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The Rainbow Eyed Dragon Princess

Novel By: juliet cullen

this novel is about a girl named mirah. since she was born she had rainbow eyes.
no one knew why. about 7 century's ago, there lived a bunch of SPECIAL women.
they all had different colored eyes, each representing an element.green:earth
blue:water, gray: air, red: fire, white :spirit. yellow: electricity and the last a women who can control all elements, the rainbow eyed girl.
each women got a dragon marks, each mark went on a different
part of their bodies. (don't be gross and think it goes on their private)
oh and the special rainbow had a guardian, which sarah will fall for.
and they all became dragon princesses on their 16th birthday.
all the princesses must use their talents and powers
to stop the evil meleficent.
so now sarah must control her gifts and powers. View table of contents...


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The Rainbow Eyed Dragon Princess
Chapter one
Everything seemed normal when sarah and her mother first moved into the small neighborhood. The single men took a liking to mom, sarah thought as she saw them staring as they unpacked their small car.
"The other things should be here shortly and we can finish unpacking" Sarah's mother, Annabeth, said. Her mother was genuine, she had long auburn hair that hung past her shoulders but was always put in a high pony tail. She had brown eyes and tan skin. Annabeth looked barely in her twenties.
Compared to her, sarah looked different. Maybe because of the father she never knew or some weird mutation.
Sarah had long straight black hair light sort light tan skin and the thing that stood out most, was her rainbow eyes. No, they didn't change color due to lighting, but all at once they were blue green red and yellow.
Will her always super close friend helped, he was the one who told Sarah's mom about this neighborhood. Calm and peaceful and safe.
"will I cant decide whether I should be glad or mad at you for this." sarah said to him, all he did was smile and laugh.
As annabeth was busy painting the living room, sarah decided to chill outside and read her favorite book. 'queen of the damned' by Anne rice.
Sarah was no goth but she was fascinated with vampires. Even when everyone else got into them and read 'twilight'. the as will and sarah would say,
"the gayest book ever made." the both of them would laugh.
Sarah herd two kids playing, and one hit the ball a little two hard. Will caught it before it could hit sarah. No way was he going to let her anger be unleashed.
She looked at him and smiled. Will just walked to the kids handing them their ball back. He even started to play along with them. Sarah watched, she smiled.
"wanna play sarah?!" will asked her from the little boys yard.
"no thanks, im good." she said back waving her book.
"sarah! Come inside! Time for lunch!" her mother called from the door.
Sarah rushed inside and annabeth looked at will, he nodded.
It was crazy that they had to move because her mom wanted to. Annabeth wanted to stay in their lovely little area. It was a forest house.
Surrounded by nature 24/7. Sarah loved it, she'd paint pictures of scenery there before the accident.
Before will's dad died in a horrible crash.
Sarah couldn't help but scarf down the food put in front of her. She was "the" tom-boy. Sarah had no older brothers, no siblings. An only child.
Before they knew it, someone knocked on the door. Sarah rushed to it hoping it was will. But honestly, she was shocked it was her best friend Emily.
"hey sarah, will told me you moved here." she said excitedly. Emily, like will, had been her best friend since kindergarten. Inseparable, sarah was like Emily's body guard cause Emily was picked on a lot. Sarah couldn't even stand it, that plus her anger issues when people got violent. It was an uncontrollable rage.
Most stayed out her way until high school. Even then some were scared to be near. Sarah had some admirers too. Boys who were overly obsessed with outside beauty. They'd end up with the bitchiest girls around and they wouldn't care.
As long as they were beautiful.
Will even seemed to have a bit of a crush on sarah like she him. She was, as her mom would, love struck. Will was a charmer, always so kind and sweet.
Emily had to admit herself too she liked will.
"so, you and will are gonna go out soon right?" Emily asked her on their way to Sarah's Room.
"uh, no. will doesn't want to. I think, me and him will always be only friends." sarah said, a little bit sad that what she said was true. She wanted to be more then just friends.
sarah, p.o.v

"ugh" i said. "i am not attending some stupid party, just cause you don;t have anyone to go with"emily scowled at me. she;s been waiting forever to go to laura's party. she asked all our friends if they wanted to go.of course no one wanted to go, laura was a hateful hag.
"come on sarah. please" she said.
"no. i don't have anything to wear. nor do i have a mask" i said.laura's party was a masquerade.sort of like a stupid ball like you see in movies.
"we'll go shopping for you. we'll find you something pretty. please come with me" she pleaded.i started to give, i opened my mouth to say sure but i herd katy perry's firework.my phone was ringing. i picked up my phone and i read who was calling.

