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Maldark Chronicals

Novel By: Jacobtwizer

This is a fantasy story about myself going into a mystical world called Maldark to help the good king Reckonshire defeat the evil warlord Domen. My very first story.
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Flash! Everything was white. I couldn't see a thing an my eyes were starting to smart from the brightness. Then I began to see shapes, very vague and shadowy but getting clearer all the time. As the brightness faded, I began to see green.
I was standing in the middle of a lush, dense forest. Where am I? How did I get here? Thoughts raced through my mind.
The woods around me were very thick and the trees grew very close together. There was no sign of life, but I new that someone (or something) was nearby. In the dirt, some few feet away, there were tracks! As I walked closer to them, I found that they were strangely shaped. I suddenly stopped, short. Those footprints had three pronged toes and a hook-shaped thumb.
"What kind of creature would have a foot like that?" I asked myself, "And just where am I anyway?"
Wait, was that a movement in those trees over there? There it is again!
"Wh- Who's there?" I called nervously. The whistle of the wind answered me back. I hoped whatever it was, was not the same thing that left the footprints.
I'd better get out of here, wherever I am, I thought to myself. I turned, and was just about to dash off in the other direction when something struck me hard in the back.
"OOF!" I gasped as I fell to the ground. I had the air knocked out of me and it took me a second to snap back into focus.
"Oh, I am so sorry," the speaker said, "I thought you were a goblin."
As I stumbled to my feet I saw the figureā€¦ and started in surprise! He was a young boy about the same age as I was. He had long, black hair that was brushed back. What surprised me most was his clothes. He wore a long shirt reaching almost to his knees and around his waist he wore a long loincloth. Below this he wore tights. His clothes were all green, exept for a black stripe running across his breast.
"I am sorry for striking you," the boy said, "but, as I said, I thought you were a-" With this he stopped short. His eyes went wide. " You're not one of them are you?" he asked.
"What? I'm not sure what your talking about. I don't even know where I am! A second ago I was in my room reading, and then I was here." I said, becoming quite unnerved.
"You must be, then! You must be from Earth!"
"WHAT!? If I'm not on Earth, then where am I?"
"You," said he, with a mysterious tone, " are on Maldark!"


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