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My Name Is Psyche

Novel By: juliet cullen

my name is psyche i go to an all girls school, when my dreams turn to nightmares when a phantom of the bell tower decide to torment me and try to steal my heart.
i'm just one girl, how can i stop this nightmare from getting worse? View table of contents...



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My Name Is Psyche

chapter one

Okay so today is just any normal day. i woke up, got dressed and packed my things.
My parents drove me to miss NATALIA'S PRIVATE SCHOOL FOR GIRLS.
all of us have to wear long nightgown-like uniform dress, damn nun school.
The school has this legend that once every full moon that the phantom of the bell tower will take a girl that will never be seen again.
alive that is. today everyone has to move into the school dorm rooms, its alot like a college campus. Except creepier.
.Great, first month of school and everyone is acting all crazy.

On my way to my room, i bumped into a petite girl with short brown hair.
"oh sorry, i didn't see you." i said and slumped my head down in apology.
"its okay, your psyche right? i'm Natalie, it's nice to meet you. your name's pretty and unique." she said in a rush and i wonderd if she was
one of those blabbers. i'm the shy type of girl.

"yeah, psyche's my name. its nice to meet you too natalie." i said and shook her hand.
she laughed about something i had said, i saw Headmistress Natalia heading our way. she stopped talking to her secretary when she saw me.
a sly type of smile crossed her face.
not good, not good at all.

"hello girls." she said kindly, but her eyes said something else.
"hello headmistress." me and natalie said in unison.
"just so you know you two are roommates, miss natalie will help you with anything right?" she said and natalie nodded.
before she walked away she stopped and whispered in my ear,
"be carefull miss psyche, our phantom seems to like girls with black hair." then as she walked away i saw something dark cling to her feet. it wasn't her shadow, which made me wonder about our so called headmistress.

"can you believe it?! its amazing i'm gonna be the famous psyche's roommate." she said excitedly.
"i'm not that famous natalie." i mumbled, she talked on and on, on our way to the room.
room 126. i saw natalie shiver and cringe her nose.

"what?" i asked and opened the door,i shivered as well. something wasn't quite right about this room.
"you do know this school is like a few hundred years old right?" she asked and i nodded so she continued.
"well, long ago we had this girl who was kind of obsessed with a girl who looked kind of like you. he had died in the bell tower and took the girl with him. i herd he's also the phantom."

"she died after she had a baby, but no one knows what happened exactly. i'm not scaring you am i?" she asked when she looked at my frightened expression.
"no not at all, i'm used to weird stories." i told her and she looked relieved. she left and i sat at my desk,
reading ' A GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY' by libba bray. my mom had told me a man had killed my aunt luna sapphire nicholas after she had
her baby.

she didn;t tell me who the dad was. i hope it wasn't the creepy phantom/gardener.
while i was reading i kept hearing someone call my name from outside, so i got up and looked out.
instead of seeing some creepy stalker, i saw a gardner tending to the roses. when he looked up i closed my drapes and ducked.
i hope he didn;t see me. i blushed, cause he was also attractive, a little young to be a gardener.
i really hope i get to see him tomorrow. i crawled into bed and fell into a contented sleep.


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