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I DONT WANNA RUIN THE STORY SO JUST PLZ READ!! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 11, 2009    Reads: 210    Comments: 8    Likes: 1   

The Pack Chapter 1"Death."I whispered quitley. I stared into the mirror at my brown eyes. "My Obsession"by Breathe Carolina played. I turned restarting the song on Youtube. Istarted to sing along. " And this is my last chance to ask for permission, And this conidtion cant be fixed with a prescription, And don't you know control requires my submission? " I turned up the volume looking at the time. 3:45 p.m. I put on some dirty jeans throwing on my winter coat. I put on black gloves and hat, walking out the door. Iwalked behind my place into the snowing forest. I stared at the beauty of the forest. Ifell in love. I stepped over, eaten by termite trees that had fallen and trash that had been thrown back here. The beautiful snow flakes fell apon me. The suns rays shined against the snow making it shine like dimonds that had just been polished. I took out my Ipod and played "Salt Water Room" By OwlCity aloud. I song along also to this. " I opened my eyes last night, And saw you in the low light, Walking down by the bay on the shore, Staring up at the plane that aren't there anymore. "As the song kept playing, I noticed how the sound of the music echoed off of the hollow trees. Iheared a rustle over the music and I clicked it off falling over a tree limb when I tried to back up. Snow flew in the air and all on me. I huffed sitting up brushing the snow off of me. I stopped looking to see a black wolf staring at me. Iblinked. Iheld out my hand. The wolf trotted slowly over to me and I placed my hand on the top of his head. "So beautiful..."I felt so calm. Not one bit alarmed anymore. Not alarmed that at any moment that he could tare me to pieces.I closed my eyes feeling him put his head under mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck trying to hold him close. I placed my head on his fur and felt at peace with the world. He backed away looking at me and backing up a bit and I blinked. He started to run towards me so I dunked as he jumped over me. I fell back in the snow blinking untill i felt my hands going numb. I started walking back to my house as I seen a fox. It came up to me and when I went to pet the fox it bit me!I cried out in pain as it ran away. "Stupid ass fox..."I yeld as I shaked my hand and blowing on it as Igot home. Ithrew off my stuff walking into the bath room to clean my bit wound just incase it had rabies. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I really wanna know what you guys think!This has been , what I think, the best of all that I have wrote!So Please comment and tell me if you like it! - Love Imightloveu


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