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Ayl Terrac has unnaturally enhanced senses and is constantly moving from school to school in search of quieter places. One day, she discovers an egg-like object. Soon, she finds out that these eggs, called Borons, are collected by human-animals called Ko, and Ayl has the ability to locate them. From then on, her life is thrown into turmoil as two clashing Ko teams fight to claim Ayl and her power. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1

Spring. A time when the cherry blossoms bloom, and excitement fills the air. Students, some talking, and some working occupied all the reading rooms of Telpor High.

Three study rooms, and not an ounce of silence, thought Aiyesu, irritated. I thought this school would be a little quieter, but it's just as bad.

She shuffled along the large hallways of the school, searching for an empty room. Everywhere she went, she could hear people talking. She had tried door after door, only to find them either locked or occupied.
Finally, Aiyesu came to a door that seemed promising. No sound could be heard from within. She stepped forward and slowly opened the door. To her dismay, she found that there were already five people inside, all male students. The first one had blonde hair and large eyes. Another one had glasses and looked scholarly. The next one was tall with dirty bronze hair, untidily kept. The fourth student had dark brown hair and large muscles. The last pupil had black hair with golden streaks. All in all, they were an odd bunch.
"Welcome!" cried the blonde one. Aiyesu winced at his loud voice. "We are the Student Council! How may we help you?"
"Sorry for the intrusion," Aiyesu managed to say. "I didn't know that this was the Student Council's office. I was just looking for a place to study."
"There are three reading rooms downstairs," said the student. "You can study there, it's very quiet."
"It's too loud for me," Aiyesu replied before she could stop herself. She grimaced. I should have just let it go. She began to back out of the room.
"Ah! Wait! Now I remember. You're the new transfer student, Aiyesu Terrac, aren't you?" Aiyesu hesitated, then nodded.
"Unusually strong sense of hearing, smell, taste, sight, and touch," said a silky voice. It was the boy with glasses. "Aiyesu Terrac, age fourteen, lives alone in an apartment on South Lange, freshman, class 2-B. Am I correct?" Without waiting for a reply, he continued, "I am second in command, Natori Tsuba, freshman. The golden-hair boy is our president, Kabron Zuake, also freshman. The tall boy on his left is Darfa Banl, junior, and the one behind him is Tsugor Royalad, senior. Tsugor is mute, so don't be surprised if he doesn't say anything at all. Finally, the person with the darkish brown hair is Gorfar Porse, sophomore. Together, we are the Student Council. Our main priority is to make our fellow classmates comfortable at Telpor High, so if you have any complaints or questions, be sure to ask us."
"You're so boring," grumbled Gorfar. "We can introduce ourselves just as easily, you know."
"Well, go ahead, I'm not stopping you," Natori said coldly.
Gorfar glared at him. "You're really stupid, did you know that? You already told her my name and stuff, and you think I still can present myself?"
"Then don't complain, idiot."
"Are there animals in here?" interrupted Aiyesu. She could sense an argument brewing, and she was in no mood for raised voices.
"Of course not," cut in Darfa suddenly. Suddenly, the group looked wary and guarded. Gorfar immediately stopped his bickering with Natori. "Why would you ask that?"
"No reason… only that it sort of smells like dogs and a few other animals in here," mumbled Aiyesu. She had forgotten that people were always laughing at her strange ability to notice odd smells.
"We all own pets," said Kabron smoothly. He looked at her strangely, andAiyesu blushed as she realized that Kabron was quite handsome in a prince-like way.
"Sorry. You must think that I'm a freak." Aiyesu quickly turned and ran out of the room before she could embarrass herself more. She could feel the eyes of the group watching her as she departed.
"How did she know?" whispered Darfa afterAiyesu left. "No normal person is supposed to know…."
"On the other hand, she definitely isn't a Ko," finished Gorfar, stunned.
"A tracker," said Kabron. "She is a tracker. That's the only explanation for it."

"Well then, if we get her on our side, finding the Borons will be much easier," put in a satisfied Natori. He could easily adjust to any surprising situation. "Aiyesu Terrac, eh? Should be interesting…."

Aiyesu dashed out of the school, her feet pounding loudly on the hard ground. Each impact sent jarring vibrations up her legs, and the sound of her running echoed through her head.
I hate this, thought Aiyesu bitterly. It always happens. The rumor will be all over the school tomorrow; Aiyesu Terrac, the five-senses freak.
Before she could continue her inner rant, however, a strange sound reached her sensitive ears; a sound she had never heard before. It rang piercingly through her head, screeching like a bat. Oddest of all was that, although it was sharp and high pitched, it didn't hurt. It collided and banged at and ravaged the walls of her mind, but there was no pain. Instead, it seemed to be calling to her, enticing her to go to it. In a daze, she followed the noise.
Aiyesu found herself at an old construction site. She stood at the edge of a hole, peering downward. A wavering glow seemed to be emitting out from a crevice in the trench's wall. Before she knew what she was doing, she jumped down, landing awkwardly and twisting her ankle slightly. Hardly noticing, she reached into the crack on the side of the hole, her fingers brushing against something. It screeched once more then fell silent. Aly brought it out, expecting treasure or magic.
Instead, she found an egg. What the heck? was her first, angry thought. I followed that stupid sound, jumped into this stupid hole, and twisted my stupid ankle, for an egg?
Aiyesu examined the round egg, half-hoping for a miracle. The egg was smooth, white, and surprisingly warm, It had a small, silver triangle on its side. Otherwise, it was the same as any other chicken egg.
Aiyesu drew back her hand, ready to smash the egg against the hole's wall. At the last possible moment, she stopped. If I smash this thing here now, it will make too much noise. On a whim, she slipped it into her pocket.
Now, how am I going to get out?


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