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Gazers (part 7.)

Novel By: Iggysgirl

Raids pic. Lexs head was hit, and somethings going wrong... View table of contents...



Submitted:Aug 19, 2008    Reads: 174    Comments: 13    Likes: 7   

I groaned. I truly, completely felt like crap. My mouth tasted horrible, I couldn't talk, much less open my eyes, plus someone was carrying me, and I felt like I was going to fall. Was Lex holding me...? No... Lex had a stronger, more muscular build... Oh. Raid. "Phoenix, you awake?" It was Plum. All I could dowas make an odd mumbling noise. Raid jumped, then sat me down. "She's okay?" I heard Lex ask. He sounded relieved. I finally got myself to open my eyes. Raid was looking at the sky, arms crossed, Plum was grinning, and Lex had a super worried expression. He was also leaning on a little blonde kid. "Oh, Phoenix!" Plum hugged me. "Hi Plum, Raid." My voice sounded horrible, all scratchy and rough. "Hey." Lex muttered, looking away. He was acting odd, since could recall him saying her hated me. "Um, hi…. Lex." 'Hello…. Phoenix." The blonde child said. "Yah, um, who are you?" It hurt just to talk. "The names Parker. After you passed out, I killed the snipe." He sounded proud of himself. But … What was a snipe? Plum seemed to read my mind. "The thing that attacked you? That was a snipe. Gazers, were hunters of snipes." She yawned. "So, yah, we'll camp out here, I guess. Now that you're awake, I, Raid and Parker are going to go get some food. You and Lex should stay here. You okay with that, Lex?" He was just staring into space. "Lex!" She hit him on the head. "Ow! Jeez, what the hell was that for?!" He glared at her. "You were spacing out, buddy." "No, I wasn't." "Oh, sure… Well we'll be off now." "Hey why can't I come?" "Dude…" Raid crossed his arms. "Your leg is broken. And as far as we know, something's up with your head. We don't need you passing out in public." Lex flattened his ears like an angry cat. Wobbly, he stood up. "Listen… Raid." He hissed. "If you were to be in my position, you'd be wailing like a baby." "Oh yah!?" Raid picked up Lex by his collar, throwing him to the ground. "This is it, Lex! You push me and push me, and I'm not taking it any… MORE!" Lex looked stunned. "I work as freaking hard as I possibly can for you. And what do I get? Criticism! Insults! Well you know what, Lex? I hope you rot in-"Plum quickly covered his mouth. "Okaaayy. Let's go. Now." Parker dragged Raid into the forest, Plum following. "Woah. Raid told you." I smirked, then turned to Lex. He was spacing out. Again. Something definantly wasint right. "Lex, you okay?" I snapped my fingers a few times, then shook his sholders. "Wha?" He shook his head, looking at me confused. I realised his pupals were dialated. "Your eyes, Lex..." He blinked a few times. "Thats odd." "What?" "Everythings all blury." Now I woried. Something definatly wasint right...


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