"But my wolf DNA overshadows the vampire side."

"Wolves can be with vampires. I…..if you tell anyone this, I'll kill you." Aeryn said staring at me. I nodded. He looked behind him. "I used to like your mom." He whispered.

"What? She's like your family, kind of."

"Used to, Lucas. Before our dad came along and procreated you. She used to chase me through the woods whenever I came onto this side of land. It was fun. It was like playing tag. It was actually sexy."

"Come on Aeryn, she's my mom. She's married with kids." I reminded him.

"Right and still 17 and hot."

"I am walking away from this conversation." I said turning around.

"Alright, alright I'm sorry. Enough about your mom."

"Thank you. Jesus." I ran my fingers through my hair and sighed.

"I need to go find Angel. I'm fucking thirsty. I'll talk to you later." Aeryn said.

"Bye." I said as he ran past the trees. It would have been blurry to human eyes but my eyes followed his speed.

And now I was left alone.

That's how it is. With what I am, I was alone. I was the only of my kind left. I've been alone my whole damn life.


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