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hi my name is juliet. i'm a werewolf. i'm seventeen years old. i change into a wolf whenever i want to. and you don't want to piss me off. so watch it.sorry not a lot sleep last night. i was out until 5:30. View table of contents...


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Chapter One

I realized i should have listened and not gone on the hunt with Damien. But who can blame me? I love the rush ripping into the cold stone flesh of a vampire. Its become a bit of an addiction. course i only kill if its absolutely necessary, dont want no attention being brought down.

Come to think of it i wouldnt mind a little attention, let people protect themselves for once. But thats not how it was nor meant to be.

It was dark, almost fall, the winds picking up with speed by the hour. We followed a group of rogue vampires feasting on innocent girls leaving from clubs and such. They knew we were and boy they got so pissed. In the middle of the bloody fight, i somehow get thrown into the block wall. And i say somehow cause i was busy ripping off a vampires head when another came out of nowhere and grabbed around my wolf neck trying to strangle me.

As soon as it was all over i was dizzy and i finally realized i had a broken peice of pipe stuck through the left side of my chest barely missing my heart. Mike was instantly scared being my future mate and all. But there was never a spark. Anyway he kept repeating to me that everything was fine but my vision was already started to blur and my bones couldnt heal with pipe still in me.

"I'm gonne close my eyes and rest." i whispered to him, but he shook me awake. I didnt want to be awake, what was the point. I'd wake up perfectly fine the next morning.

My eyes shut anyway and i herd mike telling everyone in my house that it was an emergency. I felt my uncle take me upstairs and barking orders to mike and my auntie.

The next morning i woke up, my chest wrapped in hospital gauze. I touched it and it felt sore and tender.

"come on Sam! You may be hurt in your chest but you cant miss school!" My aunt donna shouted at me from downstairs. I rolled my eyes, of course she'd still make me go to school.So i pulled out my usual uniform, plaid skirt with a button up blouse with a tie and knee high socks. But i always spiced up my look, putting on a stud belt with black and white striped fingerless gloves with combat boots. I Never get in trouble for putting my "creative'' style on the uniform.

I grabbed my army backpack and walked downstairs.

"You look like shit sam." said Mike.

"Only cause i had to live with a pipe being shoved through me in an attempt to try to kill me!" I snapped at him my anger always spiking higher.

"Now sam, calm down and eat your breakfast dear." My aunt donna calmly told me, i obeyed. Id never get mad at my sweet little aunt donna.She was just that sweet, She had short curly white and bright green eyes. The only way you can tell she was old was her hair, she didnt wrinkle like most old women do. Wolf genes rocked, we never looked older then mid thirties. It was funny and amusing to my aunt when she told people how old she was. She never acted her age, she acted like well me.

"Alright done, i gotta go aunt donna. i love ya." I kissed my aunt on her cheek and hugged my uncle carminegoodbye.


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