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The Corway Chronicles

Novel By: James Corbett

In a world fulled with evil and chaos, a beacon of hope is hidden... and it is growing to be as a strong child should, and would need to be in such a world. All of the lands both near and far, have fallen to evil in its purist form. What would it be like living in a world that was almost competently dominated by evil... "The Lord of the Rings, what if Sauron won?" "In The Wheel of Time, what if The Great Dark one did kill the Dragon Reborn?" "What if Harry had not survived the curse that killed his mother and father?" The heroes would come back to save the world would they not? This story is that question, and the answer? It is in the pages... View table of contents...


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The nerve of him! Thinks Kiki as she roams aimlessly around the town center, her eyes squinting and searching the gathering crowed, anticipation growing as quickly as her impatience. When she got a hold of him, boy was he going to get it! Her necklace was hot under her shirt, it had been reacting like this for over an hour, since

she had overheard Tikreece talking about it, that loudmouth, she had let him have it already. Ti didn't look so macho with his butt on fire Kiki thinks to herself and closing her eyes, she allowing herself a little evil giggle. She simply stands there for a moment and remembers the look on Tikreece's face as he jumped into the air, the seat of his trousers on fire, and then him jumping butt first into the fountain. Her smiles widens, Kiki's mother will probably have a few words for her once she finds out what she did. However something much more important then how much trouble she was in at that moment takes place, she hears it, his voice, and he is close. Kiki's smile slides off her face, and then her eyes snap open, deep, yet somehow bright jade and screaming with anger.

"Sabastian James Valeros! You are so dead!" She spins toward his voice, and her eyes lock onto her target. His dark brown eyes turning slowly to face her, she watches as his muscular frame, still very obvious behind the dark green cloth shirt he has on, tightens in fear at the tone of her voice. She starts pounding toward him and feels a sensation nothing short of malicious glee that his fear makes him take an involuntary step backwards from her advance. His red hair, much lighter then hers; a red copper in compared to her dark blood red waves, but she could swear his was turning white. His skin certainly was, the slight pink was draining to as pale as she was.

She thought about just blasting him there. She was definitely still angry enough that the image of him on fire was very tempting, but he was smarter then Tikreece had been, smart enough to be scared and show it at least. That would buy him about one minute to explain himself. She continued to approach him until her face was almost touching his chest as she shot daggers through her eyes up at him. She was used to being about this much shorter then the Human boys, such was the life of a Halfling, even being taller then her mother already, she was doomed to be very short. She was slim built and was often told by the mothers that she looked like a mini human, something that deeply irritated her. Sabastian was a little taller then the others human boys, but not by much. Most of the other children looking on were stunned, Sab was one of the best fighters in Nikki Town and easily the strongest of the children. From what most of the on lookers knew, Sabastian and Kiki never even spoke on a day to day, never mind quarreled. If anyone had known these two would lock horns in the near future, the bets certainly would have been on Sab. At the moment however, he was rolled shouldered and cowering as her rage was breaking over him.

Sabastian leans a bit farther back from Kiki, still keeping eye contact, not breathing to loudly, and certainly not moving again. She was too close for that, from her overall body language, she was liable to explode at any moment, which usually didn't end well for the people she was directing her anger at. This was not the worst part of the predicament Sabastian found himself in. The worst part, was that he had absolutely no idea what he could have done to get her this mad as him.

"Um, hey there Kiki, nice night for a gathering wouldn't you say?" he says having racked his brain for a moment and found absolutely nothing better to say. Kiki shows no sign of even hearing him, Something happened then that surprises her however, the inner Kiki calms ever so slightly. The fact that he was so frightened of her makes her feel good, it never happened. Any time she would get angry or upset, all the mothers would say how cute she was or smile like it wasn't a big deal. The other children were worse! They would often laugh, as if she wasn't a threat, not scary. Things were starting to change however, and to think, all she had to do was light a few people on fire. If she had known that she would have started much sooner. If big bad Sabastian was scared, she was defiantly making progress. She kept her face unchanged however, not showing this inner enlightenment.

"So!" she says angrily, "I hear you think I'm pretty funny? A real live court jester huh?" she keeps her eyes locked on his, searching for understanding. However, she is having difficulty finding any.

"What? Court jester?" he blinks at her a few times, racking his brain. "We have never even spent time together, I don't even really know you." he hesitates and then asks tentatively, "Do you want me to think your funny?" he keeps any form of a challenge off his face and out of his voice but does straiten up slightly. Even though, at this moment Kiki wants very much to remain angry, she can feel her fury ebbing away. She looks down for a moment, collecting her thoughts, she didn't want to calm down, he made her look like a fool in front of everyone and she was going to fix it here and now. Her necklace heats up again, and her eyes snap back up to Sabastian, deadly again.

"So me and you shared a Dream huh? Me and you were fighting the good fight side by side?" she asks again looking for realization, this time she is rewarded.

"The dream? My most recent dream, that's what this is about?" Sabastian straitens up, still looking confused as to why his dream would have her so mad like this. He had rather enjoyed that particular dream, he had been a knight.

"Yes Sab the Dream, I hear you have been telling everyone what a great adventure you had as a knight, slaying chaos knights and even a dragon." She is swaying slightly as she puts emotion and sarcasm into her words, Sabastian eyes began to follow the swish of her long mane of hair, as if it is a whip she is going to bring down on him. Her voice then gets if possible even deadly.

"Oh there was one more thing wasn't there?" her voice drips with and equal amount of poison and cuteness. "You even saved the beautiful helpless princess didn't you?" she asks smiling evilly.

