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wiccan sisters

Novel By: juliet cullen

this is a story about two sisters, both given special wiccan powers.
but one is light the other darkness..... View table of contents...



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"nyx!anthena! hury up or you'll be late."

"okay mom!" anthena shouted.

oh my name nyx, like the damn goddess of night.

my sister anthena was named after the goddess of war and knowledge.

we didn;t exactly live up to our names, although i prefer the night better than the day.

i thought i was just plain weird.

my mom likes the ancient names, her's is aphrodite the goddess of love.

pft yeah right.

"nyx. can i borrow some clothes" anthena asked.

i was still trying to figure out what to wear, so i smiled at my sister.

"sure anthena." i said.

i hate my name and anthena hates hers.

our mom is beyond weird if you ask us.

"hey mrs. montegomery. are nyx and anthena ready?" i herd someone ask.

of course knowing anthena....yup she ran downstairs and into mikes arms.

"hi mike" she said happily.

"hello my anthena." mike said. mike is anthenas boyfriend.

me of course does not have one, my sister dresses real slutty but manages to not get in trouble.

but she wore jeans, a gold belt, a tank top and combat boots.

"you look nice nyx" my mom said.

"i do not, anthena went ahead and took what i was gonna wear" i said.

"don't be such a baby" anthena said.

we have sister fights now and then but we always forgive eachother.

"well come on you two you don't want to be late do you?" mike asked.

"whatever" i said. i grabbed my bag and headed out the door.

mike and anthena were right behind me.

i didn't look at them to know they were behind me not even common knowledge, anthena was giggling like crazy and saying 'i love you mike' over and over.

talk about annoying, we got in the car and drove away.

i listened to 'monster' by lady gaga while they were talking bout future plans.

as soon as we got to school i jumped out before they did.

anthena gave me a pissed off stare.

i smiled innocently.

"don;t you two have 'special' plans today?" i air qouted special.

anthena caught up and said to mike,

"yeah, don't we have special plans?" mike smiled and said "of course" and they drove off.

i rolled my eyes and bumped into my best friend matt.

"oops. sorry matt" i said and looked innocent.

he raised a brow and said.

"it's okay nyx. so where is your sister off to?" he asked.

"ugh. they have. and i quote, 'special plans' today." i said and shuddered.

the special plan was, they were gonna go rent an hotel room and anthena was going to lose her virginity to mike.

how gross, i thought but the worst is if anthena gives 'it' up to mike, then who knows mike might leave her.

and like the good sister i am, i worry about her and don't want her to get hurt.

i would kill mike if he hurt her, i swear to god i will.

"thats nasty. do you think she'll really...you know?" he asked.

"i don't know. she loves him matt.but i don't know mike is kind of an ass-hole." i said.

"uh kind of" matt stated.

"okay, mike is an ass-hole. but you know anthena, she's crazy."

it wasn't like anthena to come to a decision quickly.

when she started dating mike she thought about going out with him for two months.

now she comes to a decision a week later.

she told last week what she wanted and said that she wants mike in any way possible.

dating wasn't enough for mike, i herd (without telling anthena of course) that mike took a girls virginity and dumped her the next day.

anthena's best friend margo had sex with mike and mike broke up with her the next day.

it's a sad but true story.

anthena's p.o.v

me and mike rented a hotel room like he promised and well i wanted to swim before we did 'it'.

it was okay with him but he had a pissed off look on his face.

i looked at him for a second and i put my hand on his cheek and smiled sweetly.

"i won;t be long" i said.

i put on a swim suit and went to swim.

i thought about things for awhile.

what if the rumors are true about mike, i thought.

if they're true than nyx will be really pissed.

she should be, she cares about me and doesn't like to see me get hurt.

after awhile of swimming, i grabbed a towel and went back to the room.

mike came up behind and said "what took you so long?".

"sorry i lost track of time swimming.whats wrong?" i asked him.

i realised i lost my towel and was just in my bikini.

he grabbed my hand and ran it across the hard lump in his pants.

i bit my lower lip and blushed.

i pulled my hand away and stepped back from him.

"i think we should wait a little longer, please." but that only pissed him off.

he grabbed me and done something that changed everything.

nyx's p.o.v

it was lunch time and i hadn't herd from anthena about changing her mind.

i glanced at my phone and it said no new messeges.

"hey don't worry i'm sure she's okay."matt said reasuringly.

then my phone rang and i answered it.

"hello." i said.

"nyx" it was anthena and she sounded like she was sobbing.

"anthena whats wrong?" i asked

"it's mike. i- i didn't mean to-" she trailed off.

"anthena?! what do you mean you didn't mean- oh my god, you didnt?" i said.

"i'm afraid so, he- he raped me nyx, i had to. but i wasn't thinking- what am i going to do?" she broke off into tears.

"i'm on my way, you stay there." i said.

"okay." then we hung up.

"whats wrong?'' matt asked.

"anthena is in trouble, can we take your car to the hotel?" i asked.

he just nodded and we headed to the parking lot.

we found the hotel anthena was at and found her outside crying.

i saw blood behind her in the bushes.

i ran to her.

"anthena?" i said. she looked at me and launched herself at me.

i held her for what felt like forever.

"what are we going to do about mikes body?" matt asked.

"shh. i don't know, it's time for a little law breaking." i whispered.

but without matt noticing the camera turned off.

"i think someone turned that off for us." i said and pointed to the camera.

"i did" anthena said.

"what?" i said.

"i'm a wiccan nyx,i turned it off. just like i killed mike, i made him bleed inside." she said with a sneer.

i blinked at her, and looked around to see if anyone was watching.

"matt. put mike in the trunk." i said.

matt nodded and did what i said.

we got into the car and drove off slowly.

so no one suspected.

we got home and my sister and i went to my bedroom.

"now. anthena. tell me what you mean by made him bleed inside?" i asked her.

she smiled and said,

"oh nyx, i spiritually entered him and riped his insides and made him bleed. he coughed up blood and he collapsed."

she laughed "what an idiot. he should never mess with a wiccan as strong as me" she said.

i grabbed her by the shoulders and said.

"anthena! what is wrong with you!? this isn't you!" i shouted.

she smiled with a sneer.

"oh nyx, i have been playing innocent for far too long" that really pissed me off.

i slapped her across the face and she looked at me and said in her normal voice.

"n-nyx. w- why did you do that? wheres mike?" she asked.

i hugged her and said sorry.

"anthena mikes dead. while you two were at the hotel someone murdered him."

she burst into tears and completely un-sure about what happened.

in fact she was clueless.

she said all she remembered, was that mike had raped her and then she went inconcious.

so now me and matt knew a dark secret about anthena and mike.

we didn't tell anyone.

i made matt promise not to tell anyone about what happened.

so only me and matt knew about anthenas dark side.

and we were frightened it might happen with anyone, someone might piss her off so bad that she might tear them inside too.


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