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A Falling Star.

Novel By: Intrnetr

Ben's selfish abusive acts turn unforgiving and star has to take to the edge of the building to get him to listen. Failing to get the issue solved star jumps but something unusual happens as she hits the floor. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 9, 2013    Reads: 24    Comments: 8    Likes: 4   

Star's floral waterfall dress danced elegantly in the wind as she crept backwards to the edge of the 100ft building. She gripped her journal with her arms crossed tightly across her chest. Small parts of rubble fell swiftly to the floor as she took her final step. She awaited her boyfriend Ben to appear after her from the ladder opposite. Two minutes passed until finally he pulled himself up onto the dirty building. Ben walked cautiously over to Star with one arm held straight out. He offered his hand out to her.

"Star, don't do this to me, we can work this out" He said as emotion built up inside of him.

"Don't do this to you?! How could you Ben, how could you just let your friend take advantage of me like that?!" Star replied agrivated.

Ben didn't reply as a tear fell from his eye.

"Well? You never have any answers, you promised it would never happen again! You already lied once, you already failed to protect me from your wrong, disgusting friends once and now it's happened all over again! Ben you promised!" She shouted. "And then after, you didn't care, you just carried on abusing me, hitting me. Ben you don't love me! If you did you would keep your promises" She carried on.

Her hair blew over her lips as he still didn't reply. "I don't mean what I do, Star you know my temper, please Star, I love you" He finally said whilst putting both hands to the back of his head. Stars glance fell to the floor.

"You don't love me, you love the alcohol and drugs more than you'll ever love me" Star admitted.

Ben walked over to her and put his hands on her face, he pulled up her head until she was eye to eye with him, he leant his forehead on hers.

"Just please, understand, it's gone for good, they're gone for good, don't do this please Star I'm begging you" He pleaded.

Star kissed Ben's lips for the last time, she pushed him away releasing her journal that glided like a feather down to the floor. They both followed it with their eyes and then looked back at eachother untill their eyes met.

"Ben?" Star asked with a smile.

"Yeah?" He replied with a little hope.

"Don't do anything stupid, don't try to follow me, its over, we all knew this day would come" She explained.

"Star don't do it" Ben encouraged her to come to him with his hand. "I'm sorry, please" He encouraged more.

"No. I'm sorry" She said, falling back into empty space from the edge of the building. Ben's face widened as he fell to the floor with shock.

"No!" He screamedcrawlingover to the edge of the building, he watched her plumeting towards the ground with her arms spread out like an angel. Ben collapsed with emotional pain, he cried and covered his ears as he couldn't bare to hear the terrified screams of civilians below.

As Star fell her body temperature started to rise. Her heartbeat stared to beat like an unforgiving drum. Louder, louder and louder it beat. Hotter, hotter and hotter she got. She raised her hand in the air and looked at it, bright red. She started to burn all over. She screamed with agony as fire engolfed her. Yet she felt so full of power. As she got closer to the floor she curled up into a ball. She hit the floor with an amazing force, sending vibrations across the streets, unesessary energy exploded seconds after revealing a large gleam of light. Dust was sent everywhere, it blinded passersby for atleast a minute. The dust started to clear. Shocked people came over to see what had happened. Police cars and an ambulance turned up instanlty as the last stray dust particles settled to the ground like a misty fog. Ben looked over the edge of the building to witness what he had done. Star was dispalyed along with a small crater in the floor that had been created by the starnge impact of her fall. Ben gasped with confusion as he watched paramedics pick up Star's fragile body and police investgate with absolute shock. Ben stared down to look at Star's face, he noticed her eyes open a little, but he then fainted from his fear of heights.


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