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Gazers (Part 8)

Novel By: Iggysgirl

Zees pic. They bring Lex back to their home, and Phoenix meets two more perople: Zee and Rika-chan. View table of contents...



Submitted:Aug 25, 2008    Reads: 173    Comments: 12    Likes: 6   

"Maby... Maby you shuld just lay down for a while..." "Why?" "You hit your head. Pretty hard, if you ask me, Lex." "I.... did?" "Yes! Now pleas-" He suddinly colapsed to the ground. Taking off his hood, I folded it up like a pillow, layed down next to him, and ran my hand though his hair. Soon the others came russtiling through the forest. Plum, carring a big bag of food was the first to notice my expression, the first to notice Lex passed out on the ground. "What the..." Parker, eyes wide, kneeled down. "Lex! No...." "Stop overreacting." Raid kicked Lexs body. "He's just sleeping." "No, Raid." I put my face in his. "He's been exprenceing symtomes of a-" "He has a cuncussion, oviosly." A voice behind us taunted. We all spun to see a tall, golden blonde, almost back eyed guy. "What the hell.....?" "ZEE!" Plum attached herself to his face while Parker and Raid bowed. Cetching on, I bowed as well. "I thought you guys were dead by the speed of you returning home." He put down Plum. "And then Parker dissapeared..." "Im sorry, sir. I just knew something was wrong. I actualy came at the right time, sir..." "Shut it." Zee put his hand over Parkers mouth. "Right now, we have ta' hurry home. We dont need Lex dieing, now. Next to Rika, he's out best fighter." I coldent beleave this Zee guy. He was so selfish! Only wanting Lex to live because of his fighting skills? What a jackass! He turned to me. "What did you just say?" "Huh?" "You! What did you just call me?" "But... I... " "Zee can read minds..." Parker whispred, head down. Oh. "Whatever. Now, gather up." Everyone gathered around. Raid picked up Lex. Zee held his hand up high, twisted his wrist, and... we were in a large city park. Gsping, I fell down. "Get up, you twit, and lets go." "Wait!" I pulled Lex's hood on. "To cover his ears." "Whatever..." Zee rolled his eyes. Soon we were at the entrence on a large factory. "Home sweet home." Raid sighed happily. We walked inside. "Ugh, its so... humid..." Lex mumbled. Happily, I ran over. "Lex! Are you.... Are you feeling okay?" "Phoenix, Phoenix, Phoenix..." He rubbed my cheek gentily. "When will you ever learn I can handle whatever life throws at me? " "OH MY GOD YOUR HHHOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMEE!" A tall girl with long purple hair ran up. "I was waiting so long for you guys!" She hugged Parker, then Raid, Plum, Zee, then..... me.... "Hey. Who are you?" She cocked her head like a dog. "Rika-chan, this is Phoenix, the new trainee" Parker explained. "Phoenix, Rika-chan." "Chan?" I asked. "Ya. She asks that we call her that. An odd habbit of her. " "Hey, whats wrong with Lex-kun?" "Dont call me that, Rika." Lex muttred. "Is Lex-kun going to be all right?" "I told you not to call me that!" "Sorry." "We have to get Lex to is bed, then have Levi check him." Plum grinned. "Levi can fix almost everything." We walked into an elivator, Rika still cocking her head. We started to go down...


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