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Earth's secrets

Novel By: ImaginNatz

Continuing on from quintessence. Rose has suffered a lot, what with a step ,other he'll bend on killing her and a dad that doesn't care. So she's going to start over, but what happens when her past comes to find her and Rose is hearing voices that are their, or are they? View table of contents...


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Chapter 1- Rose
I woke up drenched in sweat just like I did every night since that incident, and just like very night I don't bother to try and fall asleep again. It's impossible. My mind is a barrage of images and emotions that always come with the nightmares.

With a sigh, I climb from my bed and flip on the lights. As they flicker to life I scan my room. It was just how I left it. Suit cases lying on the floor, ready for her journey to Bentley, Kansas. And of course my window as wide open as it could be - there's an explanation to that but one I don't dare think of. My bedroom was once my solitude but now it was my prison, all of the memories it contain - happy or sad- imprison me in these walls. That's way I have to leave... Or at least one reason why.

"Well, I might as well finish off packing." I mutter to myself.

By the time I had finished packing the sun had already set and my uncle, Wayne, was calling me.

"Rose! Are you ready? "

"Yeah Wayne. Can you help me bring them down." He did.

We were in the car and at the airport in four hours. There wasn't any uncomfortable " goodbyes" and no tears. Don't get me wrong, I love him, in fact he was the father I'd always wanted. However we both new that a fresh started is what I need... And he promised to come and visit whenever he could.

So I got on the aeroplane and didn't look back, instead I looked forward. To my new school. To my new town. To my new family with the Benson's, who happily took me in for boarding.

The whole towns in an up roar because of the new girl who's coming at noon. As soon as the Benson's got the message from the girl asking to say with them through her last year in school, the whole town knew. Well with a population of 528- soon to be 529,it was impossible to keep secrets. Except for one.

The one secret that must not be told to "normal" people, with the exceptions of them being your soul mate, is the ancients. We are super strong, super fast, read minds and have a higher tolerance to physical assertion than anyone else. And yes, I am one for them. But not just anyone. I am my fathers son and the next in line to be elder.

Many of the stories and legends about ancients but none of them are true. Except about the souls mates, but you are lucky to ever find them, so most of the ancients find another person they wish to share their life with. However, it is only a fifty-fifty chance that the children will be an ancient. Me and my sister were lucky my mum turned out to be my dads soul mate and both their lives were extended. That's the other problems with being with someone other than your mate, that mates life is only 70-80 years whereas ours is 300-400 years.

" Zach? Zach? Come on! The Benson's went to get her. She'll be here soon." My sister was glowing with delight, she was always shy when meeting people and as a result she doesn't have any friends. I'm hoping the new girl will give her a chance and befriend her.

" Okay, I'm coming." God, Rachel was practically buzzing with the adrenaline, she wouldn't stay still for a second. " Rachel! Calm down. As soon as the poor girl walks through the down she run back home."

" haha! I just have this feeling. You know? Like we are going to be good friends."

I did.
Each time I fought about this girl, Rose Summers, I was stirred by an emotion I could not recognise. Maybe it was... Anticipation?

" I know".


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