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Secrets Drowned in Blood

Novel By: JDMB

Julie's brother died 9 years ago. Leaving her hos demon, and his charm she must now protect. With Kosen, a group of foul vampires and humans, on her trail. She must protect her charm. Other protects have been killed, and you will never believe who the murder is.... View table of contents...



Submitted:Sep 11, 2011    Reads: 7    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Prolouge: Screams echoed behind him. The sounds of glass breaking, wood cracking, and even his footsteps filled the air. He hauled the limp boy and carried paper light girl up the hill. "No. No. No." The ground shook below him as he reached the top. He looked at the boy. "Derek." He shook the boy dazing behind him. He was afraid to look behind him, but he knew the presence was a good sight. "I have to do this." He turned around and faced the ebony black monster, and then ,his own, white monster. "We have to do this," he mumbled. The girl, afraid to open her eyes, forced them open. "Brother, Derek?" She looked at her brother facing the black cat-like monster. A purple aura surrounded him and the white hound-like monster. She ran to Derek,the bruised, sweaty,and weary boy and said,"Derek come on help him." She knew it was impossible for him to help in his state, but she still hoped. Her brother's aura grew, and the monster started to glow. Soon she was surrounded by a white light. Arms wrapped around her waist, and held her before she could blow away. The light cleared. She opened her eyes. "Brother?" Derek's arms were wrapped around her. "Derek." She shook his body. He stood up and used a boulder to balance himself. Both the girl and Derek looked around. "Brother!" She spotted him in the distance. He stood on his knees with the white monster laying next to him. He coughed up blood. His shirt torn,and blood leaking from scrapes on his arms and body. Derek limped to the injured boy. "Hang in there," he said. "Brother." The girl hesitated. The boy looked at his sister, who's eyes were filled with tears. "Stay alive," Derek demanded. The boy coughed up more blood. "Brother," she mumbled as more tears bursted from her eyes. She looked at his monster that slowly dissapeared. "STAY ALIVE!" Derek yelled. "FOR YOUR SISTER!" The boy looked at his sister and rasped, "Sorry." "BROTHER!" she cried as she ran into his arms. She wrapped her arms around him as he slowly closed his eyes. "BROTHER!"


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