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That Taste of Blood: The blood and the moon: Book 2

By: IceBreaker

Chapter 1, Six months after Christian left, Leena finds herself in another mess between her and a fued of werewolves after she meets one. Meanwhile, since the discovery of vampires, they become a target for a new society of vampire hunters.



There have been reports on the massacre that happened in Tankerton, Illinois six months ago.

Apparently, on October 5, 2012, there was a vampire threesome that slaughtered the whole town leaving no known survivors behind except for three.

No one knows of the three vampires or their name, due to their disappearance, cannot be identified.

The town of Tankerton no longer holds society for it is now a ghost town. It’s recently been discovered world wide that vampires indeed do exist and are now among us in our presence.

The little town kept it a secret until the secret was set off world wide and proof have been unleashed by three people. A woman, named Leena Phillips. Her brother, Nicolas Phillips, and a vampire himself by the name of Remy.

They will not state the names of the vampires that slaughtered the town nor will they state the reason why or where the vampire threesome is now.

Towns are rather fearful of a local encounter and the government is still in discussion of what to do about the town’s recent discovery.


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