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Dimension Eyes

Novel By: Imuildaeren

Tags: Portals, God

This Dimensions but it didn't alow me to put up new chapters so im doing it again. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 23, 2009    Reads: 120    Comments: 6    Likes: 4   

Malay walked home on a damp Friday night. The air was cold and the dim street was empty. 'better hurry or I won't have enough time to do my homework' thought Malay to the cold night.
Malay turned of the street to a dark alley which she dreaded going down but it was a shortcut. Malay stopped. Something was in the alley with her. Her heart racing she turned round and was about to run when she was consumed by darkness.
A dim light was above Malays head burning her eyes, until she became accustomed to the light. Malay was cold. |She huddled her self up and discovered that she was naked, then everything came rushing back. The room she was in was like a large gaping mouth ready to swallow her. The sides of it's mouth were wet and covered with slimly green moss, the floor was rough cold stone. Malay began to cry as grief gripped her.
Suddenly part of the wall on the far end of the room grinded open and in step a strange site indeed. A tall man in a pristine black diner jacket and gleaming white shoes entered the room. His skin was dark red and his strands of hair were greasy and green, his face wasn't much better. The things eyes were long and narrow with red slits for eyes and long green eyebrows. When he looked a at Malay he a hideous grin danced over rotten broken teeth, and he clapped his talon nailed hands with glee.
"well well what do we have here?" The man cackled as he walked towards Malay.
Malay began to shiver with more than cold and her tears froze on her cheeks. A eternal cold washed over her when the hideous man stood over her like frozen mountain.
"What's your name then sweetie?" said the man leaning down next to Malay.
Malay wanted to kick this thing and run but fears cold hand stopped and such things, and now he was speaking to her. Malay gathered all the heat in her body and let words erupt out her mouth
"I..I what who"
"calm down dear, just get your voice back and tell me what happened" Interrupted the man.
A sudden wave of warmth came over Malay and she spoke.
"I I Malay, an an I was walk a a alleyway dark"
"I see"
"who who you" spluttered Malay.
"I'm Percy Hobonos Lykra, but you can call me Per"
"Hi hi Pper"
The man began to walk out room as it started to get warmer and Malay began to get sleepy.
Malay woke to find herself on a red couch surrounded by red walls and a red mirror. As she stood up she discovered that she was in some strange clothes. Malay wore high red boots and red fish nets with short red hot pants. On her torso was a tight red corset with patterns of spiraling pink dragons slithering all around. Her hands were covered by black fingerless gloves that went up to her elbow and were studded. Malay was shocked by what she was wearing but since their was nothing else to wear she decided that it will do. Malay walked up to the red mirror and looked to see how much she had changed.
She was taller than she was before and more elegant. Her hair used to be brown but now it was seductive red and was laced with pink string. Her face has lost its baby quality's and was thinner and was quite pretty. Her eyes were the thing that had changed to something not from earth. They had become completely red.
Strangely Malay didn't mind them. The sound of a fan broke the silence then a large bang shattered it. Malay turned round in alarm to see two men tumbling over each other. Seeing Malay the two men stood up. The first one is the shorter and more muscular of them sporting a trim black beard and a balled head. The taller one was lean with an angular face with mischievous eyes and a blond mob on his head. They both wore tattered cloaks and loose clothes.
"Hi" Said Malay.
"Good em evening" Said the tall one.
"Yes, I'm Roger and this Dave. We work for Pleasure Paradises Corporation" Piped up the small one" We would like to speak Malay De Ourval from from earth, Yes! Earth"
"your are speaking to her" Said Malay her wonder growing.
"we are here to speak to you about your working standards" Said the tall one taking a sheet of paper out of his pocket.
"how are the sleeping conditions?"
"I don't work here" said Malay.
"that's what they all say , but I'm sure your manager will soon appear"
He certainly wasn't wrong as a bald burley man appeared out of thin air, and grabbed Malay's arm, causing her head to spin and her vision to cloud over. 'not again' trailed her thought.
Malay woke wondering what would happen next. She was in a pile of garbage and was wearing some kind of flexible black armor. Malay got out the garbage and looked at her surroundings. She was surrounded by tall collapsing apartments and garbage filled streets. Malay sighed 'what next'. A old rusty car drove behind her and stopped and the two guys from the red place stepped out.
"Hey Malay wait up!" called the tall one. Malay stopped and turned round.
It was dark and the trees stretched up too the full moon like open spindly hands. A tall slender woman with flowing chocolate colored black hair walked through the trees with a thin black shroud danced around her body. Garmin snorted, 'about time'. The woman's skin was as white as the first snow of winter with completely red eyes.
"Good evening mistress Juliet , I here-"
Juliet flicked her hand and the hideous rotting green creature neck snapped and it fell to the ground with a squelch. 'damn it' thought Shade 'she just kills and kills. When will she stop'
"good evening Shade, how may I help you tonight?" Asked Juliet noticing the cloaked man behind the tree.
"Ah yes. Lord Beef has asked you for an audience with you" Shade was all too aware that his life could end in a flick of Juliet's wrist.
"Shall we go now then? My dearest shade" Said Juliet her voice like the smoothest silk. "I will be able to do the traveling. Take my hand Shade"
Shade swallowed hard and braced himself and reached out to hold the hand of ice.


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