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Fallen Angel. book one of romantic angel

Novel By: juliet cullen

this is a continue of my short story Romantic Angel...

bruised and hurt anna finds herself in an abadoned house.
she wondered how she got there. all she remembered was that she was flying and then she fell.
maybe she walked there unconciously, but that was impossible. but joining the weirdness is the boy keeps showing up in her dreams and at the house. he's kind and nice to her but she doesn;t know who he is. View table of contents...


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chapter 1 anna. i felt sore and bad, my hand automatically went to my forehead. my head hurt, and so did the rest of my broken body. i looked at my hand and realized someone was kind enough to put bandages where i was cut. which was more than just my hand, my stomach was wrapped my left arm my right hand and my legs. i looked around and found myself in a big room, it was nice. well except for the spider webs and a little bit of dust, it was nice. hm who would do this for me? i wondered. it wasn;t the first weird thing, on the side table there was a plate of fruit, fresh fruit. well that was nice i thought. i reached over, winced a little at the pain, and grabbed an apple. my favorite. i took a bite out of it, and then suddenly i herd footsteps coming up the stairs. the door creeked open slightly and stepping in was the boy who saved me. he looked at me with wide eyes and a happy trusting smile. "well i'm glad your awake now, i thought you might have gone into a coma." he said nervously. he had bandages and such in his hands. the boy was good-looking, blonde-brown hair hazel eyes and well built. i looked at him questiongly. "your not afraid or disgusted by me at all?" i asked him. he looked at me confused. "No. why would i be? you've always been the nicest person and cutest around." he said smiling reasurringly. "My master told me that people would always be scared of me"i said, then un-wanted tears began to fill up my eyes. he came up to me and sat on the bed then he patted me on the back and said it was okay. but it wasn't, i knew it wasn;t and so did he. i knew my master would send angry people out to get me and really kill me. i pushed away from and narrowed my still crying eyes. "its not okay! it'll never be okay!" i screamed. then stopped and looked at him. he was smiling sadly at me, but he was still smiling. "anna i know it's not okay, but you'll have to trust me to protect you. i'll never let anyone hurt you as long as i'm around." he said. then crying happy tears i flung myself at the boy and said thank you. i never really planned on trusting anyone not even myself. but for some strange reason i trusted this boy. he was nice and kind and sweet to me, even though i was freak against nature. and for another strange reason i didn;t feel like a freak anymore, now that i'm around this boy i feel almost normal. i blinked then leaned away from him again. "um i'm sorry but, who are you exactly?" i asked. "my name is connor." he said. " thank you so much connor." before he could say your welcome i hurried on "um this might sound crazy but for some reason i feel like i've known you forever" i said. " its not crazy anna it's true." he said smiling. i knew my face was a big question mark but he shook his head and said. "i'll tell you when your better." with that he got up and walked to the door. "um will you stay here with me?" i asked gently, the last thing i wanted was to be left completely alone. "of course. if you need anything i'll be downstairs, okay?" he said. i smiled a huge smile and said okay. he smiled at me again then went downstairs. i've never felt so happy in my life. it's like a switch was thrown inside me and it felt warm. i ate the last few bites of my apple then laid down. i hadn't realized it was almost night time. i geuss i cried almost all day. damn i am one crazy chick as my uncle larry would say. i miss everyone from the circus except master. i don't miss that awful man one bit. if i did then call me insane. i closed my eyes and listened to the sound connors heart along with the tv *giggle*. as soon as i fell asleep i opened my dreaming selfs eyes. "hiya anna!" the little boy said. "hi um......" i trailed off, it was dream so why don't i know the names of the people i dream about? "connor! silly anna! do you wanna play or sit here and count the clouds?" the who called himself connor. my imagination has lost it's damn mind, how can i dream about connor as a child if i didn't know what he looked like as a kid. then i realised, i have been dreaming about this kid for more than 6 years. he was always there. "i know what your thinking. you just wanna count clouds again huh?" he said. all i did was nod and smile. "you don't do much do you?" he asked. "i guess not." my dreaming self said. "hey relax it'll be fine, your with me now. remember, i promised i'd be around and protect you" he said and smiled older connors big goofy smile. it may have took me forever but now i know, connor was always there for me. even when i was a kid. i woke up from my dream and walked downstairs. just as i suspected connor was asleep on the couch. i bent down and kissed his cheek. "thank you connor, for always being there just like you promised." i whispered in his ear. he smiled his big goofy grin again and that made me smile. i walked back upstairs and laid back down. as soon as i knew i fell completely asleep and now realised connor was and always will be my childhood sweetheart.


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