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A Girl in a Dragon's Cave

Novel By: imightloveu

Isadora is running away from her abusive father. She ends up finding the dragon's cave and sleeping there. What will happen when the dragon awakens? You'll have to read to find out :D! (I'M HORRIBLE AT THIS STUFF DX) View table of contents...


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'A Girl in a Dragon's Cave.'

By Darkfang007 and IMightLoveYou

Chapter One: Seeking Comfort.

A girl with long wavy brown hair would look for shelter in the cold weather. So when she sees a cave over to her left side she goes to it only to find it a little bit warmer than outside, but a lot more bearable. She places herself close at the end of the cave before falling to sleep not knowing what was actually lurking within the shadows, dark depths.

A pair of young, cold red eyes stares at this human girl as she sleeping blissfully, unaware of the danger that this being could pose. But what left him wondering the most was the reason that she was here as most of the humans that lived around here knew that this was a cave of death and steered clear of it giving him the peace that he sometimes wanted.

He knows not of what to make of her let alone what to do with her. But seeing that she is here and the first to visit this cave in a long time he might let her stay, for as long as she wished. He could use the company and hopefully make a friend, if she didn't run away screaming in fear like most normally would.

He moves from shadow to shadow and slowly towards the human girl with great caution for if anything in his life had taught him it is to be careful of anything and everything, no matter how small it may be, for it could bring you a swift death. And this young dragon wasn't ready to die, not for a long time anyway.

The young girl's piercing violet eyes pop open instantly at the sense of someone or something's presence within the same cave as she. And it was moving towards her.

Oh please I just got out of that dam god forsaken, retched place! If my Papa beats me one more time I think I'm going to die! She stays stiff, still acting as though she is still sleeping. With her dagger clutched tightly in her hand she hopes she won't have to kill her father. Though little does she know she has something else, to worry about.

An amused laughter rings loud and clear. But it wasn't a human's laughter it sounded like an ancient beast's laughter. "Do not worry human I will not harm you."

The sound of something moving agented the ground makes the girl tense, intensely with fear.

Oh by the gods known and unknown, I'm going to be eaten! She takes in a deep breath trying to steal her nerves, but the fear was gaining a foot in her. Her breaths came and went in short moments.

"I... I could leave... please! I'm sorry I didn't know this was your home!" The girl stumers as her hand tightens further on her dagger, ready for anything, but is also very afraid of what it could be

There is no way I am getting eaten by this thing! Whatever it is... Oh this could be very bad, why did I have to pick this cave?! The fear was winning control over her.

The amused laughter rings louder. "Please, I am sorry to say but your steel claw will not harm me, and nor am I going to eat you. I have already have had my fill today and was intending to sleep it off when I felt your present within my home."

Its voice sounded male to the girl as his amused laughter sounded again.

"Not that I'm complaining, I have been waiting for some company for a very, very long time." He tilted his head to the side in wonder thinking that this human was too tired to run or was locked in fear.

Interested in what it was, she quickly whips her body around. What she sees makes her mouth drop as to what she sees she only thought was a myth or legend. A black dragon was sitting before her and it was staring at her with blood red eyes, but what scared her mostly are its unknown intentions, but it said it wasn't going to eat her but still the black dragon could change its mind at any given moment.

Dragon! Then another though came to her. Hey since when could dragons read minds? Oh he can hear me right now, oh this is very embarrassing. A reddish tint shines on her cheeks, reviling her awkwardness.

Soon remembering her manners she stumers: "H- hello."

Once again the dragon's laughter is sounded. "Not many of us can read the minds of any species but our own. Only a few can and I am one of them." The dragon stood and walked over to the girl and looked at her with a critical eye.

She would sit still frightened of what might happen.

The dragon made the conclusion that she would stand at about six foot and saw that she has shoulder length brown hair and violet coloured eyes. But there was something else but the dragon couldn't it make out so he then goes back to where he sitting and closes his eyes, thinking very carefully about what to do.

I wonder if it is okay if I can stay here the night... She thought, so she asks. But as she finishes her question a gust of wind comes in, startles her and then her little thin dirt smeared dress is fluffed up only for her light blue silk panties to be shown.

Blushing quite heavily she pulls her dress back down. But she finds that the dragon's eyes are still closed. The girl wondered if the black dragon had even heard her question at all, let alone seen her panties. Another awaked feeling was burning within her.

The dragon opens his eyes after a few minutes smiling. "Of course you can stay here. I have not a problem with that." The black dragon slips in to a more maintainable position so he could sleep. Then he seemed to remember something very important. "Although you might consider sleeping next to me since the fire I breathe will not be suitable to make you a fire to sleep by and with this wind it would not last long anyway.

"And I should be warm enough and should suit you finely." The dragon opened his left wing planning on forming a living tent for the girl, knowing how easily she could get cold on night such as this one.

She nods and carefully she curls up next to his stomach sighing deeply but is a little frightened when his wing closes around her, but her fear is soon groundless as she notices that the dragon's wing was just covering her, shielding her from the cold. Happy for the warmth she leans against the large dragon. It reminded her of her own warm bed, but thinking on this brought up unwanted memories and she hopes the dragon didn't sense them.

"Thank you kind dragon, may I ask for your name?" she asks, trying to change what she was thinking about. She is quite comfortable lying there listening to his heart beat but she was not as comfortable as she liked. Something was poking her in the leg.

He didn't reply for some time then, to the girl the dragon seemed to already be asleep, and then. "My name is Valek, last son of Honora and Veritas."

"Strange name." the girl replies as she found and removed a sharp rock from under her leg. She lifted Valek's wing and tossed it out of the way.

There was another long uncomfortable silence but Valek was thinking as his own memories of the past came to him. "The name was given to me before the war, by my mother."

Confused the girl was, she knew of no wars. Then she guessed that Valek was older then he looked but still she continued to ask questions as her interest was at its peak. "You were in a war?"

His reply was. "A very long time ago, long before you were born I guess." He sighed long and low as more memories riddled Valek's mind with torment.

She could hear the pain in his voice, and it saddened her to see him in such a way. She wished she didn't ask."I take it you don't want to talk about it then?"

"Not really." Banishing the memories from his mind the last words he said to the girl was 'good night' and he lays his head down trying to get to sleep.

Taking the hint she said, before she closed her own eyes, "Ok then Valek, good night and sleep well." Then she too slipped in to her own dreamscape.


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