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Capago- Prologue

Novel By: Junie12

Capago is a land torn by civil war against the evil witch of Capago, Miesha. In a strange turn of events, Alyssa and her friend Chase end up in Capago and are tossed in the middle of the war. Will they be able to help save Capago? View table of contents...



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~~ "You won't get away with this."

"I already have," Miesha laughed, "you and everyone who lives in this wretched place will be destroyed unless I become ruler. I have just gained control over the Ebony Dragons, you have no hope." The evil women smiled cruelly. No one knew how she accomplished such an impossible task, or even if she accomplished it, since she has not yet provided proof. But they all knew that if it was true, she did something highly pernicious to get such power.
"You forget we have dragons on our side too."
Shank shook his head, shook his head in one swift motion. Like with it, all his problems would shake away. He was a young twenty three year old man, and the general of the Capagan army. Not only the Capagan army, but also a totally secret agency called Force 3. He was facing Miesha, witch of Capago. But it wasn't always that way……
Shank Bashkim and Miesha Sekhmet were born and raised in the same village, Carval.
Carval was an angelic village, despite its small size. Surrounded by greenery, and small, cozy cottages, it was the only village or city in Capago that was surrounded by so much vegetation. Lords, Nobles, Scholars, and even Royalty came from all around to admire its beauty.
Miesha was an ugly baby. She had deep raven-black hair and the blackest, smallest eyes in Capago. Her skin was a strange color, something between green and blue instead of the usual grayish-blue skin others had. Her features were round and disfigured.
Her mother was the most beautiful woman in Capago, and Miesha's sisters were the most beautiful little things anyone has ever seen. This is the reason her mother didn't feel for her as she did for her other daughters. Everyone knew Miesha's mother as a beautiful, shallow, and prejudice woman. There were rumors in the village that someone cursed the woman to have an ugly daughter to teach the vain woman a lesson.
The unloving mother was ashamed of her daughter, and often tried to keep her hidden. When Miesha was too young to take care of herself, she was always dirty, and dressed in rags, while her sisters were decent, clean, and striking. They were young the first time Shank met her, only fourteen summers old…..

"Miesha, go fetch some water!" Miesha's mother smiled a fake smile at her ugly daughter.
"But mother, I was telling Ballaria a story." Miesha looked at her pretty two year old sister fondly.
"Are you disobeying?"
"No mother."
Miesha unwillingly got up and picked up the wooden bucket that laid by the fireplace. Her mother scrutinized her as she did so.
"Hmmm," she said, "maybe you'll get prettier in a few more years."
Myesha felt her eyes sting with tears as she walked out of the fancy cottage her father made for the family. It wasn't her fault she was ugly! She tried to wash her greenish-blue skin everyday and begged her mother for better clothes, but the cruel women told her not to bother, it made difference.
She looked fondly at her fancy cottage. Her heart swelled with pride; at least she had a good father. He always treated her well. Even if she was ugly.
She stopped at the local graveyard and entered it. She lay beside her dead grandmother. She supposed she should be afraid this place was haunted, like the other local villagers were. But, while she lay beside her kind grandmother, who died just four years ago, she felt strangely at ease. She felt a strange impulse of depression take over her and she grabbed a stick and wrote some words that would have been frightening if someone saw them, in a small bare spot of dirt. The only place where there was no grass. She wrote her name, and the present date.

Miesha Sekhmet
Birth- 1984
Death- August 1998

She smiled a smile that she later thought was even more than a bit insane and depressed. She circled the words and it looked just like a gravestone. She left the graveyard.
Miesha walked to the edge of the village, where the river was located. The local children were there, including Razanak, the leading bully in the village. He was the leader of his little gang, four other boys from the village. He was fifteen; a whole year older than her, so she was lucky she didn't see him that much.

Miesha was so unnoticed that she could hide in the shadows and learn the adult's gossips all around.

