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Piper- The Vampire Slave

Novel By: juliet cullen

Tags: Vampire, Soul, Love, Hate

piper is turning 17. her parents get into a car wreck, she finds out secrets in her family.
according to her mothers diary, her parents sold her soul to a VAMPIRE! will piper fall in LOVE or will she be her VAMPIRE LORDS next MEAL? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 5, 2011    Reads: 110    Comments: 4    Likes: 0   

Chapter One: The beginning

I could feel the sun shining on my bare back, it felt warm and nice. I knew instantly it was spring, the birds chirped outside my window and i looked. Two blue birds sat on one of the branches of the pine tree. But i had a feeling that something was gonna change today. I got up and got dressed in brown shorts with a white blouse and my favorite corset. Then i walked downstairs to the kitchen where my parents usually sat but they werent there. They'd gone out for date night last night but i see they havent come home. I wonder if theyre okay. Probably, they were always okay. They were safe on the roads and when they go out on walks.

I sat on our 80's styled couch and turned on our flat screen tv. The only new thing that stood out. The living room was decked out like the 70's, neon colors and hippie lava lamps. Its crazy how my parents are, theyre both office workers and dress in pant suits and tuxedos and dresses but come to our house you'll be totally thrown off. Me on the other hand i have my own style.

As i flipped through channels something caught my eye. The flipped over green sedan on the news channel. I turned up the tv and listened.

:news person:

"as you can see late last night a green sedan crashed and flipped and there were no survivors. The couple in the car were identified as lily and jacob phillips........."

:news person fades from hearing:

I couldnt believe it, i just couldnt. The tears built up and fell over as the realization that both my parents died in a car crash. Yesterday they were here and happy and full of life then out of nowhere death comes knocking at their door and they answered un knowing what was behind it.

The phone rang and knocking at my door brought me out of my mind histeria.i answered and it was my best friend annabelle. she hugged me tight.

"oh my god piper, did you see the news?" she said frantic, i couldnt find my words i just nodded. it seemed silly to cry but yet all the sorrow i had inside just spilled over through my eyes. i couldnt speak nothing. i just fell to floor sobbing and crying my eyes out. annebelle had to leave for school so i was all alone.

after two hours of consitent crying and sobbing, i felt unfamiliar hands touch me. i opened them to see a handsome dark haired man. he was pale and he had dark blue eyes. i felt hypnotized just by looking at him.

"piper, im drake. im gonna help you and keep you safe." he said, he didnt ask he just demanded. but i did as he said. without a question of where he was gonna take me. i didnt care as long as took me away from the death of my own parents. i lifted my arms to him and he kneeled to pick me up gently. his arms felt secure. i felt safe for once.

drake took me outside and into a long black limo with the windows tinted. he laid me down on the seat and he sat across from me never breaking eye contact. my heart was pounding in my chest, it felt good. he looked at me with kindness id only seen my parents have in their eyes. all my friends eyes. my eyelids started to feel heavy. all that crying was taking its toll on me. i fell asleep instantly in drakes black limo.

Drakes P.O.V

i couldnt help but watch her sleep, ive done it for 18 years since her birth. when i helped her parents keep her alive when her mother gave birth to piper in a public bathroom. it was fall, an october night. the leaves fell from the trees. the fall air blew harsh. no one could tell id just fed that night i looked like an man who was in hist costume. halloween night was when piper was born. her parents were frantic to find anyone who could help but everyone thought it was a joke. her father jacob was covered in his wifes lily's blood. i could tell by the smell. i walked toward him and he stopped me in my place.

"please, you gotta help me please. my daughters dying!" he said his voice hoarse from the screaming at people. he pulled me into the bathroom where his wife was holding a pale baby in her arms. the babys lips were turning blue from lack of oxygen.

"ill help but ill tell you my price." i told them sternly. the man nodded.

"anything, please just save my daughter." he said almost in tears. i leaned down to the wife and showed her my red eyes. her eyes those blue eyes stared at me shocked but she nodded her head. i bit into my wrist and poured my blood into the babys mouth. she instantly became pink with color. her lips turned a shell color pink. then her red hair became brighter. the second she opened her eyes, those hazel eyes met mine. my undead heart jumped into my throat.

"now what do i owe you?" jacob said happiness showed in his voice. i turned to him and smiled coldly.

"i want your daughter." i demanded him. he looked at me shocked then looked to lily she nodded her head, tears of pain and joy falling from her eyes.

"not yet, please let her grow up first then you can have her. you can watch her if you want but please dont take her away now." he begged.

"fine, once shes 18 shes mine." i said and walked out storming home.

that night changed something deep within me. i watched her grow from the outside of her window. watched her have her first kiss. watched her bloom from a little girl to a young women. not loosing her virginity staying true. with the blood i gave her that coursed through her veins she listened to my thoughts my desires. i desired her not to give any man her innocence. i wanted her innocence to spill that pure blood.

her blood made me want her more and more each year.i fell hard for her. a human being that had my blood in her heart. she was beautiful when she hit 17. her hair styles changed. but she never lost that natural beauty.

she smiled bright and she danced in her room singing. her voice was beautiul.

the car stopped in front my mansion in the middle of a forest so that no one could find it. it was a big medieval mansion it appeared almost black. i picked up piper to be sure not to wake her and walked inside the gates through the gardens.

my main maid amalthea walked out to me.

"evening sir, i see you brought her home." she said smiling. amalthea has been with me for years. she was tall porcelien white and long white blonde hair. she has always been sweet but she has her moments.

"yes i did, she will be happy." i said to her. her smile almost faded. i took piper up the long stairs to bedroom across from my study. the room was dark but light at the same time. the walls were a dark purple with light purple swirls. but the bedspread was dark velvet red with purple pillows. my sisters old room.

i laid her down but i didnt want her to sleep in jeans so i slowly undid them. i tugged them down more and i swallowed. i would never dare to look at her body naked or even half naked.

they were all the way off now and she was wearing a red lace thong. it made my heart race.i quickly folded them and ran out the door. she made me lust for her.the bulge in my pants was obvious.

"sir how long are you going to resist her?" amalthea asked me holdin fresh towels in her arms.

"i have to ama, i dont want to hurt her. she is the air i breathe now." i said my voice showing the pain.

i went out to hunt before she could say anything. when i got back piper was sleeping in my bed. i laid with her and watched her breathe.


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