"aw crap, not him." i muttered.it was will, god he was annoying. for as long as i can remember,and for as long asme and will have known each other,he was a gentlemen.

well when he fucking felt like it, when his friends are around he acts like ajerk.

"hello!" i said, irriatation showing in my voice.

"yikes calm down sarah. jeesh someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed." he said.

"do not mess with me today. i am not in the mood. now what do you want?" i asked him.

he sighed" i just wanted to know if you've been feeling okay"

"why would you want to know if i'm okay?" i said still irratated.

"just answer my question, rainbow eyes." he said.

i hated when he called me 'rainbow eyes'.

okay yes i have rainbow colored eyes. big fucking deal.

"ugh, yes i'm fine will. i mean i've been feeling kinda funny but it's no big deal." i said.

"alright, just wanted to make sure-" i cut him off.

"will, just shut up okay.since when do you care, your just being nice cause you know i can kick your ass " i said.

he knew i was telling the truth, i beat him at archery, track, and fighting.

"your right. about the kick my ass thing, but not being nice cause you can" he said.

"well then. why are you being nice? your usaully being an ass" i said my temper spiking.

"calm down before you blow a blood vessel. well if your not going to be nice then bye."

he hung up before i could protest. what the hell.

god he is annoying.

i turned and faced emily, her face brightened.

"fine. i'll go. but i'm picking what i'm going to wear tomorrow."i said.

"yay! thank you. thank you! you won't regret it"and with that said she left. i closed my door,and went to lay down.being 15 and worried about what's gonna happen in the next 20 years or so is exhausting.i looked in the mirror and saw my rainbow eyed stare.ugh i definatley need to find out why i have rainbow eyes.when i was in elementry and middle school i was good at sports and running.i was faster than the others, i could leap and cart wheel. when i started high school, i took track and archery.i mastered them both, people always talked about how strange i was.i wore the coolest clothes, popular girls hated me for it.my black sleek hair pretty much standed out.my pale complexion, my rainbow eyes, my speed and strength, my black hair.no wonder people were jealous and wanted to be me.i didn't like it, i didn't want to stand out and be so much different. but will told me it was the best thing to be not normal.being different was a great thing. well for him but not me.i had friends but i wanted everyone to like me not hate me.ugh it totally sucks being me.i herd a tap at my window, a few more. what the fuck.will appeared and he smiled at me.i walked over and opened my window.

"what the hell is wrong with you? i live on the third floor dumbass." i said.

he stepped in and stepped away from me, holding his shirt and gasping like i slapped him.

"jeez, your coldness is killing me" he said then he smiled and laughed.

i frowned at him. ''what the hell is so funny will'' i said.

"you. know what. you look cute when your mad at me" he said smiling.

i blushed and still frowning at him i said

"oh shut up will. aren't you laying it on a little thick today" i said.

god. the kid was always complamenting me and flirting.

i liked it but i would never tell him.

he stepped in front of me and moved a loose strand of my hair and looked me in the eyes.

"your beautiful sarah, why can't you see that's why guys like you" he said.

i looked in his eyes, all the kidding had vanished from them.

"i am not. and so what? guys are just weird." i said.

he brought his face close to mine, my eyes widened.

oh my god. was he going to kiss me.

"you are beautiful. i don't like seeing all those other guys drool over you. i want you sarah and only you"

then before he could give me a chance to protest, he kissed me.

but he kissed me so passionately and all the desire and longing showed in the kiss.

i shouldn't have done what i did next.

i slid my arms around his neck and kissed him back.

i admit even though he's a pain, i fell in love with him.

his ocean blue eyes, his dark brown hair, and that killer football-player like body.

he was attractive, even i was attracted to him.

he slid his arms around my waist and lifted me up and carried me to my bed.

then he layed me down, and continued to kiss me.

and he then began to caress me gently as if giving me a chance to stop him.

but i didn't want him to stop,

i wasn;t ready to give my virginity to him yet.

hell i wasn't sure i wanted to 'do it' yet.

i broke the kiss between us and we looked at each other.

we were both breathing hard.

"i'm sorry sarah" he said finally.

''don't be sorry will, it's fine." i said.

"i should go before your mom and mine have a fit about me coming over here." he said.

"okay, well see you later" i said. he got up and walked to the window,

opened it and stepped out. before he left he said something that made my heart pound hard.

"i love you sarah. sleep well" then he left.

"i love you too will" i mumbled to myself.

i changed into my pj's and crawled into bed.

as soon as i turned off my lamp i fell asleep.

i loved will, and i loved the dream i was having,

a dream about me and him. after that i waited for what felt like forever till morning.


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