The latest gossip has been about Razanak and his buddies. His mother has been complaining that he always went out in the middle of the night, and then she heard something howling. The other day Myesha overheard the frightened women telling Miesha's mother that after she heard her son leave the cottage, she heard someone screaming, and then five howls that sounded like laughing.
The next day they found the whipping woman dead in the river, killed by a wild animal.
Miesha thought that was very strange. The day before, Razanak and the boys were punished and whipped by the whipping woman when they got caught harassing one of, in fact, Miesha's year-older sister. Could they have caught a wild animal and turned it loose on the poor woman for revenge?
Or were they the wild animals?
It all made sense to Miesha. Werewolves did exist. They worked for the king.
But all werewolves were sent to the palace to be trained to serve their king when they turned six summers, weren't they?
Unless, Miesha mused, he just barely realized he was a werewolf and hid it from everyone!
Maybe that much-too-tall, fifteen year old boy was evil at heart.
Miesha wondered why no one else has come to this conclusion. The people of the village probably mused that if Razanak's mother never realized he was one when he was young, he wasn't one.
But Miesha was clever, and she could see his true identity when she looked into his unusual blood-red eyes.
Red eyes just like a werewolves eyes should be. When he was born, Miesha has been told, those red eyes made everyone think he was a werewolf. But he failed all six tests that you should pass when you're a werewolf, so everyone dismissed that idea.
His grayish-blue skin was also too dark, darker than anyone's skin in the village.
Another perfect reason for her to suspect him to be one of the legendary creatures.
Razanak and his buddies were stationed about thirty paces from the river, and Miesha had to get pass them. She silently cursed her luck, and lowered her head and treaded quietly on the gravel ground, past Razanak.
Unluckily, he heard her. He lifted his dark head and stared at her, an ill humored smile playing on his lips.
"Ahhhh, Mi Mi." He said, using the nickname she hated most, "Out to get water for your dreadful mother again?"
Miesha ignored him and kept walking toward the river.
"I wouldn't ignore my words if I were you." He said, and caught up with her in a few easy strides.
Miesha stopped and turned to face him, "And just why not?" She asked in her most haughty voice.
"I'd also be careful with the tone of voice I used if I were you, ugly duckling." He warned again.
He stepped in front of her, blocking her way.
"Please step out of my way." Miesha said in a conceited, but pleading voice.
"Just listen to what I have to say." He told her.
"I have no interest in what you have to say." Miesha was in hot water, and she knew it.
"We could work well together"
She stopped, "What are you speaking of?"
"I'm speaking of power, Miesha. Power that this hidden world has never experienced before, but something that only we can accomplish."
"What do you mean about, our world being a hidden world?"
Razanak laughed at her ignorance. "Do you think this is the only world in the universe? There are other worlds beyond ours, and other worlds beyond that. People like us that only the people of royalty palace know about. People that have skin the color of snow and coal, and hair the color of bark."
"How do you know of this?" Miesha couldn't believe it, beings' like her with skin the color of snow or coal! What she would give for skin like that!
"The royal palace is a fun place to spy on." He said quietly. Smiling wider when he saw her startled look.
Miesha was confused, "Why are you telling me this?"
"Because," he said impatiently, as if he was speaking to an ignorant child, "We are all outcasts," he motioned to his friends, "mistreated and mentally abused because we are different. But we can change that! We can get…… revenge." He spoke with such passionate anger and hatred, and this scared Miesha.
Was she and outcast? Yes.
Was she mistreated? Yes.
Was she mentally abused? Again, yes.
Has she ever thought of getting revenge? No.
But now she thought about it, and it seemed like a satisfying idea.
She quickly shook that thought away.
"I have no interest in joining you. Please leave me be."
He shook his head and gave an evil-sounding laugh, "So you say, Miesha. So you say. I can see that hunger for revenge in your eyes."
Was she showing her emotions? She quickly put on a poker face.
"I don't know what you are speaking of, good day."
She stepped around him, and, amazingly, Razanak moved out of the way to let her through.
"In the future, I have a feeling you'll say different." He whispered. Miesha looked back to give him one last scowl. He winked mischievously and returned to his friends, who were waiting in the shadows of a nearby pine tree near the woods.
He gave one last look at Miesha, then threw his head back and howled like a wolf. His buddies joined him in the howling, and ran into the woods, disappearing into the darkness.
So, Miesha thought, he knows I know his true identity. She wondered why he hasn't threatened her into not telling anyone.
Because he knew she wouldn't tell anyone.
Miesha tried to forget their brief meeting and continued towards the river.
