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witches moon

Novel By: juliet cullen

its about a teen witch and her love for a human boy. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 21, 2010    Reads: 89    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

hi my name is sarah. i am part witch. which means you don't want piss me off. i am 16 years old, i have long jet black hair, emerald green eyes.i go to normal school even though I'M not normal. you could say i have an almost normal life.until today. ''class today we have a new student'' said mrs.gonzales my math teacher. ''hello my name is jake sanders.''he said. he looked very uncomfortable. ''why don't you have a seat behind sarah.jake.'' oh for crap's sake.why me? ''jake if you have any questions please ask sarah.'' crap why do i have to be the smart one? ''um hi.i'm jake.its nice to meet you.''he said i turned around and said ''hi im sarah.it's nice to meet you too jake.'' with a smile on my face. he blushed like crazy. now why the hell is he blushing. oh right.he thinks i'm the most beautiful girl in the class. oh great.... so i spent 7 hours of school and 2 hours of work. i am SO exhausted.So i went home and i noticed my grandma wasn't around. thats strange.Wait a sec uh-oh. ''grandma don't you dare sneak up on me again.'' i went upstairs and saw my grandma in a trance. ''grandma?'' ''oh hello sarah.i didn't know you were home.'' ''well you were in a trance again.'' ''oh i was wasn't i. oh silly me.''said my grandmother with smile. sheesh when is she going to be carefull in her trances. doesn't she know she could loose her memory of everything. jeez.''don't let me catch you do that again.''i said. gosh i sound like my mother. '' you sound like a mother sarah'' ''jeez grandma thanks soo much for the compliment''i said. then i headed upstairs to my room. i laid on my bed completly exhausted.ugh why me!why do i have to go to high-school AND have a part time job. it's time my grandma started pulling her weight around. jeez now i really do sound like an old woman. so that was it for the day.i started to drift to sleep. okay i thought to myslelf.lets go over what happened today. 1.a new guy comes to MY school. 2.he THINKSi'm the most beautifull girl in the school. 3.he asked a lot of questions. 4.he was being annoying. 5.he was kind of cute. and last but not least. 6.i REALLY like jake. when he looked at me and smiled my heart automatically pounded like crazy now what the hell im i going to do about him. i could avoid him tomorrow, but what will he think? ah hell


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