Sabastian was lost. He did remember all of this, the slaying of the dragon outside the keep, the fierce fighting up the spiral staircase. (that had been a pain really, his armor had made those stairs seem endless.) and of course saving the princess from the evil Chaos king. He also was quite aware of where Kiki fit in all this, why he seemed to be in so much trouble was still eluding him though. He is embarrassed by this situation and finds himself blushing for reasons even he can't explain.

"Well helpless is not the word I would chose to describe the princess from my dream." he says slowly, almost awkwardly. He looks back in her eyes again, and sees something click. This statement causes Kiki to snap suddenly. Her hands clench and then open again forcefully, it looks like a birth of life as flames are conjured from the magic boiling in her blood, given spark by the stones for fire magic embedded in her necklace. Sab starts to panic a bit. He didn't want to fight her, not over something like this. Kiki is suddenly yelling again.

"You admit it then! You have been lying for a week about me! I can't believe I didn't hear about this sooner. Do I look like a damsel in distress to you? Do I look weak? We are not friends Sabastian, you and I are strangers. My Dream took place miles from yours and I was most certainly not your princess." Her eyes widen with a sudden final resolve. "Let me show you what I was doing in my Dream." she quickly bends into a lower crouch position and the flames from her hands begin to spin franticly in a slipstream around her, causing children all around to gasp and stair.

Sabastian thought about drawing the twin gladius swords sheathed on his hips at this point. This girl was plainly not playing around, those flames could do some real damage. Something about what she said held him from starting a real fight thought, something still didn't fit into place.

"Kiki!" he calls out, now stone faced and series. "I think your making a mistake, how could I be lying about this dream for a week when I just had it last night?"

Kiki's green eyes suddenly blink, confused. She seeks his eyes out again, looking for the lie that was not there.

"What are you talking about? The castle Dream was a full week ago now." she stated counting the days in her head just to be sure. Sabastian rises a brow trying to explain.

"Yes that's true, I did Dream with the rest of you a week ago, and yes I was the knight and there was a helpless princess in the Dream. But..." He suddenly gets embarrassed again, very aware of most of the town watching at this point.

"Well last night I had a regular dream, it was the same as a week ago, less real of course but, well instead of a princess, I found you at the top of the spiral staircase and you were already doing battle with the King. I was a bit confused but joined in and we defeated the king together and well... the dream ended when you looked at me." He finishes his story rather lamely. Kiki's anger dies out almost at once, she is staring open mouthed and at a lost for words. This was not the kind of explanation she had hoped for. She wanted a story that made no sense at all and gave her full rights to turn him to cinders. After all this, he really did have a reason, and it was a good enough one to take away the justification she was looking for. After a few moments, she slowly hangs her head, letting the flames drain away from her into the air.

How stupid! Two dreams, the same dream only different people, and now the whole of Nikki had seen her almost blow her top over nothing. She had done this to clear her name, and now she had made them both look like fools.

Sabastian is still regarding Kiki with caution, not quite convinced the danger has passed. She does have a pink tinge under her eyes as she is staring at the ground. Sab looks around, a few of the Children are whispering and some even look like they might laugh. Sab glares at the ones smiling at him, wanting him to join the joke. The faces slide back to confusion when it is clear Sabastian is not going to mock her for her outburst. To finalize the point and try to glaze over the whole moment. Sab walks over and puts a hand on Kiki's shoulder.

"Um, will you sit with me?" he asks tentatively, indicating the last seat of his year and the first seat of hers. In a few hours time, It would be the first day of the month of Aves. Sabastian was born in this month so he sat in the first set of chairs today, The set always to follow is the month of the Canine, in which Kiki was born. She might only come up to the middle of his chest, but she was only a few days younger then he was. She looks up at him quizzically. She was rather surprised that he would just know the month of her birth, as they both had mentioned, they hardly knew each other. He was right however, If he sat in his last seat, and she in her first, they could sit next to one another.

Things were all of a sudden moving so fast, when Kiki had calmed her rage and it was replaced with embarrassment, everything had come to a standstill… almost. Now she was moving to sit in the first seat in the month of Canine by the request of the boy she had just threatened to set ablaze. She felt much better when she hopped up into the seat, the toes of her shoes scraping the ground. Why was no one laughing? Sabastian did not have that much pull with the other kids. As though reading her mind, Sab suddenly speaks.

"Well, I don't think anyone is going to try making fun of you anytime soon. The risk of getting burned to a crisp seems to be a sobering thought, yes?" Kiki turns to look at him, he is leaning forward and down slightly, with his brows razed. All that muscle, and armed, Kiki couldn't understand why he had not fought, or at least pulled out his swords or something. As she thinks this her eyes travel to the two gladius on his belt. Swords made for gladiator matches, short but well weighted, great for taking off an arm or leg, or in Kiki's case cutting her in two. Her eyes snap back to his and she gives him a suspicious stair.

"Maybe not" she says narrowing her eyes "I do still have a question now that I think on it." She changes her face to accusatory "Why are you dreaming about me?" Sabastian turns his face forward, thinking and looking puzzled by this.

"I have no idea. In truth it was the first time it had happened." He thinks on it a moment longer and then smiles looking skyward. "I will say however, I would not mind if it was not the last." Kiki keeps her eyes narrowed.


Sab smiles and turns this brown eyes to look into her green.

"Well, you made a much better princess then the screeching damsel awaiting to be rescued." Kiki continues her narrowed eyed stair for a few moments longer, when an unwilling grin crosses her lips, 'Well,' she thinks to herself 'I guess Sab isn't that bad'


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