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Vampire Princess and Wolf Prince: a love story

Novel By: juliet cullen

this is a story about a young vampire princess jesse tanner. red hair deep brown eyes and beautiful pale skin. she wants nothing to do with royalty she wants to be free. damien is a wolf prince, he's free to move around by his own will. but when he comes across lord and lady tanners castle he spots young jesse looking out her window looking sad. never in his life has he seen anything so radient and beautiful and full of light and sadness. he hears her say "i wish to be free from this place forever" his heart pounds faster and he falls madly in love with her. find out what happens on these two odd coupled journey. View table of contents...


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chapter one: jesse

It was one of those nights, jesse sat in front of her vanity as her mother fussed and braided jesse's long auburn red hair. Jesse was the daughter of the great and powerful family of daniels. Eliza ann daniel was her mother and Nathaniel drake daniel was her father.
Jesse's mom was a sight like no other, long wavy brown hair and rose red eyes and porceilin brown skin. It was funny to jesse how her parents were so opposite, her father was a tall jet black hair and brown eyes and pale as the moon skin.

The house was built to be alate victorian mansion. It had dark gothic appearance, even the inside would give anyone the creeps but since jesse grew up here she knew there was nothing scary about it at all. Her four older brothers Sam, micheal, darwin, and cody, all tried to make it seem scary. Always trying to scare jesse out of her wits but she just yawned and walked past whatever antic they pulled.

Jesse's room was light going totally against the house, purples and light greens roamed freely about her room, clashing together. Her big queen sized bed with a velvet curtain all around it blowed as the wind gushed in from her window. Even her curtains on her double door window to her balcony blowed. She could see the night sky clearly as well as the neverending full moon every night.

"can i please go out the gates tonight mom?" jesse asked her mother. Eliza looked at her in the mirror and sighed loudly.

"you know you cant jesse. theres monsters out there that will try to kill you. i couldnt wouldnt be able to bear if you died." her mother said as she glared out the window. Jesse too sighed and slumped her shoulders bored now with the inside of the mansion and the gates. She wanted to go out and roam the forests on the outside, they were said to be beautiful by her old friend. whos name even in thought isnt allowed to be spoken.

"mom ill be fine, i am 17 and i know how to defend myself." jesse argued back to her mother. But before her mother can protest the eldest brother darwin came in and leaned on the door frame.

"even i wouldnt argue with mother, she always wins. how do you think i always got my hair braided by mom? i lost with arguing with her." a small sly smile creeped his way on his face as he looked at jesse. jesses eye brow lifted curious at what was so funny.

"whats so funny?" she snapped, jesse always did that. she was self concious about her looks so if someone looked at her too long shed snap at whoever it was.

"mom did quit the work on you. nice hair do." thats when darwin burst out laughing. jesse looked in the mirror and her hair was braided and swirled into a big bump on her head. her jaw dropped.

"oops sorry hunny, i wasnt paying attention. here ill fix it again." eliza her mother said, and jesse sat back down and her mom fiddled with her hair again untill it fell loose past her shoulders. jesse decided to not braid her hair tonight, it just wasnt her night.

no matter what she did to keep her dreams of love out of her head it always came back. she stood from her vanity chair and walked out on the balcony. her mind wandered to places it always wandered to, it didnt even phase her when everyone left her room. she just stood there thinking and looking out at thenight sky.

"oh please let me be free from this hell i have no choice to call my own." jesse sighed to herself, the rest of her life after her 18th birthday was a life cursed to bea vampire for eternity. her hazel eyes would change to red for about 10 out of a 100 years. she would be a blood thirsty creature of night for eternity until someone decides to kill her for her fangs and blood.

there were people who would kill her kind for their blood, for their blood would give them a high and even prolong their life.


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