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monster high.

Novel By: juliet cullen

this story is about a girl who transforms into a wolf which she has wolf like tattoo's.then she goes to this school, but when she gets there things aren't what they seem. the head mistress is going to the dark side. she turns to her friends to help her figure things out to stop the evil headmistress from starting a war between monsters and humans. but what can one teenage girl do to save the world from falling apart.
this is book 1 i'll be writing 5 books. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 15, 2010    Reads: 88    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

so today is the crappiest days of all days.

it's my 16 birthday, yay. not.

it's not a happy birthday whatsoever.

my parents aren't here, whoop-de-fucking-do.

figures since they don't like me.

well my birth dad moved out and my mom married the step-idiot.

god he is so annoying.

so instead of living with my parents i live with my aunt and uncle.

my aunt claira already sent out the party invitations,i thought, well crap.

i hope she didn't invite hannah.

hannah is the most popular girl in school but she is also a hag from hell.

she picks on people, but she doesn't pick on me. wanna know why?

last summer she tried to scare me but i ended up breaking her arm.

poor hag from hell. yep everyone calls her a hag from hell.

we put a sticker on her locker big enough for everyone to see it said: proud to be a hag from hell.

everyone laughed for two days, but when she got dirt on people they stopped laughing at her.

well everyone except me,

i have nothing embarassing nor do i have secrets.

two years ago everyone knew i had a crush on steve nickels,

she pronouced it to everyone.

the result of that one was steve and me starting going out until he moved.


so she has no effect on me whatsoever. thank god.

woah, i have a killer stomach ache,i thought,what the hell.

"sarah are you okay,dear?" my aunt claira asked.

"no my stomach hurts and i feel dizzy''i said holding my stomach.

"harold! somethings wrong with sarah!!"she yelled.

my uncle harold came rushing downstairs.

when he saw me his eyes widened like he knew what was happening.

"it's going to be okay sarah,this happened to me when i was a young wolf."he said.

"am i changing?why didn't you tell me it happens on my 16 birthday?"

"i couldn't tell you much.rules are rules sarah."he said

"ow!!!! it hurts like hell!" i said screaming in pain.

my chest started hurting then my head now my entire body shook and hurt.

next thing i know i'm passed out.

20 minutes later.........

i woke up to the sound of my speeding heart.

jeez it was so loud,i thought.

it'll hurt for awhile sarah my uncle said or thought.

i didn't see my uncle anywhere the only thing i saw was a big black wolf.

uncle?? i thought.

the wolf bowed his head.

what are you doing i asked in my head.

bowing to the next lead wolf. he thought.

holy shit!!!! i thought, this sucks like a donkey's ass.

language young lady uncle thought

whoops sorry uncle.

now focus if you want to be human again think about human things.

he thought.

okay lets see.

dancing, party's, biking, swimming, umm

" i think thats all'' i said.

"yay i don't have to talk with my mind and the pain's gone!" i said.

but i just now realized i was butt naked.

i blushed like crazy.

jeez i'm naked in front of my uncle

. how embarasing!

"here sweetheart. i brought you clothes. oh your uncle went inside before you turned back"

''well at least he didn't see anything''

then doorbell rang and i realized who was ringing it,

jake and the rest of the pack. *groan*.

"calm down, just get dressed then come inside." she was heading inside but i stopped her.

"does jake and the rest know about the whole wolf thing?" i asked.

she nodded like she didn't know what to say.

i got dressed in a 'dress' well great.

i only own one dress.

and my aunt had to pick that for a birthday outfit. great.....


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