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Lightning's Heart

Novel By: Jaybird

The sequel to 'Lightning's Kiss'

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"What the hell am I supposed to do?" I asked as I slumped to the ground in defeat. I was in my bedroom, collapsed to my knees in front of the mirror. Sy, my Vampire best-friend and sort-of crush, was sitting on the bed, his silver eyes rimmed with bloody tears.
"You have to get rid of it." He told me in a hoarse whisper. Luckily for me, I'd just found out that the psychotic Demon who was set bent on taking over the world, who I had killed not more than a month ago, had gotten me fucking pregnant. It was just the cherry on top of my already fucked up life.
You see, I'm a Vampire too, just not the usual kind. No, I'm a Psychic Vampire, which means that instead off feeding on your blood, I can feed on your energy by a single touch, or even through eye contact. But I also happen to be extra 'gifted' in that area too, turns out that I have the Desumo, which is a Latin term that means I can wield electricity and lightning. Oh, it also means I'm gonna go through some weird change that will make me immortal. It'd already started; my once pale violet eyes had changed to a reflective silver colour and my hair was slowly beginning to turn silver too.
But that wasn't really what fucked up my life. No, that was Shane - the psychotic Demon mentioned earlier. He killed my mother, altered my memory to make me think I had done it, which made me go through all sorts of self-torture that almost killed me. So that was when Shane decided to put on some human glamour and make me fall in love with him, which I inevitably did. But, of course, he broke my heart when I found out what his real plans were: that he wanted to control me, take over the world using my help, and then steal my power.
To put a long story short, I killed him. I thought I w\s rid of him forever when he fell off the side of the building and was skewered by the metal fence. Obviously not, because before I'd done that, he'd clearly managed to get me freaking pregnant.
And now I knelt on the floor, my head in my hands. I jolted as the thing inside of me kicked for the third time, telling me that it was alive and kicking, despite the fact it couldn't be any more than a month old.
"They grow really quick, Ebony." Sy told me, sliding off the bed and coming to kneel in front of me. "There are loads of stories of Demons impregnating females, and those females don't usually survive because of the rapid growth of the child."
"But what if this is my only chance at having a child? I want kids one day, what if this whole change thing I'm going through will make me infertile?" I asked.
"But you can't have this one, it is sure to kill you. And even if it doesn't, are you ready to raise a half-Demon?"
"No." I mumbled. Sy took my hands in his, caressing them with his thumbs.
"I can contact a doctor. We'll have to get one that deals with the supernatural, there's no way this can be done by human doctors."
"Why not?"
"Well, first things first, they'll be totally baffled at the fact the thing has grown so quickly. Secondly, they will see that your blood is purple instead of red." He explained.
"Well shit, I forgot about that." Yeah, the whole change thing had changed my blood, turning it from the normal red colour, to a strange shade of purple.
"Exactly. So we need a supernatural doctor to abort the baby."
"Okay." I whispered, giving in. It was completely irrational to want to keep the thing that was wriggling inside of me, I knew that, but it didn't stop me wanting to keep it. I mentally slapped myself around the face. Why would I want to keep a child fathered by Shane? It would probably end up being as psychotic as him.
Sy got up to go fetch the phone. He dialled a number, and then exited the room to speak to the people. It wasn't long until he came back in, an annoyed expression on his face. "Thanks to the destruction that Sy caused, the hospitals appointments are fully booked for the next month. They won't make any exceptions."
"What do we do?" I asked.
"You hold on until we can get a hold of another doctor that deals in the supernatural. I'll do my best."
It turned out that his 'best' wasn't for another two weeks. He tried countless doctors, even tried bribing them to see if they would budge their appointments, but all said no. And there weren't that many supernatural doctors.
Even over two weeks, the bump had grown considerably. I refused to go out, not wanting anyone to see it. Plus, none of my clothes fit over it without me looking like a complete slag.
Bianca, my best friend, called several times, and I decided that I couldn't keep it a secret from her. I was sitting in the lounge when she knocked on the door. Sy went to answer it while I slumped on the arm rest, letting tears fall down my cheeks. I winced as the baby moved more, and I could swear I felt it scratch me from the inside. It probably had freaking claws.
Bianca came into the lounge, and let out a sigh. It sounded sorrowful, which told me that I must have looked worse than I felt.
I could feel that this thing was killing me. It bruised me, scratched me, and drained any energy that I had. There were few times were I had the strength to get out of bed. Today I had managed, but only to collapse to the sofa.
"Oh, Ebony, I'm sorry." Bianca whispered as she sat down beside me.
"You say sorry too much. This"-I gestured to my swollen stomach-"isn't your fault. It's that bastard's Shane. And even though he's dead, I still hate his guts."
"Too right. I don't know how I never saw through his charade."
"Because he was a conniving little wankstain, that's how." I scowled. She laughed a little at my use of insult. She liked the way that my swear words were always really interesting and unusual. Overusing the common ones gets boring.
She turned to Sy then. "Any luck on finding a doctor?" I'd told her over the phone that we'd had very little luck there.
"Still nothing." He replied, looking at me with hurt in his eyes. "We will get it out of her though, even if I have to do it myself."
I knew he meant well, but there was no way in hell I would let him abort the baby. He's a Vampire, and though he often told me he hated psychic blood, there was still sure to be a lot of blood with the abortion. I didn't quite trust his capability to withhold himself.
At that moment, the phone rang. Sy got up to answer it, and left the room. I chatted aimlessly with Bianca for a while, but then Sy came back in with a smile on his face.
"We have a doctor." He said simply.
"What?" both Bianca and I exclaimed in unison. I pushed myself up off the arm rest, wincing as the baby kicked really hard.
"That was someone from the main hospital on the phone, they were sorry they could bring you in any sooner, but they have found a private doctor that isn't fully booked."
"That's brilliant." I breathed. "I just want this thing out of me." I may have had irrational thoughts of wanting to keep the baby not too long ago, but they were gone now.
"It's going to be quite expensive, but I can cover it." Sy admitted.
"You spend way too much money on me, Sy." I moaned as I slumped back.
"Of course you pick now to moan about me spending money on you, when you don't moan when I buy you jewellery." He laughed as he knelt down beside me and held my hand.
"Oh shush." I smiled, yawned and then fell asleep against the arm rest.
When I woke up, I was in the car with Sy. I looked around and saw that Bianca was in the back seat. "Where are we?" I asked.
"One our way to the private doctor. Don't worry; everything has been taken care of." Sy told me, taking one hand off the steering wheel and placing it on my knee in comfort.
We soon pulled into a small parking lot, which surprisingly didn't have many cars in. Sy helped me out the car, and the three of us walked towards the building that must have been the hospital. Well, I say 'walked', when really I just hung onto Sy's arm while Bianca tried to hold me up. I was incredibly tired.
We checked in, and the doctors let me sit in a wheelchair. I started to slip into sleep again, but I kept myself awake. I must have fallen asleep at one point though, because one moment I was being wheeled across the corridor, and the next I was laying on an operating table. I looked over and saw that Sy was there, holding my hand.
"It's going to be okay, Ebony." He whispered, and everything sounded fuzzy. I realised then that they were injecting anaesthetic into me, and the corners of my eyes began to go blurry and dark.
"You're so good to me, Sy." I mumbled. I squeezed his hand as tight as I could, even though my fingers were going numb, as I spoke. "This might be the anaesthetic talking, but I think I love you."
"You know what? I love you too. Now go to sleep, everything will be fine when you wake up."
And with that, everything went pitch black as I fell limp against the table.


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