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Charlotte Haven, 19 years of age, black hair, and eyes so pale, it looks silver. As a neighbouring kingdom attacks their royal kingdom, Regalie. Will Charlotte's powers and the rest of the elite's, suffice? This is Book One.(Story is a bit inspired by the Hunger Games) View table of contents...



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Chapter I

Charlotte Haven, yes that's me, living in the kingdom of Regalie, 19 years of age. I walk through the loud outskirts of town, everyone was friendly with each other, all shouting "Hi's and Hello's" to each other. Regalie is a peaceful kingdom, we all love each other here. But do you want to know a secret? I bet you do. Regalie is the only kingdom to have special people. People that have powers, there are only a select 13 of us. Yes, us, I am included. I have met 2 of the other people who had powers, Mariah Soar, 12 years of age, and Jed Brooks, 23 years of age, he worked as a guard for Regalie's princess. Mariah is my friend, who sings to acquire money. We who had powers were sworn to secrecy. The king brought us to the castle himself. Apparently, we were the 13 elites, I was still 14, Mariah was 7, and Jed was 17. Me and Jed, barely knew each other, but he lived in my part of the kingdom. Mariah is my neighbor and would constantly have little chats with my little brother, Cameron, who was also 12. Finally I'm back in my house, Cameron and Mariah are bickering around, so I just waved and went to the basement. I would always try out my powers here. But the lights were already open, and last time I checked, I'm the only one who uses the basement.

I walk to the table in the middle of the room, I used my powers to manipulate all objects to go invisible in my vision, I have many abilities, this is a just one of the minors, and there I saw a boy, hiding behind the huge block I used for training. He had brown hair, his clothes were a bit torn, so I could clearly see his well-built body. But I don't like strangers, who is he? I know everyone from this part of the town, so he's ether from another part of town, or another kingdom. I walked slowly to the block's direction, and gave a huge stomp when I stopped right in front of it.

"Come out" I whisper, his eyes widened and he proceeded to stand up, he was probably two or three inches taller than me, I'm a pretty tall girl, mind you. "Name?"

"Nicholas Xenon..."

"Are you from here?"

"In the town's center actually..." The town's center, a.k.a. Central Town, was the town wherein the kingdom's castle is found, more wealthier people live there, and they have much better houses and food than here.

"The Central town? It's a few miles away from here, so why are you here?" His green eyes looked into mine, he swallowed before he replied, and looked away from my gaze.

"I'm actually...I'm a warrior in training, and well, we were attacked and I ran as far as I could..."

"Don't lie, Nicholas, you're just a minor from central town aren't you?" He flinched and his eyes widened. I could tell he was a minor from his clothing, if he was more on the wealthy side of Central town, his clothes would look a bit more flashy, and brightly colored, the tears would be a bit less.

"Yes, but I'm looking for someone..." He looked back at the ground, it's a shame, he looks very handsome, and he's so cowardly.

"Who?" I asked, tilting my head to the side

"I need help finding the rest of the elite 13" He looks back at me. He looks serious.


Everyone in the kingdom knows about the elite 13, but no one knows who's in it, apparently we were chosen by our hearts. If you have a heart of justice, you will be in the elite 13, the elite 13's generation changes every hundred years, we're the 6th generation of this little legend. There are some people who don't believe there is even such a thing as the elite 13, but there are many who do believe, saying they will be the heroes of this kingdom. The 5th generation were leaders of the town they were in, the king and queen, had a lot of trust in them, because the Elite 13 were known to be powerful, noble, honest, smart, and hearts filled with kindness. They would use their powers to help people in need.

"From what I know, our neighboring kingdom, is going to start a war between us"

I raised an eyebrow at him"From what you know? The other kingdom is very far away, how could you know?"

"I'm...one of the elite 13...I have the ability to hear from miles away and the ability to teleport"

"Well, why are you so..." I look at him from head to toe, and back to his eyes "So...messy" I grinned.

"I can teleport 5 miles away, there's also a recharge of 30 minutes which I used to walk"

"Oh, and Central town is 10 miles away from here. Wait why did you pick this place of all places?"

"Judging from how you're questioning me, you're part of the Elite 13, aren't you?" That's funny, it's as if he had a mask on and he took it off, his personality changed drastically, he seemed very serious. He also seemed ten times more attractive. Shut up, Charlotte.


"Do you know any other people who are part of the elite 13?"

"Mariah Soar and Jed Brooks"

"You know Jed?" He smiled at me "Oh, right! He originally lives here, but because he was a part of the Elite 13 the king requested him to guard the princess"

"Yeah, his strength is amazing" I said sarcastically. That was Jed's ability, strength, and fighting skill. Mariah hasn't really shown me any signs of her's. Nicholas grins and giggles at my sarcasm.

"Anyway, we have to go, you and Mariah are the last two, of the 13"

"Wait, didn't Jed mention us?"

"He mentioned that you, Mariah, and him, are neighbors. But he never said you were part of the Elite 13"

"That bastard! It's like he's ashamed of me!"

"Looks like you have quite a temper, anyway, he didn't mention you because you were girls and he was probably thinking of your safety"

"Yeah, right" He chuckles at me. "I'll go get Mariah, want to come?" He nodded as we went upstairs.


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