She never noticed the mob of angry children who were silently following her, waiting for a chance to strike.
She never heard the sound of angry whispers when they saw (but not heard) the short meeting between Razanak and Miesha.
Miesha walked to the river and filled her water bucket to the top. She heard a branch crack behind her and turned her head to make sure it wasn't Razanak sneaking up on her.
And discovered the angry mob of children behind her!
"Whatever is the matter, fellow villagers?" She asked innocently.
"Don't play innocent, Miesha." Said Lisanaga, a girl who has always hated Miesha, because of her ugliness. "We saw you."
"I do not understand what you are speaking of."
"You were speaking to Razanak!" Barked Brigner, the oldest kid in the village, who was fifteen, but would turn sixteen in a month, and was no longer considered a kid by a lot of people.
"That was just an innocent confrontation; I have no business with Razanak."
It was once again Lisanaga who spoke next, "Liar! You and your gang should get out and never come back! Ugly! You are too ugly to belong here!"
The whole mob took that as a cue and they all started shouting "Get out! Get out! You don't belong here!"
To Miesha's horror, they all had buckets full of rocks, and they started to throw them at her! Once by one she felt pain all over her body where the rocks hit her.
"Get out! Get out!"
The angry, clear voice rang across the area like thunder in a terrible storm. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked around to find the owner of the commanding voice painted with high bravery, authority, and steaming with anger.
There he was, Shank Bashkim. The toughest, most respected boy in the village. And a boy who hated to see people mistreated.
His eyes were clouded in anger. His mouth was shaped in a sneer of disbelief.
"What. Do. You. Think. You. Are. Doing?" He demanded slowly, trying to control his anger.
Brigner nudged Lisanaga with his elbow and nodded toward Shank. She stepped forward, with her head hung down in shame.
"Miesha was talking with Razanak. She could be with them!"
"Are you sure that she is with them?"
Lisanaga's skin darkened in a blush of embarrassment.
"Well, we have assumed that she is with them." She paused for a moment before going on. "You know about the rumors, Shank! Even if that ugly girl is not with them, they could turn her into one of them! What will we do then?!"
He sighed impatiently and fixed a hard gaze on Lisanaga, "Rumors are rumors. Personally, I don't believe anything that Razanak's gossip-filled mother says, and no sane person should."
Lisanaga blushed even deeper, in anger. She stared at Shank with hate filled eyes. He has humiliated her in front of everyone… again.
A year ago, Shank and Lisanaga discovered that they were both betrothed to be married at twenty summers old. Lisanaga couldn't have been happier about the news, and Shank couldn't have been more miserable. He declared that he would rather starve than marry Lisanaga, and thanks to his constant pestering, his parents called the betrothal off.
That was a humiliation and an insult to Lisanaga and her entire family.
This was her chance to humiliate him back, and she took it.
"Of course, almighty future warrior." She said coolly, "We wouldn't want to insult your former best friend."
Shank scowled at her as she continued.
"But I was wondering, why protect such a disloyal friend? He was so unforgiving when you accidentally killed his sister. Why-"
He paled, "Shut up!" He nearly-screamed, "Shut up before I make you!"
Lisanaga shut her mouth the minute he spoke. Her face turned into a mask of guilt when she suddenly realized what a terrible thing she had said. She lowered her head again and stepped behind Brigner.
While Shank was still fuming, Brigner took another rock out of his bucket. Shank wasn't paying attention, so Brigner took the advantage and threw it straight at Miesha.
Miesha was staring at Shank, so she didn't see it coming. It hit her square in the eye, making her slap a hand over it with a little cry.
Shank gave a groan of rage, and stepped in front of Miesha, protecting her.
"Who dares to throw a rock at me?"
No one moved.
"I thought so. Now leave, every single one of you!"
Brigner stepped forward, "Are you sure you don't want to join us? Just look at her, she can't possibly be one of us. She could be half ogre, or half gnome!"
Shank gave him a venomous stare in response.
Brigner winced at his stare, then turned to the group. "What are you still doing here!" he yelled, "Didn't you here him? Beat it!"
And they did leave. Every single one, except for Lisanaga. She still felt terrible about what she said, and felt that she should express regret.
"Shank?" She said when everyone was gone. The few who remained were Shank, Miesha, and Lisanaga. "I am sorry for what I said. It was very, very terrible of me."
She waited for a response, but never got one. Shank just stared at the floor, lips tightened in a straight line. He couldn't bring herself to forgive her, not yet.
She nodded in understanding and left, leaving Shank and Miesha alone.
"Thank you." Miesha whispered.
He looked up at her, and found her smiling at him.
"That was a very brave thing you did."
He grunted humbly, "You think?"
"Oh yes, my mother wouldn't have saved me in a million years!" She declared, "Think of what it could do to her nails!"
