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Gazers (part 9)

Novel By: Iggysgirl

Rika-chans pic. Phoenix meets Levi, and has a long talk with Parker. View table of contents...



Submitted:Aug 27, 2008    Reads: 193    Comments: 13    Likes: 6   

The elivator came to a stop, and we all steped off. Once again, Lex was passed out, and, frankly, I was getting scared. "Lex-kun,is..... is he..... dead?" Rika's eyes grew large and watery. "Zee-sensei, is he? Is he?" "No, Rika-chan." Zee sighed. Now we were in a dark, emo looking room. EVERYTHING was black and red. The table, the lamps, the couch.... Well, you get the point. Raid set Lex on his bed. "If... if he's not dead.... Whats wrong?" Rika gentaly stroked his cheek, the kissed him.... On the lips. For some reson, anger bubbled up inside of me. I clenched my fists. Zee, turning to me, smiled mockingly. Ah, you like Lex, I see. A voice taunted inside of my head... Zee's voice. Not a suprise. All the girls here do. Even my own damn sisters. Huh. What is it about him? His ears? He has a pretty shitty aditude if you ask me. "Hey, dont we need to get Phoenix a room?" Parker sniffled, wiping his eyes. He had been crying. "Um, yes. Rika-chan made a room next to her's" Rika grinned blankly. "So um, Rika-chan, you, Phoenix and Parker should go to the new room. I and Zee need to talk." Raid and Zee walked off. "Wellup, lets be off." Parker smiled sadly at me. "Hey, maby later You and I could highjack some decoration stores for your room." Rika got us to my new room. It looked like a large cubicle with a bed. "Phoenix, this is your room!" Rika bit her tounge. "You like it?" "Um, sure. Yah." She looked at her wach. "Oh, yay! Training! See you two at dinner!" She sprinted off. "Quite an odd charecter." "You dont know that until you've spent almost your entire life with her." Parker sighed. He threw himsef onto my bed. "Lex better live." I sat next to him. I felt... comfortable with Parker. He was already like a little brother. "Lex means that much to you?" "Hell yah! Are you kidding me? Lex is like... my dad..." He glansed at me. "Lex saved me when I was a baby. He raised me for years! On the run with him... It was wonderful. He tought me all of my fighting skills I know now. A wonderful teacher, care-giver... It changed though. I dont know why, but he changed. But... I still find myself looking up to him, no matter what... If he were to die, I think I would too." I put my arm around him. "Im sure he'll be fine." "And you know another thing? He likes you. Everytime he see's you his eyes calm down, he seems more... relaxed. Raid told me what he had said. Trust me, he doesint hate you." "Thanks for telling me, Parker." "Do... do you like him back? " Sighing, I smiled. "Yes. I do." "Thats great! Thank you Phoenix!" He hugged me tight. "Well, wanna... Hmmmm...." He scrached his chin. "Lets..... Oh, check for Levi!" "Levi?" "Our nurse, kinda. She Zee and Plum's sister." "oh. Okay." "Lets go!" Grabbing my hand, Parker dragged me to a large room. A blonde chick was talking with Zee. She had long hair. Really, really long hair and a white dress. She turned. "Oh, you must be Phoenix! Hi, Im Levi."


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