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Shadows of the syndicate

Novel By: Imagine Words

Robin has found out she's a witch, not just any witch but a water witch. She finds a portal and meets some new friends along the way such as the ever mysterious Claire Ash, Peter Maxwell and of course the other elemental witches - air and earth. Last but not least she also meets some other magical creatures that no one thought existed, whether mermaids, dragons, pixies or talking animals,the whole package inside one story.
May contain laughs further in the story with the ever funny Claire Ash and Peter Maxwell ... enjoy :D View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 21, 2011    Reads: 52    Comments: 8    Likes: 2   


I glared at the river that was hidden within the forest and greenery; the trees whispered a rhythm of peace and harmony that echoed throughout the woodland, showing that it was still alive as it gave off warmth that I couldn't ignore. This place was warm and gave life to those who could hear its precious melody. Standing in front of the river which joined in with the rhythm and created an atmosphere that left me breathless, I wanted to join it's secret until a sudden chill crept its way up my spine.

Turning to find all hope of peace and warmth gone I watched as frost coated the trees, river and grass. Voices started chanting my name as I ran from them. Blades of grass then stretched out to grab me as their green fingers forced me to the ground. Holding me down a vine of thorns slashed through me, peircing my skin in several places.

Screaming at the unbearable pain I sat up to face the door in my room which swung open and cracked its hinges against the panel. I shakily got up to close the window that had probably blew it open. After closing both the door and window I jumped back into bed and threw the covers over my head, drifting to sleep their was another nightmare lingering in the back of my mind.


Walking into the school building rushed crowds of teenagers ran past me, pushing me into different directions. A boy shouted at me in his hurry, "get out of my way!" he then gave me a look I was used to, the type of look people gave you when they were disgusted.

"Sorry" I murmured now carefully dodging everyone who walked past me.

Meeting with my best friend (my only friend) Marybeth Reid we sat on a wooden bench sheltered by an old oak tree.

"Hey Robin, how are we today?" she asked. Her blue eyes were glowing with warmth and her hair was a fiery red that never seemed to change. She loved the colour red so much she wouldn't allow her hair to go back to it's original colour.

"Tired" I told her with a fake smile remembering last nights nightmare.

She watched me with concerned eyes before she spoke, "your not going to fall asleep in class again are you?"

"No" I tried to laugh.

"Alright" she smiled.

Gazing at the sky I watched the morning clouds as they drifted by. Closing my eyes a strange pain hit me causing me to flinch, Marybeth looked at me and before she could speak I held my hand up and said, "I'm fine" with a smile that we both knew was fake. That was the third time this week I felt an unusual pain go through me. Seconds past and before we knew it the bell rang making us late for our first lesson, again. Not that I cared much, I was actually glad that we were late for that lesson because it was maths and I really didn't like maths.


"Late again Marybeth Reid and Robin Norwood" Mr Anderson confirmed ticking our names off his list.

"Sorry we're late, it won't happen again" Mary added as we took our seats.

Rolling his eyes Mr Anderson said "indeed and it better not."

Embarrassed Mary faced me ignoring his comment. My head started to burn and my pulse increased, holding my head Mary stared at me.

"Is everything okay Robin?" she asked, her tone serious.

"Yeah, I'm fine" I lied.

"Are you sure?"

"Yup" I said looking into one of the math books to hide my eyes, they always gave me away when I was lying.

Shutting my eyes I took a deep breath while Mary's eyes traced my expression for the real answer.


"Can I go to the toilet?" I asked as Mr Anderson looked at his watch.

"Hurry up and go" he snapped.

Picking up my bag I ran to the closest toilet. Splashing cold water in my face I tried to relax. My chestnut coloured hair was shoved into a pony tail and my eyes were blood shot blue.

"Calm down" I told myself as the pain from before started to come back.

Threatening to collapse any moment I held on to the sink as the pain went through me. The unbearable force was now pulsing through my body leaving no vein untouched, I let out a cry of agony as Marybeth came running through the door. Burning my blood dry I held my stomach with one hand as the other covered my mouth. I felt sick and couldn't keep my eyes open.

"It'll be alright Robin" she hushed.

Falling into a dark sleep I realized this was just like my nightmare and this time I couldn't wake up.


Opening my eyes there were trees surrounding me, the wind was dancing through the leaves causing them to rustle. Standing up there was a little house of wood to my left and on my right there were more trees.

"Where am I?" I whispered.

"Your in the run away forest."

Turning around Marybeth was stood beside a tree looking into the distance.

"Why are we in the run away forest?" I asked her trying to remember what had happened earlier today.

"You passed out so I decided to take you here" she explained as she shrugged her shoulders.

So many questions passed through my head, why were we here? How did she get me here? Where was here? And most importantly, How do I get out?


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