Shank laughed with her, and then heard Miesha sigh.
"What's wrong now?"
Shank laughed under his breath, he knew what was wrong. Miesha was curious about his past-friendship with Razanak, and was afraid to ask him about it.
His reaction was so terrible when Lisanaga mentioned it, it was a wonder Miesha was even thinking of asking him about it.
She should get an explanation, Shank thought.
"Razanak and I used to be friends." He said quietly, so only Miesha could here.
Her eyes widened when she heard what he said, "How long have you been friends?"
He smiled mischievously, "Since we were twelve. No one ever found out we were hanging out until the accident. We would go out at night without our mothers realizing, and pull pranks on everyone. Sometimes we would go hunting, and split everything we caught in equal halves. We had to stop the hunting, though, our mothers were becoming suspicious because we had so much meat, and they never saw us go hunting."
"Isn't Razanak a good hunter?"
"Oh, he was the best hunter there ever was! He always caught twice as much meat as I did. That's how my mom got suspicious, because I usually caught so little when she did see me go hunting. She said, 'How is my son catching so much, when he doesn't even go hunting?' So, as I said, we had to stop. Razanak was happy, though, he didn't have to give away any of his meat. You could say he hunted, and kept his food, like a wolf."
Miesha's eyes widened when he mentioned that, another thing to add to her Razanak-is-a-werewolf list.
"Do you believe he is a werewolf?" Miesha asked.
Shank thought for a moment, and then shook his head. "No, I don't." He said quietly, "But, then again, he did act strange sometimes. He always said that he occasionally felt like someone was trying to rip his body into a different shape. Sometimes he would even go home in the middle of hunting, saying he was in too much pain, and he would growl at me when I was near the deer meat he killed. Though he would apologize afterward. His body temperature would get extremely cold at times, or he would get a terrible fever. And he never knew why any of this happened, but he tried to control it. But no, I never even considered he was a werewolf."
"Is he a bad person?" Miesha realized that she was asking too many questions.
"He liked to break the rules, say bad words, and harassed and teased people for the fun of it. But he would never hurt anyone. In the time I knew him, he was a great person, but people change. He could have changed too."
"I hope you don't mind me for asking, but what happened? What could cause him to hate you so much when you use to be such good friends?"
Shanks eyes clouded with regret, he spoke slowly and quietly. "It happened when we were thirteen summers old.
"Do you remember Alicia? She was Razanak's late sister."
Miesha shook her head.
"She was four summers old when I killed her two years ago."
Miesha eyes widened for the second time that day.
"It was an accident, or course." Shank said before she could jump to any conclusions. She nodded, showing that she wasn't jumping to any conclusions.
"She was the cutest thing. And a lot like her brother, in a cute, feminine way.
"It happened when Razanak and I went snuck out to go hunting for the first time in months. We promised ourselves it would be the last.
"Razanak was only a little bit late, saying he had a hard time putting Alicia to bed. She was following him everywhere that day. 'Did you make sure she didn't follow you here?' I asked him. He said he was positive.
"We were marching on a man-made trail when we heard it. Something crashing through the trees deeper in the woods. I was positive that it was a wounded deer, but Razanak suspected that it might be something else. You know what? He was right.
"I teased him and told him, 'what else could be out this late at night but an animal?' He never gave in, but I tried to find the 'animal' anyway. I grabbed an arrow and waited for the 'deer' to make another sound. It did, hard uneven steps, and it was closer that time. I grinned at Razanak and shot at the sound, never suspecting what would happen next.
"The arrow shot through the forest, never hitting a tree. I was about to whoop in triumph, but then I heard a small scream. A human scream. I didn't know who it could be, but Razanak did. He darted toward the scream the minute he heard it, and I darted after him.
"There we found her, Alicia. She was lying on the floor, panting her last breaths heavily. The worst part was where my arrow struck her. She clutched it, she was bleeding like a werewolf. Razanak gave a furious look at me then laid beside her. Her last words were, 'Why did you let this happen, brother?' She was looking at Razanak, he never answered. Her eyes grew far away, then she closed her eyes, her face turned peaceful, and her body limp. I knew she was gone."
Shank stopped speaking and stared off into space. Miesha didn't wait for him to finish, she could imagine the rest.
She changed the subject, Shank looked like he was in agony, and she didn't like it, "Would you and your family like to come to dinner?"
He looked a little surprised, and then nodded, "Of course! We would love to come."
"I'll see you at my father's cottage at dinnertime."
He nodded again.
Miesha turned her back towards him and made her way toward her home.
She paused after a few steps, "Shank?"
"Thanks again."

