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angels and demons: the unknown

Novel By: juliet cullen

this is about well my characters from fallen angel combined with my best friends.
its got everything for everyone enjoy :D View table of contents...



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chapter 1

this is....strange. haylie pov

okay, lets get this shit over and done with. this story began when i first met the angel who kind of made my life hell. my name is haylie, i have jet black hair and eyes.the place i was at, at the time, was dark and prison like. i didn't like it, but i didn't much care. why cant i walk out of here like my other problems i encountered. this facility is full of electric shock fences and equipment. i feel like I've been walking around in circles. i don't know. i stopped walking. i smelled something terrible. i ran towards the smell till i reached a room. the smell is more like poison in here. i slammed the door. there in front of me was the owner of this smell. i think I'm going to pass out. this thing in front of me is a freak, or in other terms an angel.

"some body should open a window in here." i said. my head's getting weak.
" who... are... you?" the winged thing said." what...do...you...want?"
"what do you want?" i asked back.
this girl is chained real tight on her wings, around her ankles, her neck, and arms. talk about over perspective.
"to... get... out." she whispered. she sounds like she's in pain.
" but why dose it matter to you? what do you care about?"
she winced. i admit i could care less about what she wants, but i guess it won't hurt talking to her, oh wait she's bleeding on her head which is spelling all over the floor, the blood smells like a dead animal so of course it'll kill me.
"what's your name?" i asked"anna"she replied, like i care.
my vision is starting to get blurry. i saw a man standing by the door." excuse me ma'am, but you not suppose to be here." now he tells me."which is why i am... here..." i said. i sound like I'm about to beat the heck out of this man."ma'am please come with me." now he's bossin me around."i don't listen to my parents, what makes you think i will listen to you." i said, i fell, black out.
chapter 2 anna p.o.v
had seriously wondered why this girl wanted to speak. i was in far too much pain to speak. they had me chained like an animal. the memories flooded my mind. My old circus master in my mind. the way he looked when i had killed him, his blood on my hands.
I just wish to end my misery. i wondered if that girl will end me or save me. god only knows.
My hazel blue eyes closed in exhaustion. but my dream wouldn't give me peace, just longing to be with the guy i loved.
haylies haylies p.o.v
my head feels dizzy, while rubbing my forehead i looked at my watch. 12:30am. great, sleeping on the job was not part of my escape.
i got up on my feet and tried to walk. my feet feel like lead, as if they never felt like this before. as soon i closed my eyes to see the next security system anna came back into my head, like its her saying "save me" as if i would save an angel, although that angels there for the scientist to
experiment on so if i save her then it will mess up everything those idiots worked for. haha. i closed my eyes and smelled annas blood.
she somewhere that's where. I walked down this long and boring hallway with l of twist and turns and dead ends. i finally found the door, took me long enough. i turned the door knob and saw her stuck to the wall nothing new really. ok i have to work fast.
i grabbed one of my vials and scooped up the blood from the floor.
"hey." i said "wake up."
"go...away...leave me...to. My misery." she said between gasps. she looked up at me from the corner of her eyes.
the painful pain return in my head. how is she bringing this pain just by a look?" well guess what, your not in misery, your in a facility.""isn't that misery. i deserve this. this is punishment for what I've done!" she snapped at me. well I'm confused, what did she do? steal bottle of explosion pills or something.
hey there's the end of the chain that's in the wall. i grabbed the that end and yanked it out. all those chains came out at once.
even the part of the wall came out. and they say these walls are thick. damn i could've left 1 week ago.
"hey your a demon?" anna asked her.
"no shit sherlock holmes. took you long enough." i said with a hint of my sarcasm.


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