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Gazers (Part five.)

Novel By: Iggysgirl

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Submitted:Jul 1, 2008    Reads: 213    Comments: 12    Likes: 8   

Lex noticed something. He couldent hear Phoenixs footsteps anymore. Wrinkling his brow, he spun around. Oh no! How long had she been gone?! "Plum..... Raid.....?" "What is i-" Started Raid, but he saw. Both of their eyes got wide. "That took you a while." Said a voice. After two flashes in the coner of his eyes, he saw Plum was holding her giant hammer (Wich was a bit bigger then her) and Raid was gripping his daggers. A huge harry Snipe was standing in front of them, and they were also surrounded my smaller ones. "That girl has been gone a while now. She's probly allready dead." Lex balled his fists. "You're lying." He glared. "Its just a guess, gazer. But she seems extreemly untrained." It cakled evily. Lex was shaking. What would he do without her? He never loved someone before. Suddinly he took of at breakneck speed. "Lex! Come back here!" Raid shouted. Too bad. He had to find her.

"Ah, so Lex saved you last time, little mouse?" "The monster had me pinned agenst a tree, his claws digging into my sholders. "Too bad he's not here now, hmm?" It grinned. "So... do you want to be killed here, or at out base, later?" "Why do you want to kill me, anyway?" I asked, my voice sore for some reson. "you are as stupid as they say. Your a gazer. More of you, less of us." It smirked, baring its teeth. "Less of you, more of us."

He jumped and leaped gracefuly from tree to tree. He was on her trail. Lex loved the forest. So natural, so clean, so peaceful.... and so many hiding places.But right now being in the forest was a liability. There were so many places to kill someone.... and so many places to hide a body... without being noticed. He shook his head, almost tripping on a small twig. She's not dead.... she's not dead..... He would of felt it. Then he heard it. "Ready to die?" A gruff voice said. "Please, just let me go. Im not a gazer. I swear. I dont have powers." Thats when he leaped.

The monster took out a knife, (although I thought it would be easyer to just claw me to death......) Then I saw Lex jump out of a tree, his golden yellow cat eyes blazing, his sharp vampire fangs glinting. He looked pissed. Lex griped the creatures, back, tossing a golden ball up in the air.


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