That was just the beginning, Shank continued to protect Myesha and in return, she gave him her friendship.
As Miesha grew, instead of getting uglier, she grew even more beautiful than her sisters. Her hair bleached from raven-black to snowy-white. Her skin went from greenish-blue, to bluish-gray. The normal Capagan color. Her big, round, and disfigured features straightened. Making them the most beautiful, small, and delicate features in Capago. Shank and Miesha both fell in love when they were seventeen summers. Shank went to her house to ask her parents' permission to have her hand in marriage when they where twenty years old…….

He was about to knock the door.
"One day you will regret it." A voice rasped.
Shank spun around, and saw Old Willow, the fortune teller.
"What did you say?"
"I said, one day you will regret it."
"Regret what?"
"You know exactly what I mean."
"Why will I regret it?" He knew it was wise to keep the fortune teller going when she started. People didn't get her to talk to her for free.
She rasped out a prophecy.
"You will ask her for marriage,
And she will say yes.
Am I right?"
"Um, sort of." Shank told her.

Then Old Willow's eyes grew dark and far away, and her voice was grave. She spoke in a low voice, so only Shank could hear.

"Be forewarned,
Her love will demolish in a few months time.
Greed will take over her beautiful eyes.

She will take over the world,
With her assistant at hand.
A future traitor to her, and was your friend.
Wolves' howls will fill the night with fear in six years

The world will go dark,
Screams will rise and fade.
And the world will be ablaze in evil and hate.

But never fear, there is still hope.
Humans from another world will arrive and might save us.

But the Humans from the other world may not succeed,
As heartbreaks are powerful forces indeed.
Dragons, magic, love, betrayal, siblings and hate
If they succeed this impossible task, celebrate
If they don't, woe on us
The world will burn in evil and hate."

(This is my rough draft, but I am going to change the wording of the prophecy I think it really need to be re-worded)

Shank was frozen in fear.
Old Willows face remained serious, "That will be a thousand shillings."
Shank's fear dissolved for a moment, "I am not paying you a thousand shillings!" He yelled.
Old Willow's serious face disappeared, and she burst out laughing. She slowly walked away, still laughing.
Shank mused that Old Willow's laughing meant she was kidding.
Despite the shock he experienced at what Old Willow alleged, he faced the cottage door and knocked…

Miesha's parents accepted the proposal and Shank and Miesha were betrothed. They promised each other that once they finished their journey and found their Waznak's, they would return to the village and get married.
Shank went to train in the Capago army, where he was the most fierce and brave, and later became the head general. Miesha didn't have such a happy ending.
She became the apprentice for the most powerful wizard, who was also the kings head man, Tacnok. He could do anything you could imagine. Heal, injure, bless, curse, so Miesha admired him. Miesha worked and learned from him for many months; she learned too much. She saw how powerful some spells were and grew hungry for power. She started practicing forbidden magic; black magic. Somehow she stole the book of black magic. A book that have been hidden for years, in fear that it might land in the wrong hands. In this book were all the most powerful secrets in the world; secret's that should stay secrets. No one has dared to open it for the fear of dark spirits that traps it's reader.
At dawn one fateful day Tacnok was found dead in his spell room, cause unknown. But the chief's men found a thick layer of dust covering everything. The chief called upon several good wizards from all over Capago, but none of them had an explanation. When Miesha was asked, she just dabbed her eyes and said. "I fear he might have accidentally killed himself with his own spell."

One day a maid found a strange book in Miesha's room. On the marked page was a spell that was similar to Tacnok's death. It said all you had to do was add dust, bee stingers, and say

Paknok dara darae
Darae dara doom.

When you did this thousands of tiny insects of hell would form and cover everything in sight, kill whatever it touches, die, and turn to dust.
The maid showed the book to the king. He knew better than the maid and knew it was the missing book of black magic. A group of soldiers went to arrest Miesha, only to never return to the palace. The king sent yet another group of men, and they didn't return either. The king himself accompanied twenty more men to arrest Miesha, only to find her gone. And he discovered the men he sent to get her, dead.
The king heard of Shank's bravery an appointed him to protect the village.
The village was tense for weeks, fearing Myesha's return. Two weeks became three, three became four. Four weeks became one year. Until everyone forgot all about Miesha, the new expert in the black arts. The whole nation believed her to be dead.
They did until the king disappeared, and Miesha returned leading and army of every evil creature imaginable. It became an all out war, with Miesha and Shank generals of each side. It was one of the bloodiest civil wars in history. Miesha gave gruesome punishments and deaths to her prisoners. They have been fighting for three years now, and it was nearly over. Miesha was winning.

Now here he was, facing Miesha, now called the witch of Capago. In the ruins of the palace. Shank felt compelled to ask one question,
"Miesha, what happened to you?" He asked desperately, "Where is the kind, sweet woman I once new?"
She seemed taken aback by this question, her face momentarily vulnerable. She thought a moment before answering, "I grew up."
She raised her hand and a snake of green electricity flared from it. Before Shank could move away the green flash hit him, he screamed out in agony and pain. The last thing he saw was Miesha walking toward him, hand reached out and the snake of green still flaring from it. She smiled an evil smile as two ogres joined her.
Then everything went black.


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