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Gazers (Part three...)

Novel By: Iggysgirl

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Submitted:Jun 27, 2008    Reads: 243    Comments: 17    Likes: 11   

"Woah, woah. Training? Guys, I dont think so. She doesint know whats going on, the poor thing." Plum said. It was raing harder. "Now lets go, I know Lex hates getting wet." It was weird, how both though, dangerous, older looking guys were folowing a little girls orders. Lex seemed to read my mind. "Plum is a one of Zees two sisters. He's the leader. Shes younger then the other, Levi, but shes still 3rd in charge." "Oh, okay." We were under a large tree, and Raid had taken off his shirt, drying his hair with it. He had a wolf tatoo on his chest. I couldent help but stare, "What are you looking art?" He glared at me "Take your hood off, Lex." Plum poked him. "I dont know why you wear it all the time." "Exuse me, but its so people dont see my ears." "Whats wrong with your ears? I think they're cute." "No offence, but your 5, and everything is "cute" to you." "What?" I wondered how could his ears possibly be "cute". "show her, Lex," Plum pulled down his hood. He was blushing, and he quickly put his hands on the top oh his head. "put them down." Pulling his arms back, I saw he had little grey cat ears. "Woah." My eyes grew wide. He glared at me. "Just shut up, okay?" Looking up, he jumped, grabed a branch of the tree, and sat down. "He can be a bit touchy." Raid mutterd. "Just stay away from him." "So, Phoenix, right? Are your parents going to be alright? You might never come back." Plum was sitting on a large root. "My step dad woulent give a shit if I was dead." "Oh... your mom?" "She is dead." "I see.... what about your real dad?" "I..... dont really know." She patted me on the head. "You went though alot in the past few hours. Go to sleep, okay?"

Lex wached them. He didint know her mom was dead. He sighed. Huh. She seemed strong, actualy. Too bad she probly hated him now for over reacting. He couldent help it. She was so preaty, and the was she looked at his ears.... like he was some kind of.... creature, a monster..... Plum also seemed to like her. Probly because she was nicer then Rika or Levi, and older then Sheeva. He tossed around his golden ball. "I wonder what weapon she'll get from Zee... " He whispred to himself. "Maby a whip. Or an ax, like mine...... Or a dagger." He grinned, curling up like a cat.

I yawned. Morning time already? Plum was sleeping on the root, Lex was in the tree and Raid..... had his head on my leg. "Get off me!" I pushed him. "Wha? Huh?" He jumped up. "What was that for?" "You were sleeping on me." "No I wasint." He crossed his arms, dusting off his pants. "unghh...." Plum got up. "Ugh... oh, your awake? Well, lets hit the road."


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