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That Metal Room

Novel By: Jenna Mason

Jenna Mason, a twelve year old girl has just moved to Toronto. While out alone one night, she stumbles upon a man and a boy, enemies trying to destroy each other. She gets kidnapped and this adventure is going to turn her whole life upside down View table of contents...



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Chapter 1: My New Life "Jenna! Wake up!" shouted my mother. Ugh. Can't I sleep? It's only 7:45. Oh my gosh, it's 7:45. I needed to get up. Meh. 5 minutes. I collapsed back into my bed. "Jenna Wallace Mason! It's 8:00!" My eyes opened quickly. Quickly, I shoved the luxurious comforter off me and put my feet on the cold hardwood floor. I ran over to my drawers and looked for something appropriate to wear to my first day of junior high. After much searching through my drawers I found an American Apparel hoodie, American Eagle jeans and a t-shirt. "Jenna! Hurry up!" shouted my mother. I grabbed my toothbrush and brushed my teeth quickly then ran downstairs. "Jenna! You're going to be late!" I grabbed my bag and swung it over my shoulder and ran for the door. "Jenna! Eat something!" shouted my mother. Nag nag nag. She's been like this ever since she divorced my dad in May. He said he'd send me mail. Why hasn't he? Can't he keep his promises? I know he will though. The mail must be bad here. That's it! Dad sent me mail, it's just slow. "Jenna! Eat!" I grabbed some bread and ran out the door. I heard my name for the seventh time that morning, but ignored it and ran out the door. I grabbed my phone out of my sweatshirt pocket and checked the time. 8:11. Not looking good. OK, I was pretty sure the school was three blocks from our new house. Or was it four? I hate Toronto. I miss New York. This city was just such a wannabe city, I couldn't stand it. I missed all my old friends. I missed all the streets and shops in Manhattan. I missed Manhattan so much, I couldn't stand it. It had been nearly two months since we had left. Mom just couldn't afford to stay there without Dad paying money. I got onto school grounds and slowed my pace. I hadn't even noticed but I had a stitch. I clutched my left lung in pain and breathed in deeply. Someone had once told me that got it to go away. Well, someone lied. It obviously didn't. I decided to ignore it and ran into the building. "Locker 112, locker 112, locker 112." I repeated over and over to myself. I found my locker and flung it open. It was so empty and blank. The walls were just bare and there was a hook in the back. I didn't remember my classes and looked at my timetable. Math, English, Science, French. That was my Monday morning. I sighed in disappointment. The only one I was decent at was science. It said math was in room 68. I glanced at the room across from me. Room 55. I checked the time again. 8:25. I sprinted down the hallway. I've never been particularly fast, and the fact my bag was weighing me down wasn't helping. I ran into my classroom quickly. I doubled over panting and saw all the other kids staring at me like who's the weird kid sprinting to class? "Hello, what's your name?" asked a woman, who I assumed was the teacher. "Jenna. Jenna Mason." "Well Jenna, can you put on a name tag please?" she asked and handed me a name tag. Slowly and in my best printing I wrote "Jenna". "Would you hurry up?" a boy asked. I jumped. I hadn't noticed him. "Sorry." I said and handed him the pen. He rolled his eyes and walked away. A bell rang. "Hello class! I'm Miss Hunter. Now, I'll be giving you your seats." she said. She pointed at kids and told them to sit places. "Jenna and Eugene." she said finally. I sat down at the desk and the boy from earlier sat next to me. I smirked. Eugene wasn't exactly what I thought a bully's name would be. "What's so funny?" he demanded. "Nothing, nothing." I said. "Fine." he said. "Good." "Bye." he said in that obnoxious tone everyone hates. He turned his back and I made a face at him. A girl behind me laughed and he spun around. "Cut it out!" he shouted. "Eugene and Jenna! Stop arguing!" shouted Miss Hunter. I made a face and heard the line most people outgrow by the age of three. "She started it!" I put my head in my hands. "Are you crying?" asked a girl. "No!" I snapped at her. Why is it that when you put your head in your hands it automatically means you're crying? I wasn't going to let Eugene get to me. "Class, calm down!" ordered Miss Hunter. Eugene and I glared at each other and shut up. After that she went on to teach us torture. I mean math. When the bell finally rang I sighed in relief. That was over with. I wandered into my next class. The day was totally normal and I came home. "Mom, was there any mail from Dad today?" I asked. "Sorry honey, there wasn't." I got that sinking feeling in my stomach that comes whenever you get disappointed. I sighed and walked into my room. I kicked off my sneakers and one hit the wall. I checked my phone and noticed a text message from my best friend in New York, Connor Avery. Yeah, my best friend's a guy. He was asking me how school went. I told him the truth. I'd been there a day and made an enemy. He was sure it would improve. That's Connor for you. The most optimistic guy around. He asked me if there were any good skateparks around. Connor loved skateboarding. I was a nightmare at it but just did it to hang out with him. Back in July, right before we had left, Connor had given me his favourite skateboard. The thing I felt guilty about was that I had never used it. It was just too painful to go skateboarding. It reminded of Connor and