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The Realm: Abraxas

Novel By: Jacobella22

Werewolves and Vampires and Slayers... Oh my!! Okay, I am writing this in a boy's point of view. His name is Jacoby Cross and he is a human/werewolf. This is NOT dark and scary... it's actually kind of a love story. View table of contents...


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The Realm: Abraxas

"Welcome, young pup" Tala Hemming, Lady of Abraxas, said warmly as she led me into the hall. Many stopped and stared as I entered, as a wolf,at Tala's side. I cowered against her long, lean legs for I wasnew and young. "Don't you worry, pup" Tala had said to me the day before"Abraxas is a family. You have no reason to worry." You're probably wondering what Abraxas is. Let me tell you a bit about my new family. Abraxasis a sanctuary, a pack, a group and most of all, a family. Lady Tala and Master Stalker were the parent figures of the family. Abraxas consisted of 50, now 51, members; all slayers, werewolves or angels. Witches and Vampires were despised in this family; they were not welcomed. We hunted and played together, lived and died together. We had strong ties, we were indestructible.

"Worry not" Tala whispered, as we made our way to the front of the massive room. "Ahhh! A young recruit!" A deep voice boomed. "Oh Stalker!" Tala sighed, making her way up to the head table, leaving me by myself "Do not be so intimidating!"

"Sorry, my dear" Stalker laughed, kissing the nape of his fiancee's neck. "What is your name, lupine?" Stalker asked. I morphed into human form in order to answer the question.

"I am Jacoby Cross."

"Age? Race? Experience?"

"17, sir, werewolf and currently a lupine"

Tala sighed. "Stalker, my love, let Jacoby alone! He is young. Do not ask him such difficult questions"

"Pah! Difficult?" Stalker chuckled.

"Do you question my judgment?" Tala asked, raising an eyebrow "For I have recruited this young man myself!"

"Oh my dear! I do not question your judgment." Stalker laughed, kissing Tala's unblemished cheek.

"Now Jacoby! Let me introduce you to your new group. They are seated just over here" she said, leading me once more over to a full table. "This is Sprew, group leader and DarkWave, his partner; Anguish and Maylus, brothers; Foxy, Genoveva and Zeke." I sat myself down on the only available stool. Maylus and Anguish, the two wolf brothers, slapped me on the shoulder and welcomed me. I smiled and nodded. Foxy, Genoveva and Zeke all smiled and reintroduced themselves. I found that all three of them were wolves that were born on the same eve, yet have absolutely no ties. "Welcome to the group!" Sprew, the head slayer, chuckled, almost toppling of his stool. DarkWave said nothing, but the side of her mouth twitched. I assumed it was a smile. Dinner was served a little while later: normal human food. Maylus and Anguish wolfed it down, making as much noise as possible. Sprew and I were the only two that had not said a word during the meal.

After dinner,I decided to take a walk around Abraxas grounds. I wanted to make myself familiar with my new home. I morphed into a wolf and broke into the crisp night. I inhaled deeply but choked when an angelic voice behind me asked "Fancy company?" I spun around, expecting Tala or a stranger. But no, standing there in a blue satin dress was DarkWave. I bowed as she approached. "I hope you like it here" she smiled warmly.

"I am sure I will" I replied, politelytrying to end the conversation.

"Do you want company, pup?" She asked politely. "It is alright, Lady DarkWave. Sprew is waiting for you" I bowed once more and walked into the night. But, DarkWave walked with me. "I heard that you were smitten with Sprew, DarkWave. I do not wish to interfere." She faked a gasp and clutched at ther chest."I thought we had something!!" she laughed. "If you don't mind, my lady, I think I will retire to my quarters." I bowed and kissed her hand. "Good eve, my friend" I called over my shoulder, as I made my way back into the building. I heard her sigh and walk in the opposite direction.


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