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Silent Storm

Novel By: Iggysgirl

Ginger, the leader of a band of young bandets, including Luka, Grace, Star and Nero, go out on a life-thretining adventure to save thier kingdom from a power hungry king. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 9, 2008    Reads: 147    Comments: 4    Likes: 4   

Silent Storm

Chapter one: The Ambush

I peered though the thick foliage, a small back gun in each hand. The rich folk were in a fancy, highly detailed carriage drawn by two, pure white, trotting stallions. A few guards in bright red coats ran along beside it, long swords at their sides. Pfft. Like they stood a chance against real thieves.

Star was hanging upside down by her legs on a strong branch, her silver eyes shining with excitement, her twin swords in her hands. Glancing to the other side of the dirt road, I searched for the youngest member and her cat, Nero. Light reflected off a metal object, and there she was, five year-old Grace, a knife in her teeth, her small face covered in dirt. If my eye sight hadn't been so advanced, I never would have spotted her, crouched down low in a dark green bush. Last I looked at Luka. He was about ten feet away from me, his back pressed tight against a tree and his filthy blonde hair covered his golden eyes that were focusing oh-so intently on the upcoming target.

They were now all looking at me, waiting for my signal to ambush. Soon the carriage was so close I could have reached out and patted a horse's side.

"Now!" I yelled, and my team sprang into action. As usual, Luka and I, the more experienced fighters, attacked the guards, who fought back savagely.

The shots from my gun startled the horses, but Grace calmed them with her odd ability to talk to any beast. Star broke down the carriage door with one strong kick, killing anyone inside and taking as much loot as she could hold. The soldiers were better trained then the last and I was caught off-guard when one punched me hard in the stomach and I fell to the ground in pain. As he went to kill me, his sword by my neck, Luka tackled him from the side, giving me enough time to get up and shoot the enemy.

"Thanks." I coughed, brushing back my hair. He ran to get the next guard.

"A little help, Ginger?" Star muttered, holding another armload of treasures. Even little Grace and the tabby Nero were giving my friend a hand, Nero dragging a single, small bag of gold and Grace taking as much as she could possibly carry.

I took one more glance at Luka, it a full sword fight, looking like a professional as her parried and jumped.

"Ginger. Now." Star threw a pebble at my head and I ran over to grab some jewelry.

The inside of the carriage was fairly nice; probably belong to maybe even a king because of the red velvet seats and the gold painted walls. I easily stuffed the rest in a sack at my waist. Leaping out, I whistled, signaling Luka that the job was done and he slashed the soldiers thought, untied the larger of the two stallions and led it into the forest along with the rest of us.


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