New York too much. Plus, without Connor it was no fun. Thinking about this I pulled his skateboard out from it's place on my wall and tried an ollie. I fell flat on my face. "Keep it down!" shouted Mom. I rolled my eyes and collapsed onto my bed. "Mom! I'm going on a bike ride!" I shouted. "Good! You didn't leave the house all summer!" she shouted. That's what you do when you don't know anyone because you were forced to move away from all your friends. I thought but didn't say. I ran into the garage and pulled out my bike. It was brand new, my mother had tried to make up for ruining my life by buying me things. It hadn't worked. I opened the garage and pulled my bike out. I put my foot over and jumped on. I pedaled into the street and put my arms next to me. It hadn't taken me all summer and a broken wrist last year, but I had learned how to ride a bike with no handlebars. My bike spun out and I fell into the grass. OK, I wasn't perfect at it. I picked up my newly dented bike and tried riding again, this time with handlebars. I hate Toronto. I thought. I know, you've thought that a billion times. said another voice. Great. Now I was hearing voices in my head. This was not a good sign. I closed my eyes but remembered I was on a bike and opened them again. I saw a boy facing a wall muttering something. I had grown up in New York and had seen things that were far weirder so I didn't pay much attention. "Nathan Carter!" shouted a man. I looked around in amazement. He had just appeared. One second it was me and the weird boy and then there was a man. "I finally have you, Carter!" he shouted. The boy smirked. "That's what you think." The man shot yellow light at the boy. He ducked and narrowly avoided it. He ran at a wall and I thought, "Great, he's going to give himself a concussion." Instead, he jumped off it and did a backflip, narrowly avoiding two more bolts of yellow light. Another bolt was shot. He did a backbend but it hit him in the chest. He fell over. The man stuffed him into a sack. Was he dead? Was he unconscious? I wondered. I stood there with my bike, petrified. "Stop there, girl!" he shouted. I regained my legs and jumped on my bike. I pedaled and pedaled, with no idea where I was going. My heart was pounding, my lungs felt like they were caving in and my legs wanted to stop. But the adrenaline was much stronger. I took a sharp turn and my bike fell. I decided to leave the bike and get away from the scary man. I ran. You know how in cartoons someone hides behind a wall and doesn't get caught? Well, that doesn't work. The man caught me, grabbed me by my hair and shouted, "What did you see?!" "Nothing! I swear!" I shouted. He twisted my hair, making my scalp hurt. "You're lying!" he shouted. "I'm not!" I insisted. He smashed my head against the brick wall behind me. For a second all I felt was pain. Then I blacked out. Chapter 2: Nate Carter "Let us out!" I awoke to pounding on a door. "Hey, a little help?" the boy asked. "Look, I have no idea what on earth is going on. Please explain." The boy sighed. "OK, I'm Nathan Carter, call me Nate. Dr. Hart, or Heartless, as we call him, has kidnapped me because I'm foiling his plans as part of the CR- Child Resistance. You were in the wrong place at the wrong time and now you're stuck here too. Get it?" he said. "Sorta-?" I said. "Good." he said. I looked around the room. It appeared to be made of metal and the door was locked, probably chained and bolted as well. "So why's he keeping us here?" I asked. "He's either going to use us for ransom, or kill us." said Nate. I got a sinking feeling in my stomach. My worst fears had been confirmed. "Oh." I said. "So what's your name, anyway?" he asked. "Jenna." "Nice name." he said. I guess he wanted to calm me down. For some strange reason, I didn't need it. I was already calm. My brain must have been slow, why wasn't I worried? "Stand back." he said. Nate blasted the wall with purple light, but it stayed how it was. "Magic proof." he said. I nodded, not wanting to seem dumb, though I had no idea what the heck magic proof was. "So, anyway, where are you from?" he asked. It was strange that he was trying to make conversation in a prison. "New-" I almost said New York, then remembered I wasn't a New Yorker anymore. "Toronto." I said glumly. "I like Toronto." he said. "You wouldn't if you were forced away from your friends." I snapped. I regretted the words as soon as they were out of my mouth. "Oh, sorry." he said. "It's OK, my fault." I said. "Sorry to break up this little gathering..." said a voice. I jumped I hadn't noticed anyone else. A teenager who looked about fifteen, three years older than me and Nate. "I'm Bryce." the boy said. "Hi, I'm Jenna and this is-" "I know who this is. Everyone in Glenrush forest knows who he is. He's Nate Carter." Nate looked at me, his hazel eyes flashing innocently. "You never told me you were famous." "I've known you for ten minutes." "Good point." "So Bruce, why are you here?" I asked. "Bryce. And I was a traitor. They're going to hang me in a month." he said. "Hang? Isn't that a little harsh? And outdated?" I inquired. "Nope." he said. "Bryce got caught helping the CR." explained Nate. "And you haven't tried to help him?" I exclaimed, shocked. "We have! Milo and Nicole were supposed to be doing it now!" "Milo Adams and Nicole Jackson? They're both dumber than a post." said Bryce. "That's not very nice." I said. "Neither is this forest. It's where all the magic activity is." said Bryce. "Where are we?" "Glenrush Forest." said Nate. "No, like where exactly?" "California."


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