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Gazers (Part six.)

Novel By: Iggysgirl

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Submitted:Jul 14, 2008    Reads: 210    Comments: 18    Likes: 7   

"get off me, you itiot!" The monster started bucking like a bull, and Lex's ax went fling though the air, getting stuck on a trees trunk. Eyes wide, he tryed to jump off to retreave it, but was grabbed by his neck."Defenceles without your battle ax, huh?" Its grinned in his face. "I cant wait to tell my leader that I not only killed a rookie, but the great Lex as well." It threw him into a tree. The creature grinned, looking at its glisting knife, and walked over to him. "Ready to die?" "No!" I jump in front of Lex just as the knife came down. All I could feel was horrable pain in my side, and I passed out.

She had saved him. Lex stared wide eyed at her bleeding body. Either she was dead or uncontious. If she was dead.... then..... The snipe seemed stunned, staring at the girl. Then it turned its head to him. "Then I guess we saved for last, eh?" But as it loomed over him, it stoped, bursting into flames. "That was diffrent.." He whispred to himself. A small blonde boy was standing where the snipe had just been. "Couldent handle it without your little ax, eh Lex?" "Shut the hell up, Parker." He was used to the child showing up out of nowhere. He tryed to walk over to Phoenix, but fell. Parker looked worried. "Your leg..." He hadent noticed it. His leg was broken. Lex ran his hand smoothly over it. "Clean break..." He announced. "Good, so then.... Hey, whos the chick?" Parker crossed his arms. "her name.... is..." Lex winced. The pain was getting worse. "Phoenix. Shes the... the gazer Zee told us about..." :Huh. she saved you. Impressive... She must be stonger. Then you, anyway.." "What?! I saver her frinking ass, like.... twice!" "uh huh. Sure." Reality hit him again. Phoenix. "Parker. Help. Now." Oh one leg he stood up, grabing her, but fell over again. "Jeez, Lex. You shouldent walk on that leg. I'll take her." As soon as Parker touched her, his hands were smeered in blood. Phoenix's blood. "Lex! Where are you?!" Plums voice rang out in the forest. Raid ran into the clearing. "What the hell? Do you have any clue how many snipes we were up agenst? The big one got away! It wants revenge, and It'll..." His voice trailed off as he spotted Phoenix. "Oh... oh my God... What happend to her..?" "Where were you?" Plum skiped up. "Oh! Hi Parker! Where did Phoenix go?" Then she also saw the body on the floor. "What the...." "She... threw herself in front of me. Got stabbed." Raid picker her up. "We must be off, then." Plum was dazed. "Plum!" Lex yelled. "Phoenix needs help!" "Right. But, your leg-" "I broke it, okay? Lets go. Now."


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